People can achieve boundless possibilities and pave their way to success if they dedicate themselves to their passion. Success, though challenging, can be achieved through patience, talent, dedication and unwavering commitment to delivering the best quality services and upholding the highest standards.

To really stand out from the crowd, one should provide something that no one else does, and Khurram Akhtar is a testament to the heights achievable in a competitive tech industry through true and firm dedication. Akhtar is the CEO and Co-founder of Programmers Force, first-ever artificial intelligence-based tech company, offering services in over 150 countries.

Khurram was an intelligent child, he started helping his father when he was 11 and learned about professional and financial life at a very young age. Along with supporting his father, he was a code geek and loved to do programming and solve debugging errors through his coding skills. “The only way to do great work is to do what you love,” a famous saying representing that success is achievable if you follow your passion, and Khurram A. obeyed the same rule. Following his passion, he started his profession as a freelancer in 2009, and due to his dedication to programming, he became one of the top-performing freelancers in the country.

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before,”  Akhtar’s father was also a tech geek and an IT expert who mentored him in his career and skills. He learned from his father how to deal with, taught him multiple programming languages and developed an entrepreneurship mindset inside him.

Over the course of seven years, Akhtar focused on his programming and communication skills, worked with hundreds of SMEs and large-scale corporations, polished his programming abilities, and learned team management and other skills viable for successful entrepreneurship.

His life was satisfactory; however, Akhtar knew that only those who risk going too far could find out how far they could go. He wanted to do something extraordinary that nobody else was doing. He faced numerous setbacks. One of the initial ones was his attempt at establishing an IT company in 2008, a startup that faltered when he was 18.

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“Fall seven times; stand up the eighth time.”

In 2016, he leapt and founded Programmers Force with a visionary idea. The aim of the company was to elevate the potential of AI into programming and IT. Throughout the period of seven years, his company developed various AI-powered solutions, including fraud prevention, machine learning, UI/UX and blockchain-based solution software development.

Behind every successful individual, there are many unsuccessful stories, and Akhtar’s life was no exception, his journey in the Programmers Force wasn’t an overnight success. Just like other business startups, he also faced challenging times. But only those who confront unusual challenges can flaunt unusual success. Akhtar never got disappointed during the tough times and utilised them as a learning element.

Today, Programmers Force is leading AI-based tech company, with over 800 employees working across 12 different offices within and 5 internationally. The most significant achievement of Programmers Force was its AI-powered fraud prevention firewall that enables businesses to fortify against the growing threat of online fraud. PF offers tech & development, data science, digital marketing and finance services. Being fueled through innovation and dedication, the company has cooperated with hundreds of customers, including large corporates and SMEs. However, customers will never love an organization until its employees love it first.

Programmers Force is one of the top preferences for candidates seeking IT and software development positions. In one interview, Khurram A. said, “Our focus is to leverage the young talent of the country, and we aim to showcase positive image to the world and potential in the global IT sector.” PF’s values for their employees can be reflected by the perks they offer, including vehicle financing, international trip allowance, health insurance, national tours, advance salary and provident funds to all employees.

Akhtar’s great idea turned Programmers Force into one of fastest-growing AI-based tech companies. His story shows how having a real entrepreneurship mindset and love for the work can earn success, even in a saturated market.