Driver software are an essential component to maintain uninterrupted communication between hardware and operating system. An external connection such as USB also requires USB 3.0 driver download and update to function properly. The set of commands passed by the OS can be understood only by the drivers. Therefore, it is necessary to have updated drivers installed on your Windows PC. You can update drivers free of cost from the official website of manufacturer or by downloading an automatic driver updater.

Similarly to connect Qualcomm USB to Windows devices it is important to perform required driver download for example MTP USB device drivers or latest Qualcomm driver download for Windows 11, 10, or older version devices.

The guide below mentions the different methods to download Qualcomm USB driver on your Windows PC. Make sure you pick the method that matches your skills and patience levels. However, we recommend our readers to use the Bit Driver Updater tool to automatically download all the system driver updates with just a single click.

How to Download Qualcomm USB Driver & Update them on Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7?

Below are the manual and automatic methods to download Qualcomm USB drivers on your Windows 10, 11, 8, or 7 devices. You can pick the alternative that matches your skill set and requirements.

Solution 1: Manually Download Latest Qualcomm USB Drivers Through Device Manager

A partly manual method to update Qualcomm USB driver on your device is by using Device Manager which is a built in tool to update drivers. Given below are the steps to be performed to download Qualcomm USB drivers through the Device Manager.

Step 1: Search for Device Manager in the search bar and open the app.

Select Device Manager

Step 2: Expand the Other devices section and right click on the QHSUSB_BULK driver.

Step 3: Select the Update Driver option from the list.

Update Driver Software

Step 4: In the next window click on the first alternative to find the latest drivers automatically and download them.

Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software

Step 5: Install the downloaded driver and restart your computer to add the updated Qualcomm USB drivers.

If you are not sure about the manual method, move to the next alternative to download the latest Qualcomm USB drivers by using the automatic driver updater tool.

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Solution 2: Automatically Update Qualcomm USB Driver by Bit Driver Updater

If the manual update is not what you are looking for here’s the quickest and easiest way to download the Qualcomm USB driver update. The automatic tool for updating drivers is Bit Driver Updater. It enables quick scans and single click downloads for all the outdated drivers on your Windows device. In case of loss of driver data, it can be easily restored when using this tool.

Moreover, you can schedule the pending certified driver downloads at your convenience. A whole lot of other features can be added with the Pro version upgrade of the software. Overall the tool also improves the performance of your Windows and makes driver downloads easy like never before.

Apply the following steps to use Bit Driver Updater to download, install and update Qualcomm USB driver and other system drivers.

Step 1: Install the Bit Driver Updater’s executable file once you finish downloading it from the link below.

Windows-Download button

Step 2: Run the software by double clicking on it. Click on the Scan Drivers option to begin the search for pending driver updates.

bit driver updater software

Step 3: In the list of outdated drivers look for Qualcomm USB drivers and update them with the help of the Update Now button present next to it.

Step 4: If you wish to update all the drivers use Update All button at the bottom of the list (available only for Pro users) or manually download them all using the respective Update buttons.


Step 5: Install Qualcomm USB driver for Windows 10, 11, or another version device by applying the instructions. Restart your PC to add the updated drivers.

That is how simple it is to update drivers automatically by using the Bit Driver Updater tool. The Pro upgrade provides day and night technical assistance for any sort of issues faced by users. It’s worth trying as it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee if the user is unsatisfied with the working and features.

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Download Qualcomm USB Driver on Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7: DONE

Through the above write-up, we have summed up the simple yet most effective method to download Qualcomm USB driver and install them on your device. To download, install and update Qualcomm USB driver without putting in much of an effort use the Bit Driver Updater tool. It enables quick downloads for drivers and requires no technical skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q 1. How do I Update my Qualcomm drivers?

Ans. The Bit Driver Updater tool is an automatic driver updater to update Qualcomm or other system drivers. However, you can also manually update Qualcomm drivers from the website of the manufacturer or through Device Manager on your PC or laptop.

Ques 2. How do I install Qualcomm ADB drivers?

Ans. Install the latest update for Qualcomm ADB drivers through Device Manager. Open Device Manager expand the category. Right click on the Qualcomm ADB drivers and Select Update Driver option. Alternatively, you can update ADB or other drivers automatically by downloading the Bit Driver Updater tool.

Ques 3. How do I install Qualcomm 9008 driver?

Ans. To install Qualcomm 9008 driver, download the latest version available on the manufacturer’s website and install it by following the instructions on your desktop screen. You can automatically update drivers by using Bit Driver Updater i.e an automatic driver updater for Windows.

Ques 4. How do I manually install USB 3.0 drivers?

Ans. To manually install USB 3.0 drivers visit the official website of the manufacturer, and find the latest compatible drivers for your Windows operating system. Download the recent drivers and install them by applying the on screen instructions.