Mr. Bean isn’t the only childhood favorite sliding into the NFT sandpit—Nickelodeon has also released a slew of ’90s-themed NFTs powered by Recur.

As a companion to the original Rugrats and Hey Arnold! Drops, RECUR has created 12 brand-new NFTs with the help of their buddies. OpenSea will help start their harkening back to Nickelodeon moments of the 1990s with a 24-hour auction of these incredibly rare NFTs.

Nickelodeon announced the first NFT event, which was supposed to begin last month. The Nickelodeon collection is a collaboration between Nickelodeon and Recur. Viacom CBS owns Nickelodeon and announced an October cooperation with Recur.

A technology business, RECUR, develops distinctive branded experiences for fans to buy, get, and resell digital goods and collectibles (NFTs). The first blockchain-independent NFT platform, RECUR, offers its brand partners the largest reach and the biggest use for their fan bases.

The recurring royalty standard for NFTs, which RECUR co-wrote, enables creators, artists, athletes, and businesses to indefinitely get money from subsequent sales of their products.

Similar to the Nickelodeon NFT collection, this particular auction will contain several popular characters from Hey Arnold! and Rugrats, such as Angelica, Susie, Gerald, Arnold, Rhonda, Tommy, Lil, and Helga, Chuckie, Phoebe, Phil, and Harold. In contrast to the Nickelodeon NFT set, these figures are dressed in antique garb. Two classic cartoon series, two gangs of miscreants, and a one-of-a-kind experience.

There are a few more things in store for the lucky few who will be able to claim one as their own. The following items will be distributed to the 12 winning bidders:

  • RECUR Pass
  • Nickelodeon NFT from the bidding, hand-drawn and one-of-a-kind.
  • A free Nickelodeon NFT Pack, obtained through Nickelodeon.
  • A tangible piece of artwork with their NFT auction.


The RECUR Pass is a collection of different NFTs designed to provide the early NFT community exclusive access to digital treasures from the world’s most well-known businesses. Each generated RECUR Pass NFT grants its possessor early access and benefits throughout the RECUR ecosystem, including its brands and intellectual property, as well as in the metaverse and beyond.

Bringing Nickelodeon, there would have been the finest approach for OpenSea to bust open this time capsule. Still, the complete Nickelodeon NFT decrease begins on July 18 for certain RECUR Pass Holders and on July 19 for everyone else. In addition, there will be several additional opportunities to win other prizes.