Shauna lee Lange (founder and CEO of metaverse networks) shares her views on creative possibilities and the future of metaverse for the creative community.

“To the Verge” had an enlightening conversation with Shauna Lee Lange. She shared her views on the creative possibilities metaverse brings to the creative community with its future relevance. Read till the end to find more information.

About Metaverse News Network

Shauna shared, “Metaverse news network is an information brokerage specializing in content and focuses on metaverse, NFT and emerging Web 3.0 that includes AR, XR, MR, IoT, gaming, digital and more”.

“The organization’s mission has been philanthropic and specific in nature. It aims to showcase how burgeoning metaverse disrupts and reshapes commerce and the creative ecosystem”. 

Talking about her background, she was a big-systems analyst and art & technology advisor. She has got about 25+ years of experience in various creative industries.

She believes that art in technology is one of the overriding tools to bring real possibilities to the creative community. She adds, “At metaverse news network, we strive to concentrate on three main areas: art in technology, art in culture, and art in science. In addition, we showcase all the other ways in which the emerging metaverse recreates the creative community”. 

Evolution of Augmented and Virtual Reality through the intersection of Art and Technology

Shauna believes that art and technology have evolved the Augmented and Virtual Reality. The three-dimensional and four-dimensional spaces have drastically altered the Art room and technology. These advancements in technology allow observing things in a way that people have never seen before.

Shauna says, “The evolution brought changes in art and technology, the 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional spaces tremendously changed the art room and technology. These technological advancements allow individuals to visualize things they have never been able to see before. In addition, it allowed an individual to operate in different dimensions”. 

Metaverse News Network’s Contribution to Popularizing NFTs

Shauna shared, “The company constantly notifies its audience about its NFT projects. It highlights initiatives that are primarily about technological breakouts or culture. The metaverse news network has collaborated with Australia’s ‘The Museum of Digital Art’ that focuses on a gallery in exhibition space for uniform NFTs. Additionally, we have also joined forces with an appraisal agency specializing in the worth of NFTs.”

Shauna annexes,Metaverse news network passionately showcases its audience and readers that we are working on NFT projects. The metaverse news network provides an immense network of opportunities to creators to develop their own business and grow with us”.

Therefore, the metaverse news network offers creators an extensive array of possibilities to establish their ventures and flourish alongside the organization.

Shauna on How NFT plagiarism is a Limitation to The Technical World:

Shauna excruciatingly says, It’s unfortunate what’s happening in the NFT market. It takes away the beauty of cryptocurrency and blockchain and the beauty of a centralized market. What is happening in the NFT market has a lot to do with lack of education and inexperience. One should proceed to do their research in which they have invested”. 

She further added that one should execute their research into the domain they have ventured into. Due to these unbridled fake sales, the company has joined forces with a crypto risk management organization specializing in detecting crypto and blockchain losses.

Shauna continues, “We have collaborated with the firm to be able to provide resources to our members. We are also pursuing and following global governance and regulatory bodies of people trying to build a network within the framework of the metaverse. 

“We also actively and specifically do not share projects that are not authentic or don’t have strong recommendations, so if we come across these projects, we do not share them publicly for our audience.” 

Potentials of Creative Economy with the Evolving Technology

Shauna delineates,I see that the art world would become extremely centered and the increasing emergence of people specializing in a particular style and theme will generate involvement. As a result, I think we will see a complete revolution of the value of the creative community.” 

Shauna enlightened us with the other possibilities of Web 3.0 or what can be termed as a Technological Singularity where technological advancement becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, causing unexpected changes in human civilizations.

Shauna adds, “We are evolving toward technological singularity, where the global people become a major goal. The goal would be to create an economy where one should focus on the potential of creative civilization.”

Shauna’s Take on The Transformation of The Informal Sector

Shauna elaborates,As we all know, social media concentrates on community growth and immediate communication availability. Coming out of the pandemic, people can communicate through these as there is an increase in audio spaces that allow much more fluidity like discord or spaces that allow much more of a professional sphere like LinkedIn”. 

Futuristic Possibilities of Web 3 and Metaverse

Shauna cautiously adds,It depends on the sector of the world. For example, the web 3 culture of the U.S is very different from that of Europe, Asia, etc. So it really depends upon the sector.” 

She deliberately added education and poverty as significant limitations to these future possibilities. She says, “Education and poverty are critical in many spheres; therefore, the government, politicians, and experts should take immediate steps to uplift this sector. If not done, then many people would be left out.”

How is Web 3.0 Going To Curb Illiteracy in The World?

Shauna affirmatively says,It’s my true and sincere hope and desire that that is what happens.” The education sector accomplishes static literacy like in the art and culture field. It performs financial literacy like how to operate cryptocurrency and the technological literacy for what these terms mean.

She adds, These are the three legs of the education sector. Without these three legs, the education sector can not stand.” 

Future of Metaverse with the Metaverse News Network

Shauna is optimistic about the future of metaverse with the metaverse news networks. She believes in advancement for all.

She says, “We will continue to try and compose as much as humanly possible about the rapid development in this sphere. We wish to move forward classically with a great deal of thought and to be able to provide reliable information to people because we want to encourage a true network of information”. 

Shauna sets out to create a humanitarian and social network on purpose. She wants to level a plain field in the future so that more individuals may accumulate because onboarding can be challenging at times. Her goal is always to encourage minority or underprivileged individuals.


The interaction with Shauna Lee Lange offered enlightening insights on how metaverse and web 3.0 may benefit the formal sector and create futuristic possibilities for the informal sector. She endeavors to build an altruistic network where she can endorse minorities or disadvantaged people because she believes that poverty is a big hurdle in technological developments.

She believes that the art world is becoming highly centered, and the increasing emergence of people specializing in the technical world will generate evolvement.

Guest Profile

Shauna Lee Lange is the founder and CEO of Metaverse Networks (Metaverse watchdogs, metaverse podcasts, metaverse art, and metaverse news subsidiaries). She is also a certified metaverse artist, U.S veteran, professional illustrator, watercolorist, and professional designer. Apart from the technological world, she was also an art and technology advisor (25+ years of experience) and a big-systems analyst.