In simple terms, the Print Spooler service manages print jobs that are sent by Windows to the printer. Therefore, if the print spooler service fails to execute the printer cannot work. And hence several Windows 10 or older version users reported Print spooler service keeps stopping the problem. If you are also here in search of solutions this is the right page for you.  Read the following write-up to address the Windows 10 print spooler keeps stopping issue. Proceed with the solutions in the listed order to quickly and easily resolve the problem.

Methods to Fix Print Spooler Service Keeps Stopping:

This section mentions solutions to overcome the issue of print spooler service keeps stopping. Move down the list until the issue is fixed and the printer works without any interruptions.

Solution 1: Restart the Service for Print Spooler

Sometimes due to a minor glitch in your Print Spooler service, the Windows 10 print spooler keeps stopping issue can occur. The first thing to be tried to resolve the issue is to Restart the Print spooler. Given below are the simple steps to follow

  1. Use Windows + R keys to open the dialog box to Run commands. Enter services.MSc and click on OK.
    Type services.msc in the Run box
  2. Scroll down the list and click on Print Spooler. In the left panel click on the Restart-Service option.
    Print Spooler

Try to use Printer. If the printer works fine and no Print spooler service keeps stopping error is displayed the issue is fixed. However, if the error is still displayed don’t worry move on to the further set of methods to fix the problem.

Solution 2: Update Printer Driver

The most underrated issue with Printers is outdated, missing, or corrupted drivers. If there are pending updates on your printer drivers it can lead to several issues including the Print spooler service keeps stopping. The Printer manufacturers release driver updates to fix the bugs and make the communication of hardware with your OS smooth. And hence it is ideal to download the latest printer driver updates for error-free and top-notch performance of printers.

How to Update Printer Drivers?

You can choose any one of the methods below to download printer driver updates.

  • Manual: To use this method, you need to have the system specifications and basic tech skills. Visit the official website of the manufacturer of your printer, find the driver compatible with the Windows version, and download it. Install it with the help of instructions on your screen.
  • Partly Manual: Printer driver downloads can be performed by using the Device Manager utility of Windows. Open the Device Manager and find the respective category. In our case Printer drivers can be under the Print Queues or Printer driver sections. Right-click on your device and choose the Update Driver option.
  • Automatic Driver Updater Tool: Automate all the system driver downloads including printer drivers with a single click by using the software.

As manual methods are complicated and require more time it is better to switch to software to download updates automatically.

Automatic Printer Driver Updates via Bit Driver Updater:

The Bit Driver Updater is a simple and effective tool to automate driver updates. You can download updates with a single click. The following are also the additional tasks that can be performed by the software once installed

  • Stores the required system specifications to find compatible drivers
  • Quickly scan PC for outdated drivers
  • Restore and Backup driver data
  • WHQL certified and verified drivers
  • 24*7 assistance from trained professionals
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Schedule updates at your convenient time
  • One-click download for the entire list of driver updates

Download the software and double-click on it. Make sure you follow the on-screen steps to install it on your Windows device.

Windows-Download button

Once the software is installed here is how to use it to update the Printer driver and fix the Windows 10 print spooler that keeps stopping the issue.

  1. Run the tool. Press the Scan Now option to begin the process of scanning.
    bit driver updater software
  2. Wait till the outdated driver list is identified and displayed.
  3. Click on the Update Now option next to the Printer driver in the list.
  4. If you have the Pro Bit Driver Updater click on the Update All button. This will download all the updates with a single command.
    Update Now Driver with Bit Driver Updater
  5. Install the printer driver update and Restart your system to apply the updated drivers.

Now try using your printer to check if the Print spooler service keeps stopping the issue is fixed. If the solution brought no luck for you, try the next alternative.

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Solution 3: Update the Service for Print Spooler to Automatic

In case the Print Spooler service is not set to Automatic the print spooler keeps stopping the issue occurs. Therefore to update the settings to Automatic here is what to do

  1. Open the Run box with Windows and R keys. Enter the services.MSc and click on OK.
    Type services.msc in the Run box
  2. Find Print Spooler and open its Properties by right-clicking on it.
    Properties print spooler service
  3. In the General tab check if the Startup type is set as Automatic. If not, update it to Automatic, Click on Apply, and OK.
    Startup type automatic and then start WLAN AutoConfig Service

Try and use your Printer now to check if the print spooler service keeps stopping the issue is fixed. In case the issue remains try the next method to fix it.

Solution 4: Change Recovery Options for Print Spooler

Windows 10 print spooler keeps stopping issue can be fixed by updating the recovery settings. In case the Recovery Settings are improper the print spooler will not restart automatically.

Therefore, to fix this you must change the recovery options for your Print spooler. Here is how

  1. Click Windows and R keys together on your keyboard and open the Service window with the command services.MSc.
    Type services.msc in the Run box
  2. Identify the Print Spooler service from the list and click right on it. Choose the Properties option.Properties print spooler service
  3. Open the Recovery tab and make sure the following three options are set as Restart the Service. Then click on Apply and OK buttons subsequently.
    First Failure
    Subsequent Failures
    Print Spooler Open the Recovery tab Then click on Apply and OK buttons subsequently First Failure Second Failure Subsequent Failures

Now check if the Windows print spooler keeps stopping issue is fixed. If the problem persists, move to the next solution.

Solution 5: Delete Files for Print Spooler

If the above solutions didn’t work in fixing Windows 10 print spooler service keep stopping errors, try removing the print spooler files. If multiple print jobs are pending it can force stop your print spooler.  Here is how you can clean the pending print jobs and fix the print spooler service that keeps stopping the issue.

  1. Press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Enter services.MSC command and click on OK to open Windows Services.Type services.msc in the Run box
  2. In the Services window scroll down and find the Print Spooler service. Click on the service and press the Stop service option in the left panel.
     Print Spooler service. Click on the service and press the Stop service option in the left panel.
  3. Minimize the Service screen and now use the Windows and E keys together to open File Explorer.
  4. In the address bar enter the following and grant the permission by clicking on the Continue option. C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS
  5. Select all the files and Delete all files present in the PRINTERS folder.
  6. Once the folder is empty, invoke the Run dialog box again with Windows and R keys. Type Control and click on Enter key to open the Control Panel.
  7. Under the View By option Select Category. Choose the View devices and printers option present under Hardware & Sound.
    Click on View devices and printers from control panel
  8. From the list identify your printer and right-click on it. Choose the option Remove device.
    Choose the option Remove device
  9. Now open the Services windows again and Start the Print Spooler service.
  10. Now navigate to the Device & Printers window. Right-click on the empty space on the window and click on Add device and printers option.
  11. Apply the steps on the screen to add the printer again.

Now check if the Print spooler service keeps stopping the problem is fixed.

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Print Spooler Keeps Stopping on Windows PC: FIXED

Hopefully, after applying the fixes the Print spooler service keeps stopping the error is fixed. Make sure you follow the format of solutions to resolve the problem quickly. Download printer driver updates to avoid print spooler keeps stopping issues. Use the Bit Driver Updater to keep driver updates simple and automatic.

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