Have you ever wanted to get a specific hair color but held off going to the hairdresser out of concern that the outcome might not be what you were hoping for? Changing your hair color can be a big decision, and it can be difficult to predict how it will look on you before trying it out.

Fortunately, there are apps for hair color that let you virtually try on various shades of hair before committing to a new look. With the help of the best change hair color app, you can virtually try on various hair colors to see how you would look. These free hair color filter apps apply new hair color to a photo of yourself using augmented reality technology to give you a realistic preview of how the color would look on you.

Well, instead of going to the salon and asking for a drastic change, why not use a free hair color changer app online to see what the final result will be? In order to assist you in finding the ideal app for hair color, we have put together a list of the best change hair color apps that can be used to experiment with various colors and find your ideal shade. So, let us get started and discover the world of virtual hair color experimentation!

7 Best Free Change Hair Color Apps

If you’re looking to switch up your hair color but don’t want to commit to a permanent change, you don’t have to worry anymore. Continue reading to learn about the 7 best free hair color apps online that you can use in 2023 and beyond!

1.  Hair Color Booth

First on our list is the Hair Color Booth. This change hair color app is quite popular and enables you to change your hair color by taking a photo or choosing one from your camera roll. With this app, you can choose from a wide variety of hair colors, ranging from natural shades to more vibrant hues such as purple and green. You can also adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast of your new hair color to make it look more natural.

With the help of this free hair color app, you can combine different hues and fashion trends. That will help you achieve a truly extraordinary appearance. Here, you can create anything from sleek balayage effects to rainbow hair and multicolored highlights. Additionally, it has a color-strength controller. That makes it simple to alter the clarity and general texture of the hair color. In this app for hair color, there are countless hairstyle options available because of the wide variety of hair colors that will stand out in your social media photos.

Hair Color Booth

Download: iOS

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2.  YouCam Makeup

Next up, we have the YouCam Makeup app. This beauty app not only allows you to change your hair color but also lets you experiment with different makeup looks. With this change hair color app, you can choose from a wide range of hair colors and styles. Ranging from classic shades to trendy ombre and balayage styles. You can also adjust the intensity and brightness of your new hair color to make it look more realistic. YouCam Makeup is a dual-purpose app that improves your selfie-taking experience by giving you a flawless appearance from hair to face.

For finding the ideal crop hairstyle, it is among the best hair color changers available online. Additionally, you can choose from a whopping 17 different AI hairstyles. They have everything, whether you prefer long, sleek hair or short, curly hair. Each look is completely distinctive and created to accentuate various face shapes, making it simple to identify the one that best complements your features.

YouCam Makeup

Download For: iOS | Android

3.  Hair Color Changer

Hair Color Changer is another best app for hair color on our list that is simple yet effective. It allows you to try out different hair colors with just a few taps. The app has a wide range of colors to choose from, including natural shades and bright and bold colors. You can also adjust the opacity and saturation of your hair color to make it look more natural and blend seamlessly with your skin tone.

Additionally, this change hair color app has editing features that let you blur your picture, change the brush size for particular hair points, smoothen your strands, comb them, undo your changes, and redo them. Furthermore, it has three sets of smart tools that let you undo editing errors and change the opacity of your hair color. The online hair color changer app also helps you zoom in on the precise hair strands you want to edit. You can also share your new look on social media platforms with friends to get feedback.

Hair Color Changer

Download: Android

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4.  Hair Color Studio

Hair Color Studio is another professional-grade change hair color app that lets you experiment with different hair colors and styles. It features a 3D hair color simulation that shows you how your new hair color will look from different angles. You can also adjust the lighting and contrast to get a more accurate representation of your new hair color.

Hair Color Studio specializes solely in hair color editing. To create stunning hair transformations in a matter of seconds, all you need to do is upload your preferred photo. Despite offering a variety of colors, this app for hair color also enables color customization. So you can create the shade of your dreams. And it is up to you whether you want to dye all of your hair or just a few strands.

Hair Color Studio

Download: iOS  | Android

5.  Style My Hair

L’Oreal’s Style My Hair is a realistic, versatile, and free hair color changer app online. It offers every color imaginable, from earthy blondes and browns to cutting-edge pinks and purples. Based on your skin tone, face shape, and eye color, this app offers recommendations that are specifically tailored to you. Additionally, this app for hair color provides a variety of styling and color options, such as balayage and ombre.

It is appropriate for adults and teenagers who want to experiment with their appearance. The app’s recommendations are accurate, which enables you to decide on future changes in a well-informed manner. Additionally, Style My Hair uses 3D technology, so you can move around, flip your hair, and run your hands through your locks to see how your new hair color looks. If you like what you see, show it to your friends and ask them for their opinions.

Style My Hair

Download For: iOS | Android

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6.  Hair Color Dye

Hair Color Dye is the app for you if you prefer something other than the standard one-tone hair color change. This online hair color changer app enables you to paint over different shades in various areas of your hair. Therefore, all you need to do to add gray highlights is click on the strands you want to stand out. That’s it! The Hair Color Dye app will completely take care of everything else.

Hair Color Dye is a simple change hair color app that allows you to experiment with various colors and styles. You can use the app’s filters to add vintage and black-and-white effects to your photos. To make your new hair color appear more natural, you can also change its contrast and opacity. Additionally, it provides a realistic output, transforming your Instagram- and other website-shareable hair-editing experiments into a picture.

Hair Color Dye

Download: iOS

7.  Hair Zapp

Last on our list is the Hair Colorizer app. This free hair color filter app allows you to experiment with various hair colors and styles. With a vast selection of more than 60,000 colors, Hair Zapp is a well-known app for hair color. You can virtually try on various hair colors thanks to this impressive range, which gives you access to a remarkably diverse selection of hues and shades.

Hair Zapp can help, whether you want a subtle change or a dramatic new appearance. To achieve the ideal shade, you can also modify the brightness and saturation of your new hair color. Additionally, hair stylists and other salon professionals were taken into consideration when creating this app. If you are in the beauty business and need a dependable, all-inclusive resource for experimenting with hair colors, this is a great change hair color app for you.

Hair Zapp

Download For: iOS | Android

Final Takeaway

Hair coloring can be a risky move. However, with these hair color filter apps, you can experiment with different shades without doing anything to your locks. Every one of them has special functions, editing tools, and a selection of filters that make your hair or makeup appear natural.

So, anyone looking to experiment with various hair colors without committing to a permanent change will love these best hair color apps. With these apps, you can try out different shades and styles until you find the perfect look for you. So go ahead and unleash your creativity and experiment with different hair color combinations without visiting a salon.