Ethereum mining is an excellent alternative to profiting from one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. And, given the growing number of blockchain projects that rely on the Ethereum network to build their ecosystems, we can only expect its price to skyrocket.

Consequently, ethereum mining could be quite profitable to pursue and earn additional income. On the other hand, the process of mining ETH might seem full of hassle. However, with the right hardware devices and the best ethereum mining software, anyone can try mining ethereum.

In this article, we’ve covered several best mining software for ethereum. The list also includes the best free ethereum mining software, some additional features of the best ethereum mining software and other FAQs to clarify the understanding of the subject. Read till the end to learn more.

List Of 14 Best Software For Ethereum Mining

Given below is the list of the best software for mining ethereum that anyone planning to become an ETH miner or otherwise may refer to.

1. Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is one of the most user-friendly and best software for mining ethereum. The application lets the user quickly track the trading of Ethereum along with several other cryptocurrencies. In addition, it provides customized triggers and actions, making it the best ethereum GPU mining software.

The other essential features of the Awesome miner to keep in consideration are as follows: it allows users to maximize profits and reduce downtime as well. In addition, many users believe it’s the best ethereum mining software for Windows 10 as the application displays GPU properties like temperature, fan and clock speed.

Lastly, Awesome Miner is also compatible with ASIC devices. It provides all these features with zero investment, making it the best free ethereum mining software.

Awesome Miner 

2. BetterHash

BetterHash is another great mining software that allows users to mine and trade multiple cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t require a typical setup, making it the best software for mining ethereum. The application is supported by Windows and requires no investment.

In addition, BetterHash also offers the provision to transfer ethereum and other cryptos to an external wallet or to store them in the account. Besides that, it allows the users to directly pool hash power without prior consent for ethereum mining. The user can re-initiate their benchmarking process and access their online wallet.

Lastly, BetterHash enables the users to create a separate wallet for each digital currency the user trades in, adding to their convenience and making the whole process well organized. These features make it one of the best free ethereum mining software.


3. Cudo Miner

If one wishes to earn as much money as possible from their personal computers or laptop, then Cudo Miner could be the best ethereum mining software. The application is easy to install, secure, and safe to use. Furthermore, it is trustable and provides support for CPU, GPU and ASIC ethereum mining devices.

The platform charges no fees. In addition, the following features make Cudo Miner another of the best software for mining ethereum: it enables greater customized mining by providing an advanced hashing algorithm; a single dashboard helps manage and monitor the devices’ performance better. And lastly, multi-factor authentication ensures greater security.

Cudo Miner

4. ClayMore

ClayMore allows an ETH miner to scale to any hash rate without affecting the ethereum mining speed. In addition, it supports Nvidia and AMD GPU cards and runs efficiently on Linux and Windows devices, making it one of the best ethereum GPU mining software.

Besides that, recently, the application released an upgraded V12.0 version which has reduced the DevFee or commission for dual mining mode from 2% to 1%. In addition, the upgrade also offers 3GB and 2GB cards with zero DevFee.

The application is the best mining software for ethereum but does support other cryptocurrencies.


5. CGMiner

CGMiner is a mining application launched in 2011. However, it is still one of the best software for mining ethereum today as it is compatible with three different mining devices: ASIC, FPGA and GPU.

The application has open-source code that is written in the C programming language. In addition, it comes with support and binaries for OpenWrt routers and RPi.

Additional features that make it one of the best software for ethereum mining include its capacity to scale to a hash rate of the users’ choice with zero delays. Moreover, it offers remote interface capabilities and advanced detection of new blocks. The ethereum mining software is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows.


6. Ethermine

Ethermine is considered one of the best ethereum mining software for beginners. It is also the best ethereum GPU mining software implemented as a command line. The application is used to mine ETH or any other cryptocurrency using the Ethash PoW.

Besides that, Etherminer comes with CUDA, OpenGL and Stratum support. And it works with Nvidia and AMD GPUs on Windows and Linux OS.

The application provides a professional help desk and a user-friendly interface. In addition, the ethereum mining engine offered by the application is efficient and doesn’t get overloaded with large miners.


7. EasyMiner

EasyMiner is an illustrated open-sourced version of BFGMiner and CGMiner designed for those who despise mining on command-line-based Ethereum mining platforms.

The simple interface and real-time statistics and analysis of the miners’ performance, such as earning capacity, cumulative shares over the last hour, accepted/invalid, and hash rate, make EasyMiner one of the best ethereum mining software to choose for mining ether.

The program also supports other Cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin and Bitcoin.



The operating system of ECOS works with the legal system, making it another best software for ethereum mining.

ECOS is the ethereum mining industry’s most trustworthy and the first cloud mining service provider with legal standing, founded in 2017.

It has over 100,000 users from around the world and is the first cryptocurrency investment platform to offer a full range of digital asset products and tools. In addition, the software provides a convenient online calculator which helps choose a mining contract.

Besides mining services, ECOS also provides a wallet, exchange, investment portfolios and savings feature. In addition, it also displays daily payment records and detailed transaction history. These features make ECOS one of the best software for mining ethereum.


9. Geth

Geth is the most reliable and best ethereum mining software if you want to use a mining application that Ethereum itself has developed. It is considered the original Ethereum miner application.

The program offers you a wallet as well as the ability to view block history, create contracts, and move funds between addresses. Moreover, the original developers also release bug-free updates on a regular basis. It is currently available for iOS, Linux, and Windows.


10. Hashing24

Hashing24 is an outstanding application that enables users to mine ETH without investing in any equipment. However, the application requires a minimum investment of $8.58.

What makes it one of the best software for mining ethereum is that the application provides access to real-world data centers and can automatically deposit the mined ETH tokens to the balance in the users’ account.

The application has an intuitive user interface and uses the latest air and cooling technology with the newest ASIC chips.


11. Hashshiny

Hashshiny ethereum mining software allows users to find good mining pools without hassle. The application uses the newest ASIC miner ad GPU rigs and provides statistical figures on the real-time mining hash rate within the application.

It is one of the best ethereum mining software because it automatically helps decide which pool to mine to get the best ETH. Moreover, it backs up all the data in the database automatically.

Another great feature of the application is that the user can easily regulate the mining process, and Android and iOS devices support the application. However, it is important to note that it requires a minimum investment of $10.


12. IQ Mining

IQ Mining is a cloud mining platform that combines cloud mining with daily payments for forex margin trading, stock options, and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

It allows the user to multiply their potential earnings from ethereum mining. In addition, the user can withdraw their profits on a daily basis, and the application helps ETH miners purchase contracts with ease. These features make it one of the best software for mining ethereum.

The minimum investment required for using the application is $50.

IQ Mining

13. Kryptex

Kryptex is another best software for mining ethereum because it enables smooth and hassle-free transactions and exchanges between cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

The application can be used to mine Ethereum or Bitcoin on a PC. The application’s operating system combines the computing power of multiple computers to run the decentralized ethereum mining application.

Kryptex offers a pro miner for GPU mining, making it one of the best ethereum GPU mining software. Besides, it has a mining pool and GPU rental services that charge $99.99 monthly.


14. StormGain

StormGain is an Ethereum mining software that allows you to mine digital currencies without difficulty. In addition, it provides a simple dashboard for viewing rising and falling assets.

Some features that put it on the best ethereum mining software list are as follows: it contains charting tools that help monitor trends and erratic price movements. In addition, it enables users to access the most popular cryptocurrencies 24/7.

It offers a secure wallet to protect the cryptocurrencies the user has bought and allows to mine them without the pre-requisite of expensive equipment.


Other FAQs – Best Mining Software For Ethereum

Q.1 Which Is The Best Ethereum GPU Mining Software For AMD?

Phoenix Miner is a lightning-fast software that ETH miners can use to mine Ethereum. Phoenix Miner has a higher level of stability and supports both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. In addition, this software works with Windows and Linux, making it the best ethereum GPU mining software.

Q.2 What Is The Fastest Way To Mine Ethereum?

The fastest way to mine ethereum is by using efficient mining software. For instance, Kryptex and Awesome Miner are probably the leading ethereum mining software options. Nevertheless, mining software developers frequently release new updates that significantly improve the performance of different ethereum mining software. Therefore, it is possible this may change over time.

Q.3 Can You Mine Ethereum On Windows?

Yes, mining ethereum on Windows is possible. CGMiner, Ethermine and Awesome Miner are some of the best ethereum mining software for Windows 10.

Q.4 Which Programming Language Is Used For Ethereum Mining?

Some of the most popular programming languages used in most of the ethereum mining software are C++, C, and JavaScript.

Best Software For Mining Ethereum – The Key Takeaway 

Ethereum mining might seem cumbersome, given the technicalities pertaining to the devices required and other expenses. However, with the best software for ethereum mining, the work could be comparatively less complex.

An ETH miner can save immense amounts of money if they choose the right and the best ethereum mining software. Furthermore, it would help them reduce unnecessary efforts and enable them to utilize their time efficiently by mining more ETH.

Choosing the best mining software for ethereum can significantly improve the mining process and increase the earnings of an ethereum miner.