Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is a well-known shopping district, with luxury merchants and other significant brands competing for consumers’ attention. The Web3 NYC Gallery will debut in Midtown next week and will be the first NFT gallery to join its ranks.

However, the location may not even be the most intriguing component of the jigsaw. The possibility of anybody possessing the unique rights to show off and sell their own NFTs—created or collected—on one of the displays and operate it remotely stands out.

That’s the pitch from Web3 NYC Gallery, which will debut on June 15 at 5th Avenue in New York City. The site will have 300 NFT displays from partner Tokenframe as part of its offers, which can only be managed by the owner of a linked Genesis NFT.

I believe we have 20 times more NFT frames in a space than ever before,” said co-founder and CEO Nick Rotola. But, of course, those are only the user-controlled frames. Hundreds of others will be utilized for brand collaborations and other product offers.

If you purchase a Genesis NFT, whether at the first main sale or afterward from a secondary marketplace, you can display practically any NFT in the gallery. Furthermore, web3 NYC Gallery has created a technology platform that allows owners to link an Ethereum wallet through a website and select which photographs to display.

Visitors to the gallery can purchase any NFTs listed for sale by scanning a QR code on the frame. Rotola stated that the store would have NFT-savvy workers on-site to assist consumers in setting up wallets, purchasing artwork, and ensuring that they know the mechanism and are not purchasing counterfeit artifacts.

We chose our longest wall and said, ‘This is going to be people’s wall,’” Rotola explained. “People will have access to Fifth Avenue like Louis Vuitton and all of these other great, fantastic, incredible companies do. So they get to be on Fifth Avenue, but so do these folks.

Web3 NYC Gallery offers three levels of displays tied to its Genesis NFTs: 160 10-inch Collector’s Club displays ranging from 1.5 ETH ($2,680) to 2 ETH ($3,580), 110 21.5-inch Degen Club displays ranging from 5 ETH ($8,950) to 10 ETH ($17,900), and 30 43-inch Alpha Club displays sold privately at unlisted prices.

NFT owners are not obliged to pay any recurring fees or rent to utilize their separate displays. Owners of Genesis may display their owned NFTs from their wallet, whether it’s a Bored Ape Yacht Club avatar on Ethereum or their favorite XCOPY or Art Blocks piece. They can also display their own NFTs, providing a platform for project developers to promote their products.