Do you want to make your photos more attractive by applying a blur effect using your smartphone? This article will provide you with the best blur photo background applications for your Android or IOS smartphone.

It’s easy to make your photos more attractive these days. It’s because there are so many different kinds of software on the internet. Now, you don’t even need a desktop computer to make changes to your photos. A plethora of smartphone apps to blur the background in photos are available through which you can easily edit your photos.

As for Android, we’ve written about many photo editing apps, like the best collage-making apps, the best photo editing apps, the best photo grid apps, and many more. Today, we’ll talk about the applications that let you make your photos look like they have bokeh.

The blur effect around the subject or when the background is not in focus in a photo it’s called a bokeh effect. Nowadays, smartphones come with more than one camera setup, which creates a bokeh effect around the subject. But if you don’t have a smartphone with such a camera setup, then download the best blur photo background apps mentioned in this post.

Best Apps To Blur Background

People used to think that it was impossible to add a blurred background to a picture without a professional camera. But in the last few years, there have been a lot of free blur photo background apps that can help apply the bokeh effect to your photos. These apps are a great way to change your pictures and show off your skills. Below you will find some of the best apps to blur the background in iPhone and Android:

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the best background blur apps for Android and iPhone users. It is like Photoshop for a smartphone. Believe it or not, it has tons of filters and more than 29 tools to edit your photos. With the help of its Lens Blur feature, you can blur the background with a single tap.

Snapseed, Blur Photo Background App


This feature will make the subject stand out in the picture. With Snapseed, you can also enhance the background colors to make them appealing. Additionally, you can remove unwanted things from the background. To download Snapseed, click on the links given below:

Download For Android

Download For iOS

2. Instagram

Besides being one of the most popular social media apps, Instagram works as the best blur photo app for Android and iPhone users. Instagram has a lot of great tools for editing images, including the bokeh effect.



You can also add a Tilt-shift effect to your photos by going to the Edit page. Linear and Radial are two other options that you can use on your photos. Make your photos look better with this free background blur app. To download Instagram, click on the link below:

Download For Android

Download For iOS

3. PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt Photo Editor has more than 500 million (and counting) happy customers. This application provides you with the cleanest bokeh effect. This app has a lot of great effects and features.

PicsArt, Photo Editor


If you want to make your photos look professional, use this software. PicsArt allows you to make your unique stickers out of the images. This software is for both Android and iOS devices, with a very user-friendly interface.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

4. After Focus

After Focus is the next blur picture app on the list. Use it to make your pictures look like they’re zoomed in, moving, or you’re using an external lens. It’s your choice whether to take a new picture or change an old one from your photo gallery.

After Focus, Blur Picture App


You can use it to make your images look great by blurring the background and giving them a lot of different kinds of edges. Select the area that you want to focus on by drawing a line. Then, choose the type of blur you want to add to it.

The basic version is for free, however, if you don’t want to see ads while you work, you can buy the premium version for $1.83.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

5. Enlight Pixaloop

If you want an app that lets you make professional-level changes, then Enlight Pixaloop might be a good choice. You can use this app to edit, crop, and add motion to your boring pictures. Enlight can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Enlight Pixaloop, Photo Animator


It has a lot of useful editing tools, and you can use them to modify the image as you like. To make the main object stand out, you can blur the background. There are a lot of different tilt-shift styles that you can use with this Blur Background App. Linear, radial, and mirrors are some of them.

Download For Android

Download For iOS


VSCO can also be considered as the best background blur app for Android and iPhone users. It has a lot of tools that you can use to make your photos stand out. As a bonus, the app gives you 10 free VSCO presets that can help you improve your photography skills even more.



VSCO provides you with a lot of advanced photo editing tools, like Split tone and HSL. Overall, this is a great app for editing photos available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

7. Photo Editor Pro

Well, if you want a Pro-level photo editing program for Android users, look no further. Photo Editor Pro has a lot of different tools for editing photos, just like Snapseed.

Photo editor pro


When you use Photo Editor Pro, you can quickly remove the photo background, reshape the objects, and more. You can also apply filters to photos, mix them using double exposure, add blur effects, and so on.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

8. Blur Photo Background

Blur Photo Background is the app that most people use to make portrait-mode style bokeh effects. This program uses Artificial Intelligence to blur and unblur your picture in just a few seconds. If you need to change the result, you can do it manually if you want to.

Blur Photo Background


The app has a simple, easy-to-use interface and allows you to change blur levels for more precise editing. Blur Photo Background is amongst the best blur photo background apps for Android users.

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Besides that, the app also has a simple-to-use crop tool and a paintbrush that you can use. You can use the crop tool to change the size of your picture. And you can use the paintbrush to select the area, which you want to blur or unblur.

Download For Android

Download For iOS

9. Bokeh Lens

Another good way to add a blurred background and change the focus points of your pictures is to use Bokeh Lens App. An easy-to-use interface of the app makes it very easy to use. It works quite well. If you want to blur or sharpen a picture, use this tool.

Bokeh, Background defocus


With this amazing app, you can take two different pictures with different focus settings and then combine them to make a new image. Finally, the picture will show the main object in focus with a beautifully blurred background.

Download For iOS

10. DSLR Camera Blur Effect

There are many blur background apps on the Google Play Store. DSLR Camera Blur Effect is one of the best blur photo background apps among them. With this app, you can easily make a picture with a blurred background effect while you’re on the go.

Bokeh, Background defocus


To blur the background of any picture, choose the blurring option of the app, and select the area you want to blur. The app has a lot of blur options, like Line Blur, Circular Blur, Touch to focus, and more.

Download For Android

11. Point Blur

Android app Point Blur might be the best choice if you want to blur a part of your picture. The Point Blur is a simple and easy way to make your photos look like they were taken with a DSLR.

Point blur


You can adjust the blur brush size according to your needs. It can also let you change the level of the effect you use, but that’s not all. You will find various other features of the app when you download and install it.

Download For Android

12. Blur Image

This app is sure to be a big hit with anyone who likes taking pictures. Use it to blur the background and bring an object into focus to make your picture look clearer and sharper.

Blur image


Make your focus object look like a certain shape by adding a certain color. Download and explore different ways to blur the background of your photos with Blur Image.

Download For Android


Do not settle for less when you can give your dull pictures a new lease on life. To make your images look better use different tools available in the best blur photo background apps mentioned above. These can also work as one of the best image editing tools for your device as well.

Use different blur effects to make the subject stand out and add creative presets to your photos. We hope the applications mentioned above will help you create a bokeh effect on your photos as you want. If you have any questions or suggestions, comment below.