Are you looking for the best free PC cleaner software for your Windows 10, 8, or 7 PC? Your search ends here. Read on to know more about the best free PC cleaning software in 2022 to clear disk space and take the PC’s performance to another level.

The processors perform at a slower pace if the device is cluttered. But do not worry. We can declutter our PCs with some best PC cleaner tools. And along with scrapping away the junk, these free PC cleanup software also elevate and optimize the PC’s performance as a whole. However, several Windows 10 cleaners available in 2022 claim to be the best PC cleaning software. Hence, to prevent you from being confused among them, this article enlists some free PC tuneup tools for Windows 10 that are the perfect fit for your requirements.

However, before discussing these programs, let’s first take a quick look at the factors that you should consider when choosing a free PC cleaner for Windows 10. Knowing these checkpoints helps you pick the most suitable cleaning tool for your computer.

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Which factors should be considered while choosing the software to clean the PC

There is an ocean of free PC clean-up software in the marketplace, and choosing the best one out of them can be a hectic task. However, you can make a choice easily after considering the below-listed factors of the best free PC tuneup utilities.

  • One-click cleaning: With the best PC cleaning software, you don’t need to have a devil of a job while removing junk. All you need is a single left click of the mouse.
  • Efficient junk removal: The best cleaning app for Windows 10, 8, & 7 removes large junk files such as duplicate photos, unneeded, and their traces efficiently.
  • RAM optimizer and registry cleaner: Check if the PC cleaner that you are selecting optimizes your RAM by removing junk and cleaning invalid registry entries. If it does, then you can undoubtedly consider it as one of the best computer cleaning software.
  • Privacy protection: It must consider your privacy as its topmost priority and make every effort to keep it intact.
  • Additional features: In addition to junk cleaning and performance optimization, the best free PC cleanup tool should offer several other useful features as well, including software uninstaller, game booster, startup manager, backup management, and more.
  • Price: One of the major factors for considering a PC cleaning tool as the best is the price. If the software comes with features offering value for money, then you can easily consider it as the best program to clean your computer.
  • Positive reviews: You will find a lot of positive user reviews for the best free PC cleaner. Do consider them while making a choice.

Only a few tools, such as the below-listed PC cleaners, possess all these qualities.

List of The Best Free PC Cleaning Software For Windows PC

Below we have listed the best PC cleaner software that you need to make your PC surprisingly clean and faster than ever.

1. Iobit Advanced SystemCare Free

Best Windows 10 PC cleaner that provides multi-dimensional care to your computer.

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 10, 8, 7


IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

Let’s begin our discussion of the best & advanced free PC tune-up software with Iobit Advanced SystemCare. It helps you to analyze and boost the overall performance of your PC. Iobit Advanced SystemCare is proficient in dealing with & repairing system crashes. Along with this, it also helps in getting rid of the system junk. Here we have highlighted some of the other praiseworthy traits that make it the best free PC cleaning software.


  • Iobit Advanced SystemCare has a site blocker feature. It helps to block malicious and doubtful web pages or domains.
  • It snaps the intruder using the camera of your PC. And after that, it also notifies you about it.
  • Another commendable feature of this best Windows cleanup tool is its software uninstaller. And you can use it to remove the unneeded browser plugins as well.
  • There is a built-in internet booster function to enhance the internet speed.
  • It even lets you find and clean duplicate or similar files from your system storage
  • There is an AI mode and more than 30 troubleshooters to intelligently clean and speed up your computer.
  • It updates the frequently used programs on your PC.

However, it’s not correct to decide whether it is the best program for cleaning a PC or not without going through its pros and cons. Hence, below we have mentioned the evaluated pros and cons of Iobit Advanced SystemCare.

  • Secures PC from malware
  • Feature to make backups of your crucial data
  • Startup optimization tool
  • Straightforward interface
  • Updates the system automatically
  • Highly useful system condition monitoring
  • No permission before installing other apps
  • Bothers with irritating ads in free version
  • Pretty limited features as compared to other advanced PC cleaners
  • Security tools are quite inefficient
  • No option to scan external files


Iobit Advanced SystemCare comes in both paid and free versions. The free version offers all the essential features, while the pro version provides several additional and advanced tools. You have to purchase any of the two pro version plans of the software to use those features. One is available at $29.99 per year for 1 PC, and the other is at $49.99 per year for 3 PCs.

Bottom Line:

Advanced SystemCare is a great PC cleaner from Iobit. It provides comprehensive system care to all its users. However, it might install several additional programs on your device without your permission.

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2. Iolo System Mechanic

Best PC cleaner with a big bunch of tools to clean & optimize the PC.

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic offers some futuristic PC tune-up features. It helps in restoring the removed files, cleaning registries, etc. Hence, the tool grabs the title of one of the best free PC cleaner and optimizer software of Windows 10 in 2022. However, its functionality is not only limited to these features. Below are some of the other offerings of this Windows cleanup tool.


  • Iolo System Mechanic offers a software uninstaller to remove the unneeded programs from your PC.
  • There is also a LiveBoost tool. It helps to speed up the PC in real-time.
  • You can also remove broken shortcuts using this Windows 10 PC cleaner.
  • It also helps to boost up the internet speed.
  • Iolo System Mechanic also has a Startup Manager toot. It helps to manage the startup process of the PC
  • It finds and fixes over 30000 different issues plaguing the PC performance.

One must also consider these pros and cons of Iolo System Mechanic before selecting it as the best PC cleaner for Windows 10.

  • Internet security features
  • Snappy registry fixer tool
  • Allows to set scanning schedules
  • Feature to defragment disk
  • Creates registry backups
  • Significantly enhances PC performance

  • Lacks personalization
  • Undescriptive scanning results
  • Customer support is pretty bad
  • NetBooster feature is not that effective
  • The free version lacks many useful features


Iolo System Mechanic is a free to download software to clean up PC. Iolo also offers a free version of the tool to optimize the system’s performance. However, to get more, one has to upgrade to the pro version of this best Windows cleaning software. It costs $49.95 to do so.

Bottom Line:

The System Mechanic program of Iolo is the best free PC cleanup tool in the true sense. It offers all the essential system optimization tools for free. There are also a bunch of other features available to clean and tweak your Windows PC. But to use them, users have to opt for the Pro or Ultimate Defense version of the app.

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3. Piriform CCleaner

The crowd-pleasing free computer clean-up software in 2022.

OS: Windows 7 and above


Piriform CCleaner

If you ask someone which free PC cleaner they would like to recommend, then CCleaner will surely be one of the answers. It is one of those brands that are immensely popular among millennials for their efficient cleaning abilities. There is no corner in your device where CCleaner cannot reach to drive the junk away. Apart from this, below are its other features that induced us to include it in this list of the best Windows 10 cleanup utilities.


  • There is a registry cleaner tool to solve issues related to the Windows registry.
  • It also has a built-in startup manager to reduce the system’s boot time. The tool makes CCleaner one of the best free PC cleaner & repair programs in 2022.
  • Users also get a duplicate photo finder to delete similar pictures and other files.
  • It even has the functionality to schedule junk scans.
  • You also get a tool to boost the internet connection speed in this free Windows PC cleaning software.
  • In CCleaner’s pro version, you also get a driver update utility and software updater.

Apart from the above features, we also noticed a few pros & cons of Piriform’s free PC cleaner and repair tool. Here they are.

  • Easy to use UI
  • Compatibility with major of the Windows versions
  • Snappy installation
  • Cleans DLL files and other unnecessary extensions
  • Bunch of additional tools to tweak PC
  • Confusing download page
  • Installs other programs on PC
  • Startup optimization tool fails to boost booting speed
  • Lacks futuristic features
  • Shows annoying ads in the free version


CCleaner is no doubt one of the best free cleaners for Windows 10. But to avail some additional functions, users have to opt for its pro version. It is available for $24.95 for a year. Piriform also offers a free trial for its CCleaner pro version.

Bottom Line:

Piriform CCleaner is a rare free PC cleanup program that offers almost all major system tune-up features. However, users expecting some advanced PC cleaning tools might get disappointed with it.

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4. CleanMyPC

Best cleaner for Windows 10 with multitasking capabilities.

OS: Windows 7 and above



CleanMyPC finds its place in our list of the best PC cleaning software for being an all-in-one tool to care for your system. It lets you manage the startup programs, removes invalid registry entries, and perform multiple such tasks. In addition to them, below are some of its other noteworthy features.


  • It uninstalls the unneeded programs as well as their residual files.
  • CleanMyPC can even delete the internet browsing traces.
  • The tool also lets you hibernate the unrequired applications, which makes it one of the best free PC speed-up software.
  • It runs quietly in the background to automatically clean up the junk files.
  • There is a multi uninstaller to uninstall multiple programs simultaneously.
  • CleanMyPC lists the autorun items that make startup slow and lets you remove them.

Along with the above features, one must also consider the pros & cons of CleanMyPC before considering it as the best computer cleaning software. Here they are.

  • Even scans recycle bin for partially uninstalled files
  • Manages extensions and browser plugins
  • File shredder to permanently delete files
  • Simple interface that one can easily navigate
  • Boasts a software uninstaller and autorun manager.
  • Lets you recover ample disk space quickly.
  • No significant reduction in boot time
  • Repetitive & annoying alerts
  • Pretty few functions in its free version
  • No option to remove Secure Delete from the context menu


CleanMyPC is one of the best cleaners for Windows 10 under $40. It is available for $39.95 per year for 1 PC. The price increases if you want it for multiple PCs.

Bottom Line:

With its multitasking capabilities, CleanMyPC is no doubt one of the top PC cleaners available in 2022. However, there is no free version available of it. Hence, it does not qualify for the title of best free computer cleaner & repair tool.

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Note: Though you can still download CleanMyPC and use it, the software will not be developed in the future. Windows 11 is the last operating system it will support. After that, there will only be bug fixes and no feature additions or improvements.

5. Avast Cleanup

Best free PC cleaner software with a user-friendly interface.

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10


Avast Cleanup

Here we would like to mention an Avast utility, i.e., Avast Cleanup. Search for the best cleaner for Windows 10 in 2022. One of the prominent results that you get is Avast Cleanup. The software boasts a clutter-free and easy-to-use interface. Apart from this, below are a few of the other beneficial features of this best PC cleanup tool currently available.


  • It also functions as a disk, registry, and browser cleaner.
  • Avast Cleanup lets you put the unneeded apps to sleep and prevent them from running in the background
  • The best cleaner for Windows 10 also comes with a shortcut remover to clean the broken shortcuts.
  • Another great benefit of Avast Cleanup is that it removes bloatware from the PC.
  • It also doubles up as a disk defrag software.
  • There is an action center that suggests how you can boost the PC speed.

Along with the above features, we also have to evaluate the pros & cons of Avast Cleanup to decide whether it is the best disk cleaner for Windows 10 or not. Here, we share them.

  • Detailed overview of the PC’s health
  • Multitude of optimization tools
  • Automatically updates apps & programs
  • Allows undoing of changes
  • Info about available space, issues fixed, etc
  • Tries to install other utilities from Avast
  • Limited features in the free version
  • Lacks security features
  • Annoying pop-ups in the free version


Avast Cleanup is available for $59.99/year for 1 PC. If you want to use it on up to 10 different computers, then you have to pay  $69.99 per year. There is also a free trial available.

Bottom Line:

Avast holds a great reputation for providing the best PC cleaner and repair tools, and Avast Cleanup stands on it. The program offers quite helpful features to tweak the Windows system. However, if you are looking for some best free disk cleaner tools for Windows 10, 8, or 7, then this is not a great pick. Avast Cleanup does not have any free version and only offers a 30 days free trial.

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6. AVG PC TuneUp

One of the highly trusted, reliable, & well-known Windows 10 PC cleaners.

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7



AVG is a name that needs no introduction. Every computer user must have heard about AVG antivirus at some point or the other. But only a few people know that the company also hosts an equally outstanding and the best PC cleaner for Windows 10. AVG PC TuneUp offers plenty of advanced PC tune-up features. Below we discuss them.


  • It has an automatic maintenance feature to delete browsing footprints, traces, cookies, caches, and other app residual files.
  • AVG PC TuneUp comes with a sleep mode to optimize PC performance.
  • If you are looking to free up some additional storage space on your PC, then this is the best PC cleaning software. It hosts a software uninstaller to get rid of unneeded software and bloatware.
  • It also has an in-built software updater to update applications such as Skype, VLC, and more.
  • This software finds and fixes issues with your registry automatically.

These were the striking features of this best system cleaner for Windows 10. Now, let’s have a look at its noteworthy pros & cons.

  • Resolve invalid registry issues
  • Hosts tool to detect duplicate files
  • Boosts battery life of your Windows laptop
  • Optimizes the startup process
  • Expensive in comparison to its competitors
  • Sometimes shows fake results
  • Downloads & installs apps without your permission
  • Annoying and false notifications
  • The free version only shows problems not the solutions
  • Performance improvements not as significant as similar software


AVG PC TuneUp costs $69.99. At this cost, AVG allows the users to use the cleaner tool on 10-different PCs for a year.

Bottom Line:

AVG offers all the fundamental cleaning and system repairing tools in its PC TuneUp program. Hence, it gets considered among the best Windows cleanup tools. However, there is no free version available of it. You have to use the free trial of the program for 30-days, if you want to use AVG PC TuneUp for free.

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7. Restoro

Best PC cleaner and repair tool with advanced technology

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 10, 8, 7



Restoro is a comprehensive program to tune up Windows PC. Along with performing disk cleaning tasks, it also removes malware and several other threats. There are various features of Restoro, or we can say reasons why it is one of the best Windows 10 PC cleaners. Below we have listed the notable ones.


  • There is a malware protection feature in the app. It helps to scan and remove the security threats from the Windows PC.
  • It detects the system issues in real-time and helps to get rid of them quickly.
  • Restoro also optimizes the registry of your Windows PC.
  • It functions as the best PC cleanup software and helps to free up the lost storage space.
  • Users can also restore the corrupt files of Windows OS using this system tuneup app.

Now, it’s time for some critical evaluation of the software and decide whether it is the best PC cleaner for you or not. Below are the pros and cons of Restoro.

  • Helps to rebuild Windows OS
  • Finds & removes security threats
  • Prevents system crashes
  • Boosts overall system performance
  • Fast PC scans
  • No dedicated free version
  • Limited cleaning features
  • Pretty expensive than other counterparts
  • Complex interface
  • Limited scan configuration


Restoro is available for $39.95. The developers offer multiple plans of the PC cleaner and the cost ranges to $99.95. Users can also use the free trial of the tuneup tool before purchasing any plan.

Bottom Line:

Restoro is an advanced PC cleaning software that offers Windows repairing features as well. However, the plans seem a bit costly as compared to other alternatives.

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8. Razer Cortex

Best free PC cleaner software for Windows 10 for gamers out there.

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7


Razer Cortex Boost FOR YOUR PC

Razer is a well-known name among gamers all over the globe. It boasts a variety of tools to extract more performance out of the PC and make even low-end PCs smoothly run graphic-intensive games. One such tool is Razer Cortex. All the Windows 10 PC gamers must try this one of the best free PC tuneup utilities. Below we discuss some of its notable features.


  • It stops the unrequired processes and applications while playing games to give you higher frames per second.
  • To run high-end games, your PC needs more RAM space. And this best computer cleanup software removes junk to make the games perform smoothly.
  • Razer Cortex hosts an auto boost functionality. It automatically gets started when you launch a game.
  • It microimages Windows and hence enhances the FPS ability of your PC.

In addition to the above features, we also noted down a few pros & downsides of this best free PC speed-up software for gamers. Here they are.

  • Descriptive FPS stats
  • Allows to cast game sessions
  • Regular updates
  • Library to organize games
  • Fantastic game booster
  • Customizable game quality settings
  • Confusing & unneeded features for non-gamers
  • UI may seem complicated
  • Requires you to connect with the internet
  • Also require .Net framework
  • No advanced PC cleaning features


Razer Cortex is a completely free PC cleaning software for all Windows 10, 8, & 7 users.

Bottom Line:

There are plenty of game-boosting tools available in Razer Cortex. It makes the program a must download and the best cleaner for Windows 10, 8, & 7 PC gamers. However, it does not have much to offer to non-gamers.

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9. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Best program to clean computer with several optimizations and customization tools.

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10


Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo is known for its various PC optimization tools for ages. WinOptimizer is another best free PC cleaner for Windows 10 from the developer. It offers a plethora of features to remove junk from the PC and tweak its performance. Below are the ones that caught our attention and instigated us to include the tool in this list of the best computer cleaner tools.


  • There are a variety of system setting tools, such as File Associator and Font Manager.
  • The best system cleaner also helps to remove unneeded apps from your Windows 10 PC with its uninstaller tool.
  • It even boasts service and process managers to keep track of the Windows services and processes.
  • You also get several essential tools such as registry optimizer, context menu, and a lot more things.
  • Internet connection booster is also there to boost internet speed on your PC.
  • It also deletes browser cache and files related to browsing history.
  • With this Windows cleaner, you can split up large files and retrieve accidentally deleted files.

In addition to the above features, we also like to list a few noteworthy pros and cons of this free cleanup software for Windows 10. We share the same below.

  • Single click junk cleaning option
  • Newbie-friendly UI
  • Scrapes away the web browsing traces
  • Tool to set scanning schedules
  • Boot sector optimization to accelerate system boots
  • Reasonably priced in comparison to many other PC cleaner apps
  • May erase the system restore points
  • Unnecessarily adds a store link to the PC’s desktop
  • Irritating popups
  • Relatively slower than the other options listed here
  • No significant performance improvements


Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a free PC cleaning software that has quite a great tuneup tools. The developers also offer a pro version of it, i.e., WinOptimizer 18 with some more features. One can get it for $49.99 and use it on up to 10 different PCs.

Bottom Line:

Ashampoo WinOptimizer offers one of the most vast PC tweaking experience to its users. The free PC tuneup software has a lot to offer. However, it may seem a bit slower than the other counterparts.

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10. Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

Best free PC cleaner software for Windows 10 from Microsoft.

OS: Windows 10 and above


Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

One cannot miss the name of Microsoft Total PC Cleaner when it comes to answering the question ‘Which is the best free computer cleanup software?’ This free PC cleaner from the house of Microsoft frees up ample disk space and makes your PC faster than you can imagine. Below are some of the worth mentioning features of this one of the best free cleaners for Windows 10 available in 2022.


  • Microsoft Total PC Cleaner helps to clean up the unused & unnecessary big files from the PC.
  • It removes junk from every nook and corner of the PC. And we consider it as the best free computer cleanup software.
  • The program also hosts tools to remove the system, browser, application, mail, and office caches.
  • It is one of the best free PC speed-up software to find and delete duplicates from your computer storage.
  • With this software, you can even remove large and unwanted files effortlessly.

Along with the above features, this Microsoft Total PC Cleaner also boasts a few noticeable pros & cons. Below we share them.

  • Reliable utility from Microsoft
  • Makes the PC junk-free and fast
  • User-friendly UI
  • Removes duplicate files
  • No annoying pop ups
  • Pretty ineffective as compared to other third-party free software to clean PC
  • Bit slow at times
  • Lacks several advanced PC cleaning features
  • Not suitable for performance optimization
  • Sometimes, displays incorrect reports


Total PC Cleaner utility is a completely free cleanup software for Windows 10.

Bottom Line:

Microsoft Total PC Cleaner serves as the best free PC cleaner for Windows 10 users who want basic system tuneup functions for free. However, if you require some advanced features, then it is not the right choice for you.

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11. Norton Utilities Premium

Best computer cleaner to keep the PC running like new

OS:  Windows 7, 8, 10


Norton Utilities Premium

The last PC cleaner tool that we like to include in our list of the best Windows cleaning software is Norton Utilities Premium. It offers a bunch of features that contributes to the optimized performance of the system. Let’s have a look at all of them. Here are all the salient features offered by Norton Utilities Premium, the best program to clean computers in 2022.


  • The tool automatically tweaks your PC as per the performance requirements.
  • You can also make your PC boot faster than before using Norton Utilities Premium. It eliminates all the unnecessary programs that get activated during the startup.
  • Users can have more storage space on their disk by clearing all the junk with this best PC cleanup software.
  • It also helps to remove all the privacy traces from your web browsers.
  • There is a single click repair option to get rid of all the PC issues with ease.
  • With this software, you can securely dispose of your personal documents in a way no one can access them.

Despite the luring features of Norton Utilities Premium, it is wrong to conclude that it is the best Windows 10 cleanup utility without looking at its pros and cons. Hence, here we enlist them below.

  • Fixes PC slowdowns and crashes
  • Simple interface
  • Automatic PC optimization in idle time
  • Offers internet security features as well
  • Real-time monitoring of your computer’s health
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Lacks advanced tools
  • No free version
  • Fails to clean unneeded programs & their residual files
  • Not a comprehensive PC cleaner
  • There are no community-oriented options


Norton Utilities Premium is available for $39.99 per year. After purchase, one can use it on up to 10 PCs.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for an automatic PC tuneup tool, then Norton Utilities Premium is one of the best system cleaners for Windows 10. But it fails to satisfy the users who want some top free PC cleanup programs for their PC.

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12. Glary Utilities 5

Best PC cleaning software with optimization abilities

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10


Glary Utilities Pro

Glary Utilities 5 is another simple, easy to use, and the best cleaner software for the Windows 10 PC. It hosts an ocean of vital features in its free and paid versions. The program has got a spyware monitor, browser add-on remover, and many more things as well. Here, we enlist the other salient functions of Glary Utilities below. All of them help the program to grab the title of best free PC tune-up software.


  • You get cleanup and repair modules to clean and fix PC performance issues with ease.
  • It also comes with a plethora of tools to enhance the PC’s overall performance.
  • Glary Utilities even helps you to get rid of spyware problems and manage the browser add-ons.
  • You can also fix the broken registries using the registry repair tool of this free utility to clean PCs.
  • There is a tool to update outdated software on your computer.

Apart from the above specifications, here are the pros & cons of Glary Utilities software that requires your attention.

  • Allows updating PC drivers
  • Speeds up and fine-tunes every nook and corner of the PC
  • One of the most straightforward interfaces
  • Privacy protection features
  • Boasts over 30 highly useful options
  • Effective software updater
  • Installation takes a bit longer than the other similar tools
  • Some of its functionalities work slowly
  • Frees up only a bit of the hogged up disk space
  • Undescriptive scanning results
  • Automatic PC maintenance needs a subscription


One can download, install, and use Glary Utilities 5 for free. It is one of the best free PC cleaner and optimizer tools available in 2022. To get the most out of the program, one has to purchase the pro version of Glary Utilities for $39.95.

Bottom Line:

Glary Utilities 5 is one of the most comprehensive PC tuneup tools that we have ever used. However, the speed is quite an issue with it. Hence, users looking for a snappy system cleaner program may not like it. Otherwise, Glary Utilities excels in every other aspect of PC cleaning

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13. SlimCleaner Free

Best computer cleaning software to make the PC response fast.

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10



We all want a PC that responds to the clicks and commands within a flash of a second. And for a faster-responding PC, we need the best PC cleaner tool, just like SlimCleaner. It significantly reduces the device’s response time, cleans junk, and makes the system perform better. Below we talk about more features of this popular free PC cleanup & speed-up software.


  • It removes junk such as unnecessary files and applications in an instant.
  • The cleaner also hosts a unique power management mode to make the device’s battery perform better, which makes it the best cleaner for Windows 10.
  • There is also a tool to optimize the startup applications. It alerts about any unwanted startup item.
  • The uninstaller tool of this best free computer cleaning software helps to remove the unwanted space-hogging apps from your PC.
  • You get badges for sharing accurate information with the SlimCleaner community.

The above were striking features of SlimCleaner that induced us to include it on our list of the free Windows cleaning software. Now, let’s have a look at its pros & cons.

  • Community-driven software that uses user ratings and recommendations
  • Friendly, straightforward, and intuitive UI
  • Browser cleanup tools
  • Allows to set tune-up sessions schedules
  • Startup manager to remove unneeded startup programs
  • You can use it via a portable device
  • No support for bulk deletion of applications
  • Software rating mechanism requires active internet connection
  • No option to delete multiple files at once
  • Lacks several advanced PC optimization features


Along with the free version, Slimware also boasts a pro version of its SlimCleaner app. It is available for $19.97 per year.

Bottom Line:

SlimCleaner is one of the best PC cleaning software available under $20 per year. However, it seems quite weak when compared to the other multi-feature system tuneup tools in 2022.

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14. Wise Care 365

Best PC cleaner for Windows 10 with magical powers.

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10


Wise Care 365

This is not merely the best free PC cleaner. It is much more than that. It is an all-in-one tool for your PC care needs. Below are some of its striking features.


  • This software shows you the temperature of your processors.
  • Lets you generate passwords and recover the lost data.
  • It comes with multilingual support.
  • Boasts an effective context menu.
  • There is a cleaner for internet history and browsing traces.
  • You can rearrange the disk files and defrag them.
  • It offers automatic disk cleaning and a software updater.

Apart from the above features, here are its noteworthy pros and cons.

  • Comes with a portable version
  • Allows you to be in charge of the cleaning and boosting procedures
  • Has a lot of useful functionalities
  • Does not support older Windows versions
  • There is no antivirus included in this cleaner app for PC.


Wise Care 365 is a free computer cleaner. However, for advanced users, it also boasts a paid version available for $39.95.

Bottom Line:

The final verdict is, you may give this utility a try if you want some extra features along with cleaning tools.

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15. Avira PC Cleaner

One of the best PC cleaner for Windows 10 with one-click optimization

OS: Windows 7 and above

Avira PC Cleaner is our next choice when it comes to selecting the best software to clean computers. It offers many highly useful features such as removal of online traces, deletion of remnants of uninstalled software, and more. Let’s have a detailed look at its outstanding features.


  • You get an effective cleaner that removes system cache, temp files, internet junk, and unnecessary user data.
  • Its System Speedup deletes online traces and temporary data from your browser.
  • It displays which files can be deleted from your computer and how much space you will recover after deleting them.
  • There is a tool to delete invalid registry entries and leftovers of uninstalled programs.
  • It analyzes and helps you solve registry issues.
  • Avira PC Cleaner monitors your PC in real-time.

While using this one of the best PC cleaning software, we also noticed some pros and cons. We share them below.

  • Deeply cleans and optimizes the registry.
  • Powerful battery optimization.
  • Fully automatic system cleanup and optimization.
  • Fast scan speed.
  • No advanced cleaning and optimization features.


The disk cleanup tool offered by Avira is free to download and use.

Bottom Line

Avira is a prominent name in the PC security domain. However, it serves as a decent free computer cleaner to scrape away resource-hogging files and clean up the registry. But it may not be the best choice for users who are looking for advanced cleaning and optimization tools.

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16. Outbyte PC Repair

One of the best PC cleaners for Windows 10 to clean and fix computer issues 

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7

Another noteworthy RAM cleaner you can use on your PC is Outbyte PC Repair. Its incredible features like checking of Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUAs) and malware programs brought it to this list. Well, these are not the only praiseworthy offerings of this software. Below is what else it offers to please the users.


  • It identifies issues like invalid redirects, system malfunctions, shared dll files, etc., and helps you fix them.
  • With this software, you can view all the information about your computers such as CPU load, speed, and amount of RAM.
  • It deletes unwanted temporary/ cached files to keep your disk clean.
  • This program keeps your privacy intact by deleting all tracking cookies and alerting you about all potentially harmful websites.
  • With this program, you do not have to worry about vulnerabilities like Potentially Unwanted Apps and malware programs.
  • There is a real-time boost option that switches priorities when you switch the applications.
  • It disables Windows telemetry features and cleans browsing history/cookies to protect your privacy.
  • There is a file shredder to delete files securely.

Along with the features shared above, Outbyte PC Repair also has some pros and cons that you must consider before downloading it. Here we share them.

  • Fixes common PC issues.
  • Significantly improved computer performance.
  • A plethora of privacy and security tools.
  • Quite expensive as compared to other software.
  • The free trial does not offer all features.


You can get this one of the best PC tuneup software for a price starting from $29.95. It also boasts a 7-day free trial.

Bottom Line

Outbyte PC Repair is among the most recommended Windows cleaners for its advanced features like malware detection, disabling Windows telemetry, and identification of computer problems.

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17. Auslogics BoostSpeed

One of the best PC cleaners that boosts PC’s speed significantly

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7

Rating: 4.1

The next entrant on our list of the best PC cleaner tools is Auslogics BoostSpeed. It offers a variety of cleaning and optimization options to keep your computer running in the perfect state. Some of its notable offerings include an option to uninstall unwanted programs along with their remnants. In addition to this, below are the other features of this software we find worth your attention.


  • With this software, you can review the startup programs and remove the unnecessary ones.
  • You can clean temporary files, cache, old logs, and other digital garbage from your computer to free up disk space.
  • It allows you to remove invalid, empty, and corrupt registry keys, along with fixing related errors.
  • You can also use this software to defrag drives.
  • This software lets you perform complete system cleanup and modify privacy settings to use the computer safely and smoothly.
  • It doubles up as a duplicate file remover.
  • Auslogics BoostSpeed lets you get rid of unwanted applications along with their remains.
  • The pro version offers advanced features like automatic internet optimization, browser anti-tracker, customization of notifications, and more.

Before downloading any software, it is important to know its pros and cons. Therefore, below we share the strengths and weaknesses of Auslogics BoostSpeed.

  • A plethora of features.
  • Windows Tweaker.
  • User-friendliness.
  • Effective explanation of the testing process.
  • The free version misses many advanced features.
  • Limited support in the free version.


The basic version of Auslogics BoostSpeed is available for free. However, if you want advanced PC cleaning and optimization, then you can get the pro version of this software for $50.96 for 3 PCs.

Bottom Line

Auslogics BoostSpeed is one of the best PC cleanup utilities for everyone who wants advanced cleaning with features like internet optimization and browser anti-tracking. However, if you are looking for a free computer cleaner with a multitude of features, then it may not be a smart choice for you.

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Addressing The Frequently Asked Questions About Using The Windows PC Cleaner Tools

Here we have addressed some of the frequently asked questions that users have while selecting the best PC cleaning software.

Q.1 Is there a free program to clean up my computer?

There are a lot of free programs to perform PC cleaning. In the previous section of this article, we shared the best ones. You can pick one depending on your requirements.

Q.2 Which is the best free computer cleaner?

Almost all free PC cleanup software claims to be the best PC cleaners. But, in our view, these are the topmost and best free computer cleaners available in 2022.

  • AVG PC Tuneup
  • Outbyte PC Repair
  • Iolo System Mechanic

Q.3 What happens when you don’t clean your computer?

You may encounter several problems if you don’t clean your computer frequently. Below are the most troublesome ones out of them.

  • The computer’s battery life gets adversely affected.
  • The performance of your PC becomes sluggish.
  • It also impacts your system storage, and you may have to face low storage issues.
  • Junk accumulation and broken registries may even slow down the booting process of your PC.
  • Your computer becomes more prone to the virus and other malware attacks.
  • You may also have to face constant system crashes.

Hence, you have to clean your PC regularly, and the best PC cleaner tools, like the ones shared in this article, can make it easier for you to do so.

Q.4 How do I clean my PC for free?

You can clean the PC for free in two ways, one manual and another automatic. To clean a PC manually, you need to:

  • Perform disk cleaning.
  • Clean browsing history and extensions.
  • Run a disk defragmentation.
  • Uninstall unneeded software.
  • Disable unrequired startup applications.

Since manual PC cleaning is not something that can be done with ease, we suggest you get the best free PC cleanup software to do the needful. It cleans the PC and optimizes its performance in a New York minute.

Q.5 What is the best free hard drive cleaner?

If you are looking for a tool to clean the hard drive specifically, you can choose from these top programs.

  • CCleaner
  • Wise Disk Cleaner
  • Advanced SystemCare

Q.6 Are PC cleaners safe?

Not every program that projects itself as the best cleaner for Windows 10 is safe to use. However, the ones we have listed in this article are renowned for their safety and performance. You can use them without any worries.

Q.7 Will a PC cleaner speed up my computer?

We are not sure about all the PC cleaner software existing in the marketplace. However, the best programs listed above make significant improvements in your computer’s speed.

Q.8 Do windows 10 come up with a cleaner by default?

Windows 10 comes with a Free Up Space tool you can use to wipe out old and temporary files from your hard drive. But it is not as effective as the best PC cleaners shared above.

Final Words On The Best Free PC Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, & 7

Now we hope that you all are aware of some of the best free PC cleaner software for Windows 10, 8 & 7, and the answers to most of the frequently asked questions about them. So do not wait anymore. Choose an ideal tool like Win Magician to reclaim the lost space on your PC and give the hard disk much-needed breathing space.

Lastly, before you leave, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. And for more such useful information, keep reading ToTheVerge Blogs.