‘To the Verge’ had an insightful conversation with Gianfranco Lopane, Founder of Generiqo, a blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse consultancy firm. He discussed how immersive technologies would benefit marketing and pave the way for businesses to grow and thrive. Along with NFT, he also shared his idea for the metaverse. Read till the end to know more.

About Generiqo

Generiqo is a blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse consultancy firm that helps businesses transform their representation. Generiqo also develops NFT audience marketing campaigns for companies and custom token designs, blockchain, decentralized applications, and DeFi.

It is a technology firm that offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT-related services. The organization is a specialist with more than 5 years’ expertise in project development, execution, and management. Their top-tier professionals provide blockchain development and consulting services. In addition, the company designs, creates and implements private, semi-private, and public blockchains for private customers and institutions.

Gianfranco shares, “Our diversified background enables us to take on even the most difficult assignments while remaining focused and competent. Our services are always delivered on time, with meticulous attention to detail, and by our client’s requirements. Our clientele comes from various industries, including banking, information technology, journalism, and non-profit organizations.” 

Generiqo offers Cryptocurrency consultation for crypto enthusiasts, individuals as well as businesses. The organization crafts its consultation with the client’s specific requirements. Their session is geared to cover everything from basic cryptocurrency information to advanced issues like how to invest and keep your capital safe.

Blockchain Benefiting Marketing

Gianfranco shares his views on how Web 3 differs from Web 2. According to him, Web 2 allowed us to create content, but Web 3 is completely different. Furthermore, he explains how marketing for Blockchain and Web 3 is essential because, with content creation, one should also focus on its growth and marketing.

According to him, community building and growth play a vital role in marketing. For example, he says, “You can be the best artist in the world with the best utility, but if you don’t have the community, your connection will get lost.” 

Blockchain Consultation Service By Generiqo

Gianfranco shares that businesses must research innovative methods to adopt technological improvements to stay ahead of their competition. Blockchain-based business networks are the buzz of the town. However, businesses need a blockchain architecture to achieve their secrecy, regulatory, and administrative requirements.

Generiqo helps strengthen the base on which the enterprise Blockchain solutions are built. Without the help of a blockchain consultant, navigating the rapidly evolving blockchain space market can be confusing, challenging and risky.

He shares, “The NFT and Metaverse consultant help clients create new NFTs and Metaverse projects. A person having prior experience building and implementing them might be considered an expert in the topic. In addition, we help those wishing to use blockchain technologies in their businesses and with their consumers.”

Generiqo’s team also produces digital assets like tokens and NFTs, which can be minted into blockchain collections to assist companies in developing more sophisticated campaigns in a quickly expanding area. In addition, they hold various responsibilities during the consultation service. These are:

  • Ability to build NFTs and Metaverse projects from the bottom up and provide ongoing support to clients.
  • Assisting customers in creating NFTs and Metaverse projects and supporting existing programs.
  • Assist with the planning of the project’s timeline.
  • Assist in marketing the project once completed.

“The organization is a team of experts experienced in creating and implementing NFTs and Metaverse projects and provides guidance and skills through their consultation.”

Gianfranco also shared the services other than the consultation that Generqo is providing:

  • Custom token designs (2D, 3D)
  • Minting NFTs into blockchain collections
  • Project landing websites with optional blockchain integration (i.e., access to protected sites for token holders)
  • Token utility, the benefit of end-users (NFT as song, discount coupon, entry ticket, stream access, free delivery of artist/athlete signed or brand merch etc.)
  • Custom white-label blockchain development
  • Cryptocurrency tokens, Play2Earn games, Decentralized applications (dApp)
  • NFT audience-targeted marketing campaigns

Furthermore, the firm performs top-level design, allowing customers to integrate their bespoke apps into any website. Our team has worked in various digital companies, providing solutions and services in designing, developing, marketing, and launching startups and projects.

Gianfranco’s Take On How NFTs Are Profitable For Businesses?

According to Gianfranco, NFTs are a new source for artists and companies to make money. It’s a novel approach to marketing and profit. For enterprises and individual clients to build new NFTs and Metaverse projects, an NFT and Metaverse consultant is necessary.

He says, “By looking into the client’s needs, ‘s Experts at Generiqo provide NFT/Metaverse consultation, including Web 3 platform and vendor introduction, Web 3 platform and vendor integration, Web 3 roadmap implementation, 3D animator and creative technologists introduction.”

His Views On Blockchain and Web 3:

Gianfranco shares, “Blockchain is a technology, and Web 3 is a protocol. So Web 3 is a stroll to the internet, a new method of working on the internet, and blockchain is a decentralized way of doing things. So the two come together since a blockchain is required for a web 3.”

The Advancements By Immersive Technologies

According to Gianfranco, the advancements and developments offered by these immersive technologies may pave the way. He says:

1. It will fix everything wrong on the internet.

“We have centralized corporations like Facebook and Instagram; you generate content that doesn’t belong to you. When it comes to web 3, you generate content and compensate for it. Spotify, for example, keeps all the money while charging you to use it. In web 3, the musician is paid the same way as the listener gets compensated.”

2. It will give opportunities to the people who are left behind.

“The people left behind are those who are not content creators but consumers of material. They are paid to browse the internet. Web 3 and blockchain accomplishes this.”

Gianfranco’s Take On User-Generated Content As a Crisis In Metaverse

According to Gianfranco, user-generated content in the metaverse will create troubles in the future as it is decentralized. No one has control over anything that happens in space.

“User-Generated Content is a huge problem when you come to web 3 and blockchain because it is decentralized. There is no check-in. For example, it’s in no one’s control if someone raises a political or religious query. The main concern lies in regularizing it because it’s decentralized.”

Metaverse Home Mortgage Work:

Gianfranco states that what happens in 1 week in Web 3 is equivalent to 3 months in the real world.

He shares,  “I posted an article about home mortgages. Companies giving you home mortgages are providing you with the best experience. They are lending you because You hold crypto.

Gianfranco’s Vision for Metaverse

“It is just the beginning. Anything you do now, you are 99% ahead of the world. You will see that everything will happen in AR and VR. So anything you create now will earn profit from it.”

His outlook on the metaverse is upbeat. He views it as a chance to seize, where those left behind may contribute to the space with their knowledge and abilities that have yet to be found in the actual world.


The Interaction with Gianfranco Lopane, Founder of Generiqo, A blockchain consulting company, enlightened us on how immersive technology might enable businesses to thrive in the future by delivering utilities such as marketing. One may reinforce the foundation on which corporate Blockchain solutions are built using Generiqo. He envisions supporting businesses entering the metaverse, showcasing their brands, and educating more people about the endless possibilities and opportunities of the virtual world.

Guest Profile

Gianfranco Lopane is the Founder of Generiqo, a blockchain consulting company. He is presently the Head of Business Development for DatChat’s Social Network+, Metaverse, NFT, and blockchain projects, where he leads the team responsible for revenue growth enablement. In his 20 years of experience, he has held leadership positions with startups and Fortune 500 organizations such as Nestle, Hertz, and XPO Logistics.

He began his career in the blockchain area in 2017 when he co-founded a metaverse advertising network. In 2018, he established Generiqo, which assists hundreds of businesses transitioning to the blockchain realm. He graduated from EUDE Business School in Madrid, Spain, with a Master’s degree in Commerce and Marketing (MCom) in January 2014. He also participated in and won 31 golf competitions outside of work. He also enjoys discussing blockchain and collecting NFTs.