If you’re familiar with the NFT space, you must have heard about NFT Discord channels, which have remained the topmost priority for NFT projects since the evolution of the NFT industry. Although Discord was originally designed for gamers, this social app has become the go-to meeting place for all niche communities – especially in Web3.

So, whether you are an investor looking to join an NFT project’s community or a creator looking to build a community around your own collection, your journey will start on Discord NFT. An NFT Discord server includes various channels, such as general chats, announcements, swapping, selling, showcasing, project roadmap, etc.

Many Discord NFT servers use bots to help moderate and track member access and interactions. In addition, some NFT Discord servers may use authentication bots, so you must connect your wallet to participate. This is a very brief overview of a Discord NFT server. So, let’s discover what an NFT Discord is and how to join them?

What is an NFT Discord? 

NFT Discord is a social media platform where many people can interact in the form of a community. Presently, it’s the most unified platform for NFT projects as they are known to be community-oriented. An NFT project involves many people, from artists, developers, and investors, and the Discord NFT server provides a space to manage all characteristics of an NFT community.

NFT Discord

In a standard NFT Discord Server, you can find the following elements:

  • General Chat Room: Where all the participants can communicate with each other.
  • Announcement: The NFT team generally restricts this server for major announcements and news.
  • Events: Here, you can catch upcoming events that you can add to your calendars.
  • Particular Servers: Chat rooms for specific domains such as tokens, NFT airdrops, social media, merchandise, etc.

Create Your NFT Discord Account

Discord NFT account is super easy to establish! You can start by going to Discord.com or searching for it on the Google Play Store or App Store. Now, proceed further and sign up with an email and password. The key elements are located in the sidebar on the left side. This sidebar is where all the servers you join will exist, the same as the bookmarked tabs.

Discord Sidebar

In addition, you will see a “+” icon underneath the home button, labeled “Add a Server,” and by clicking on that, it will bring up the “Create a server” page, where you can “Join a Server.” Below this is a search icon named “Explore Public Servers.” This way, you can search through public Discord NFT servers that are set to be open for anyone to join without the requirement of the invite link.

Most NFT projects have private Discord NFT servers to keep the community free of spam and focus on the project’s goals. A private Discord NFT server means you need to have an invite link to join. The invite link may be publicly obtainable, but you will have to share an active invite link to provide access to the server.

On the other hand, a public Discord NFT server can be joined by anyone by simply searching for the server. Again, no invite link is needed. When a private Discord NFT server eliminates the participant’s ability to create invites, regarded as a “closed invite” Discord NFT server.

How To Join An NFT Discord Server

The most common way to join an NFT Discord server is by using a Discord server’s link. These are frequently posted on project sites, in Twitter bios, and at times a link will be published on an NFT Discord server. In addition, clicking an invite link will direct you to the server’s invite page, where you will be requested to confirm and accept the invite.

NFT Discord server

Once you join an NFT Discord server, you will be acknowledged with a verification method. Discord NFT servers use these methods for spam prevention and safety. Common verification methods involve checking a box that you agree to follow a designated rules channel where you click on an emoji to authenticate your agreement.

Now that you’re in an NFT Discord server, it’s time to familiarize yourself with other important elements.

1. Categories and Channels

An NFT Discord server’s sidebar typically has channels separated by categories. Discord uses “channels” to direct discussion into different topics. An NFT Discord server’s important channels are usually in the top category.

NFT Discord server sometimes has a whitelist information channel with directions to get whitelisted. If you do not see channels in a Discord NFT server that you have recently joined, you may need to confirm by reacting to an emoji in the rules channel or accepting the rules list that the server prompts.

The Discord NFT server’s top information category channels are usually “read-only.” This means server staff can post messages to these channels, but normal server members can’t. However, down the server’s sidebar, you will find the channels where you can type and speak in.

NFT Discord server includes both text and voice chatting. Usually, there is a “general” text chatting channel and a few topics specific channels. You can check the details of any channel by looking at the top of the Discord window while in the channel. It’s important to be aware of the channel-specific rules while using any new NFT Discord server, as most servers have instructions to keep the discussion safe.

2. Navigating an NFT Discord Server

You will see the member list on the right side of the Discord window. Please take note of the people at the top of the member list, typically the project’s founders and development team. In addition, bots are commonly seen near the top so that members can note the server’s certified bots.

You can click on the user profile to see more information about the user, including any server roles they may have. But what exactly are roles? Discord NFT servers use “roles” to gather server members. These are the same as the ranks or member tags. Roles can be capable of making changes to the color of your name, your position on the right sidebar, and even grant server-specific permissions.

Some best NFT discords include a “roles” channel, where you can select into applying roles to yourself. Roles in Discord NFT servers are for members to be part of the best NFT discord groups within the community. The roles allow server staff to inform certain groups of updates and grant access to particular channels.

An NFT Discord server’s roles channel is a read-only channel, where you can click on emojis that match the roles you wish to apply. Sometimes these roles will allow you to chat in server areas you might not have access to.

A similar example is a special channel for the holders of a project’s NFT. They have a ” hidden ” channel from the common server members. This channel needs you to authenticate yourself as a holder by connecting your wallet to your NFT Discord account. So again, always do your research to validate the authenticity of any bot or application requesting you to join your wallet. So what are these bots?

Certified Discord Bots will have a checkmark next to their name. Discord NFT servers usually use them to manage roles, track user activity, and control channels. Keeping direct messages disabled as a new user is recommended. If you turn it on, do it temporarily. However, discord bots do sometimes send direct messages.

Discord Bots

You can validate the legitimacy of a direct message from an NFT Discord bot by clicking on the username in your conversation window and looking for the certified bot checkmark on the profile preview. All authentic Discord bots will have the confirmed bot checkmark.

Where To Find NFT Discords To Join?

One of the primary reasons why NFT Discord is a popular choice for NFT projects is secrecy. Enthusiasts join their favorite NFT project servers to enter the whitelist. When joining these NFT Discord servers, they don’t have to disclose personal information. Additionally, anyone can talk without restrictions, ask questions, and have serious discussions without thinking about consequences, harassment, etc.

To know how to join an NFT discord and find the best NFT discord groups to join, visit the social media accounts for NFT projects, the official website, or an NFT marketplace where the NFT is available for buy. In addition, joining an NFT’s Discord channel does not need you to own their NFT.

To explore the collection and what it offers, one must join the project’s NFT Discord. It’s a brilliant measure of the project’s overall feasibility. You can also find out how many active participants are in the community. To join an NFT’s Discord, visit an NFT marketplace where they sell, such as Rarible, LooksRare or OpenSea. The blue tick on their profile is one way to tell if the NFT collection is the official one.

NFT marketplace

Alternatively, you can also look at the Twitter account to see how many followers there are and the number of reviews. The collection’s discord channel link can be found in the top right corner. You can also connect your wallet through the official bot of the collection’s discord channel. Ensure double-checking that it’s their official one. But don’t get overwhelmed when you first join; it will take time to get used to it.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Discord NFT Server?

Pros of Discord NFT Servers

  • Tips and knowledge: Whether new or skilled in the NFT space, active NFT Discords will be a great resource of tips about everything. From minting NFT tips to how to avoid gas wars.
  • Communities: NFT Discord servers can support the largest communities ever. This also inspires new users to involve with more skilled ones. Communities are a major reason why NFT projects obtain organic growth and accomplishment.
  • Whitelist Spots: Whitelisting is an essential element of the NFT ecosystem. It increases effectiveness and transparency while adding a protective layer to the blockchain. In addition, the NFT whitelist helps to limit fraudulent actions and high-value token harms. It also rewards young followers of an NFT project. Nearly all NFT projects disclose their whitelisting procedure on their NFT Discord channels. So, join your favorite project’s best NFT discord groups if they’re launching a collection soon.
  • Updates and news: Keeping track of your favorite NFT collections isn’t easy. Some best NFT discord groups are a quick and real-time source for the most recent news you can follow or read by following the right channels.

Cons of Discord NFT Servers

  • Scams: Discord is a popular platform that hackers can use to scam people. Thousands of ETH are gone to these scams and phishing attacks. These scammers can hack and steal your cryptocurrency with just a single link. Therefore, it is very important not to click on any unidentified link.
  • Bots: Sometimes scammers hack the channel’s Discord bot. Then, they can post false information about offers of NFT minting costs using the bot.
  • Time-consuming: Keeping up with so many channels and conversations can take time. One option is to watch the main networks’ notifications and then return and watch the rest when you have time. Another option is to subscribe to NFT Discord channels, which will provide you with a summary of each day’s news and changes.

FAQs :- Discord NFT

Q.1 Is Discord Good For NFT?

The discord group currently consists of 24,116 like-minded individuals that discuss topics like Blockchain, NFTs, Crypto, De-fi, Ethereum, and so on, making it an outstanding resource for anyone interested in understanding more about NFTs.

Q.2 Why Do NFT Projects Use Discord?

Discord lets you get personal with like-minded community members rather than spamming links at them. You can host discussions, and live stream events, bring new ideas to life, set up calls, and promote your project. You can foster the community in the way that you see fit.

Q.3 What Is NFT Whitelist Discord?

NFT whitelist means that you have gone through the process, as defined by the NFT project team, of getting your ETH address pre-approved to mint an NFT at some predefined date and time. Usually, this date and time for whitelisted addresses are set as a window of time.

Final Thoughts

NFTs projects use Discord to help grow, promote, and strengthen their communities. The depth and resources you’ll find in some of these NFT communities can be life-changing. Discord is an application that shows how large the NFT world is. It will only grow as it adapts to the needs of the NFT community. So make some friends, learn something new, hop into a community, or create your own!