Prashanth Shantharam, Chief Business Officer of Aatma – 3D Companies, shares his experience and insights about the future of Immersive Technologies & the unlocking of creativity in 3D Metaverse content creation.

To The Verge sought enlightening views of Prashanth Shantharam – Chief Business Officer of “Aatma – 3D Companies”. The entrepreneur is on a mission to help expand Augmented Reality, Metaverse, and Blockchain to entertainment spaces globally. He shared his thoughts on the growth of Metaverse adoption in 3D world-building. Read till the end to know all about his creative views.

What is “Aatma – 3D Companies” all About and Prashanth’s role in it.

Prashanth shared that Aatma’s flagship business is a creative animation company specializing in producing moving imagery for broadcast, interactive and immersive media. Their expertise and passion for storytelling and content creation empower brands, agencies, and games to engage any audience. The animation studio powers other Aatma businesses that include the mobile gaming firm, Paperkyte; Youtube entertainment, Techtainment; and the newly formed Aatma Metaverse Entertainment (AME).

Talking about his role in the company, he shared, “I help run the business side of things for 3D animation-driven companies – Aatma. Aatma is involved in diverse content businesses from high-end 3D animation production (for brands, agencies, and gaming firms), mobile gaming, YouTube entertainment to NFTs. I joined the firm while in its infancy and helped scale it to a multi-business firm.”

What is the importance of Metaverse for Animation companies? 

According to Prashanth, “If Metaverse is defined as ’embodied internet,’ we’ll see us shift our experiences from 2D to 3D. As a generalized use case – Imagine a not-so-distant future where everyone transitions from consuming content in 2D (with the current Instagram and TikTok’s of the world) to interacting and immersing themselves in 3D. We see this happening already today – in Metaverse-focused places such as Roblox, Decentraland, etc.”

Prashanth added Metaverse is projected to grow exponentially. Hence, predictably there would be a Cambrian explosion and unlocking of massive creativity in 3D Metaverse content creation. Animation firms, 3D artists, and more will play an enormous role in building fun worlds of immersive and interactive experiences. As a result, 3D (Animation, VFX, Gaming, etc.) skills would be highly demanded.

How to expand the AR, Metaverse, and Blockchain entertainment spaces globally?

Prashanth is currently on a mission to help expand the Augmented Reality, Metaverse, Blockchain entertainment spaces globally. So when asked about how we can achieve that in the future, he shared, “For the expansion of these immersive technologies, we have to work over consistent and innovative content creation – delving into AR, VR experiences – P2E Gaming, NFTs, and more.”

What does Metaverse offer to creative content creators?

Prashanth shared, “We see an upcoming content boom, which is the catalyst to build a fun Metaverse. Artists, technicians, creative directors (and more) have begun embracing this new medium, and we’ll see them deliver never before seen visuals. With the growth of Metaverse adoption – the rate of new 3D world-building would spike.”

According to him, the two key areas where we could see maximum growth is Entertainment and Education.

“Gaming expectedly in AR and VR is set to explode. But you’ll also get to see a variety of content – digital twins of ourselves (Avatars) + of real-world locations, interactive world effects viewed through AR lenses/glasses, immersive learning and training sessions, virtual live music and other events, holograms, 3D maps/viewfinders, 3D shopping and so much more.”

Apart from animation & 3D Graphic design, what will loom bigger in the Metaverse? 

Prashanth categorized it into two sections, first from a skill standpoint- AI, AR, VR Full Stack Blockchain Dev, Generative Algo Devs, Game Designers, Developers, Finance Specialists, Economists, Community Managers, etc. Second from Tech/Trends – Blockchain, Cryptography, AI, AR, VR, NFTs, Defi, Metaverse, 3D Worlds, P2E Games, and so on. These are the area, according to Prashanth, that will loom bigger in the Metaverse.

What is the future for animation and Metaverse? How do you wish to contribute here?

According to Prashanth, “the future seems incredibly bright here! Metaverse is a much-touted buzzword currently. But we genuinely believe in its manifestation, as the terms of technology and trends now underway support its evolution. The world has already seen traction in spaces such as AR/VR, avatars, NFTs, blockchain entertainment, crypto art, and more. We believe the culmination of these innovations (and more) would help drive the Metaverse forward.”

Bottom Line

The potential of Metaverse showcases bright possibilities for its future. This virtual space has the potential to change the way people interact with each other, work, and play games. With a myriad of endless possibilities, Prashanth believes that Metaverse can transform the future of technology, and with the growth of Metaverse adoption, the rate of new 3D world-building would spike.

Guest Profile

Prashanth is an entrepreneur as well as an executive with strong experience in building products and service companies that target businesses and consumers. His key domains include content/entertainment, videos and animation, and mobile and internet services. 

Prashanth performs the cross-functional role of a strategist, marketer, and business progressor. He has a variety of compelling media interests, including XR, Ed-tech, crypto and blockchain, NFTs, and more.