Games have always been an interesting way to learn about different cultures, ideas and concepts. If gaming is integrated into the Decentraland metaverse platform with the most complex technological ideas, people tend to understand the functioning of these ideas and advances better. It is so because the passion and enthusiasm surrounding them make learning fun.

The same theory applies to blockchain technology-based Decentraland gameplay and the idea of the metaverse. Since these are some of the most talked-about subjects in the present times, one of the best ways to learn about them is through playing Decentaland games and participating in interactive activities on the Decentraland metaverse platform.

In a previous article, we talked about how metaverse platforms like Decentraland and learning how it works are great for comprehending metaverse a little.

Similarly, Decentraland games can take that understanding to the next level by enhancing the practical element of the metaverse and blockchain technology conceptual base.

This article has covered the meaning of Decentralnd metaverse games, how to play on the Decentraland platform and a general review on Decentraland.

What Is A Decentraland Game?

Decentraland offers the participants and users’ who join as guests an opportunity to enjoy the virtual 3D environment by playing games and trying out different activities. Therefore, Decentraland games are simply those adventures and challenges the players participate in while on the platform.

These games and challenges entail various kinds of events such as concerts and shows or in-game competitions. Besides that, the Decentraland gameplay platform has multiple land parcels on which different entertainment places are fabricated, such as luxury stores, art galleries, museums and more.

Decentraland was launched on 20th February 2020 and is powered by a blockchain technology network called Ethereum. In addition, the creation and gaming on Decentraland are fueled by LAND and MANA tokens.

A Decentraland Gameplay Guide: How To Play On Decentraland?

Often the terms metaverse and gaming seem out of reach to many people as they think these avenues are only for the younger generation or the tech enthusiasts. Also, they feel it is necessary to have a cryptocurrency or crypto wallet to use the Decentraland game platform.

However, all of this is not entirely true. Anyone can explore such forums that seek to provide partial metaverse experiences. The experience might indeed be limited due to the absence of crypto investment.

Participating and playing as guests in Decentraland games can help people better understand the intention, working and purpose of such metaverse gaming platforms.

So, if you’re wondering how to play a Decentraland game without buying crypto, here’s a guide to help you understand the process and even try it yourself.


On visiting the official website, you’ll find a get started button. Click on it, and you’ll be directed to a new page that will display an option to explore the Decentraland gameplay platform on the web browser. From there, select the ‘Play As Guest’ option.



After choosing ‘Play As Guest,’ the website will direct you to a new window where you can create your avatar for your Decentraland gameplay. There will be several attributes to choose from and personalize your avatar. These include body shape, skin tone, shape and size of the head, clothing, shoes and accessories.

When you feel your avatar is ready to go, click on the ‘DONE’ button on the right-hand corner of the window. Then you’ll be asked to give a name to your avatar and agree to the terms & conditions for entering Decentraland.

After this step, the portal will virtually teleport you to the actual virtual world built inside the Decentraland game platform.



The platform will teleport you to a place in Decentraland called the Genesis Plaza. Here you’ll find several other players who’ve also started their journey on the Decentraland game.

Note that there will be a tutorial box at the bottom of the screen. It is an extremely helpful feature, especially for beginners, as it entails all the basics they need to know or refer to quickly. At the Genesis Plaza on the Decentraland, you can use the “W, A, S, D” keys to control your avatar.



As you move around the Genesis Plaza, you’ll find a few pillars filled with different activities listed for the visitors and participants to choose from. For instance, there is a pillar named ‘Classic,’ another is ‘Events,’ and the last one, as visible in the picture, is ‘Crowd.’ 



Besides picking something from among the options on the pillars, there is a vortex structure in the Decentraland Genesis Plaza with a giant hole in the center that would lead you to other avenues.


In addition, a feature displays the entire Decentraland map when you press the ‘M’ key. It is quite helpful as, instead of walking to different locations, you can ‘jump in’ into the place of your choice.

On the map, you’ll find your current location at the right-hand side bottom of the screen. In addition, a tab on top of the page displays multiple navigational options, such as ‘Explore, Backpack, Map, Builder, and Setting.’ 

find your current location

For instance, if you click on the ‘Explore’ option, it will redirect you to the page where you can find various places, events and other related activities to choose from.

Here you may also find Decentraland games, such as Ethermon, WonderQuest, Tominoya Casino, or Battle Racers. Participants and users, who join as guests, must note that one can enjoy all the features of these games if they have crypto-wallets with sufficient MANA balance.

For instance, Ethermon is a play-to-earn metaverse game where the players role-play and catch monsters to earn rewards. In addition, they can buy Ethermon NFTs if they have cryptocurrency funds and battle with other players as well.

WonderQuest is another unique Decentraland game wherein you can buy a dragon egg NFT. When that egg hatches, players can use its dragon to explore and interact with the virtual gaming world on Decentraland. It will include several quotes and musical performances too.


Decentraland Game Review: What Should Players Know?

Decentraland is an innovative platform project that has enabled many people to have a wholesome metaverse experience. The way Decentraland games and builder features allow the participants to construct and create creative things freely from scratch is an example of how it aims to let people experience liberty in the new era of the internet.

In addition, it is governed by an independent and decentralized mechanism called DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which further adds to the liberal and unbiased feature of the metaverse Decentraland gameplay.

Galleries, museums, arcade parks, and other massive structures are rising in numbers on Decentraland. Even then, the platform has great scope for further development as many LAND parcels are available, which implies that people can still enter the Decentraland virtual world and purchase digital land to build their place in the metaverse if they want.

Decentraland Game Review

For instance, in June 2021, famous art and collectibles broker firm, Sotheby, opened its first-ever virtual gallery in Decentraland, attracting art and NFT enthusiasts. In addition, the features on the platform are so interactive that clicking on a piece of art or painting would directly take you to Sotheby’s official website with the complete details on that artwork.

The number of people one interacts with or finds on the platform might vary. Although the Decentraland gameplay is quite promising, some players have also reported that sometimes they couldn’t find many people outside the Genesis Plaza, which is the starting location.

Therefore, the users may enter the platform and play Decentraland games with realistic expectations, keeping in mind that what they might experience may depend on various factors.

A fair Decentraland review would describe it as a simple browser-based metaverse experience that is pretty simple in graphics and design. However, if someone is into high-level graphic works and gameplay like that offered by Unreal and Unity engines, they might not find Decentraland impressive.

Decentraland gameplay platform is one of the earliest attempts at making a blockchain-based game. Therefore, it is a good example of the application of blockchain technology for decentralized transactions.

Decentraland gameplay platform

Other FAQs – Decentraland Games 

Given below are a few questions that have been frequently asked in the context of the blockchain-based Decentraland gaming platform.

Q.1 What Is Decentraland DAO?

Decentraland Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO is a community entity that owns smart contracts and digital assets. These are the most significant and essential ones for the platform, making Decentraland unique.

The important smart contracts include the LAND Contract and the Estates Contract. On the other hand, essential digital assets of the platform entail Wearables, the Marketplace and Content Servers. 

In addition, DAO owns a considerable amount of MANA, making it truly autonomous and subsidizing various operations and initiatives across the Decentraland gameplay.

Q.2 What Is Decentraland MANA?

MANA is a crypto token used to purchase collectibles and NFTs of the general kind on the Decentraland game platform. For instance, if a player wants to buy an in-game accessory in Ethermon or a dragon egg for WonderQuest, they would require some MANA tokens to complete their purchase.

Q.3 What Is Decentraland LAND?

LAND is another crypto token used on the Decentraland metaverse gaming forum. It is essentially used for purchasing land parcels or digital land in the virtual world of Decentraland.

The Bottom Line – How to Play the Decentraland Game?

Decentraland games are a fun way to explore the platform if one is not interested in buying land parcels or engaging in other trading activities. Several Decentraland reviews have also stated the same, adding that it helped people get an idea about how blockchain works in transactions and networking.

The platform is quite easy to use, with convenient navigation options and simple browser-based features, making gameplay on Decentraland fun and easy. Therefore, it is a great platform for beginners to explore and experiment in the metaverse.

Not to forget, besides gaming, Decentraland also allows users to visit NFT art galleries and enjoy exposure to world-class art museums and works.