Cleaning, boosting, and optimizing RAM are essential to speed up the PC. Therefore, read on to know the best auto RAM cleaner, booster, and optimizer Tools.

Do you remember how fast your PC worked when you just unboxed and installed it? You often wonder, when the PC’s model and the processor are the same, then why your computer becomes slow as a snail. Well, there’s a simple explanation. Over time, junk such as duplicate files, cache, unneeded apps gets accumulated and adversely impacts the PC’s performance.

To get that snappy performance back, you need to clean the junk and give the RAM much-needed breathing space. Since manual cleaning is both tiring and impractical, you require the best auto RAM cleaners to do the needful.

Apart from junk accumulation, another reason for poor PC performance is disorganized RAM space. You need to efficiently organize the available space. The best RAM optimizer and booster help you do that without any cumbersome efforts.

Talking about these utilities, all the software claims to be the best free RAM cleaner, booster, and optimizer available in the marketplace. But, not all of the claims are true. Therefore, we dived into this ocean of applications to find the truly best Windows memory cleaner, optimizer, and booster. And the next section talks about the same.

What are the Best RAM Cleaner Software for Windows 10

Below are the auto RAM cleaner, booster, and optimizers you need for efficient memory management and the ultimate PC performance.

1. IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

An auto RAM cleaner for Windows with AI mode

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

IObit is a well-known name in the PC care domain. Its Advanced SystemCare is also among the fastest and best RAM boosters, cleaners, and optimizers, particularly for novice users. It comes with a multitude of features to delight the users.

Praiseworthy Features of IObit Advanced SystemCare

  • It simultaneously enhances your internet speed while you work on your PC.
  • Thoroughly cleans the Windows registry.
  • Cleans junk and rectifies the hard drive errors.
  • It protects your privacy by clearing your activity traces and blocking access to your data.
  • There is an AI Mode to smartly clean, speed up, and optimize the PC performance.
  • It keeps the health of your frequently used programs in check by continuously updating them.
  • Boasts a real-time monitoring mechanism for PC performance.
  • With this software, you can find and remove large files quite easily.
  • It boasts robust firewall protection to protect your computer from threats.
  • There are many useful tools, such as a file shredder, context menu manager, and empty folder scanner.
  • Uncluttered and customizable UI.
  • Comes with options such as ignore list and backup/restore.
  • Significantly improves computer performance.
  • Single-click RAM cleaning, optimization, and boosting.
  • Installation wizard tries to install other unwanted programs.
  • It cannot scan the external files.
  • Keeps showing prompts to subscribe to its newsletter.
  • A lot of ad banners.
  • Its uninstallation process is tedious.

Note: To make the most of this one of the most powerful RAM cleaners, you need to get its full version for $29.99 to $89.97(depending on the plan you choose). Its free version misses out on a few features, such as scan scheduling, real-time spyware protection, and background cleaning.

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2. Iolo System Mechanic

“Best RAM booster for Windows 10 with a blocker for unwanted settings”

Iolo System Mechanic

Out of all the available auto RAM cleaners, this is one of our favorites. It is not merely a RAM cleaner but also a complete PC care tool that takes its performance to another level. Due to the multitude of features it offers, it’s among the most popular utilities to optimize the RAM and enhance the PC’s speed.

Noteworthy Features of Iolo System Mechanic

  • Hosts an in-built blocker for bloatware and undesired auto-run settings.
  • With this software, you can remove over 50 types of junk files, such as unwanted apps, browser history, and cache.
  • It comes with an internet speed booster so that you can browse fast without any issues.
  • Iolo System Mechanic removes traces of your browsing habits and keeps privacy intact.
  • It takes the PC’s speed a notch up.
  • Creates a backup of the Windows registry.
  • Finds and fixes PC problems.
  • Friendly interface
  • Some useful features are not free.
  • Internet connection performance is not improved much.
  • Quite a confusing interface.
  • It is priced on a higher end

Note: There is no completely free version of this software. You can get it for $49.95. You get 1 month of technical support free with the subscription. After that, technical support costs around $19.95 per month.

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3. CleanMyPC

Best Windows RAM cleaning & boosting tool to fix broken registry items


If you are looking for the best RAM cleaner for Windows 10, then CleanMyPC is an excellent choice. It packs several essential features, such as a powerful app uninstaller to uninstall apps along with their remains, in a neat interface.

Below is what else makes this app unique and deserving addition to the list of the best RAM cleaners for PC.

Laudable features of CleanMyPC

  • There is a power-packed registry cleaner that removes outdated and unneeded registry entries.
  • It lists the startup items so that you can disable the unwanted ones effortlessly.
  • CleanMyPC helps you remove unwanted toolbars and browser extensions quite easily.
  • It boasts one-click deletion of browser cookies and login data.
  • With its file shredding capabilities, you can erase files securely.
  • It helps you remove the hibernation file, i.e., the file that keeps a snapshot of your session even if you don’t use hibernation.
  • Effective performance improvement tools
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Feature-rich
  • Frees up ample hard drive space
  • Alters can seem irritating after a while
  • No option to remove secure erase from the context menu
  • There is no backup tool
  • No detailed information about the software being uninstalled

Note: CleanMyPC is a free Windows 10 RAM cleaner. However, if you wish, you can upgrade to its full version for a price ranging between $39.95 to $99.95 depending on the plan you select. Before paying for the software, also note that developers won’t support it after Windows 11.

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4. Piriform CCleaner

The most popular Windows 10 RAM cleaner

Piriform CCleaner

Now, who does not know about CCleaner? It is among the best free RAM cleaners of all time for laptops, PC, and phones. Not only millennials but we also consider it as one of the perfect software to clean and optimize the device’s memory. It offers a wide catalog of features to help you speed up the PC.

Striking Features of Piriform CCleaner

  • Scrapes away temporary files, browser cache, and undesired cookies.
  • Frees up ample space on the disk.
  • The paid version comes with advanced functionalities such as cleanup scheduling and real-time protection.
  • Boasts an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
  • Significantly boosts the speed of a sluggish PC.
  • Hosts quite a lot of cleaning and optimization tools.
  • Frequent popup notifications seems a bit annoying.
  • Advanced features are only available in the pro version.
  • The free version shows many ads.

Note: If you want an auto RAM cleaner for a PC with high-end features, such as driver updater, software updater, and automatic browser history deletion, you can get CCleaner Professional for $29.95/year. It also offers a 14-day free trial. And, for more advanced features, such as file recovery, get the Professional Bundle for 3PCs at a price of $44.95/year.

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5. Razer Cortex

One of the best RAM boosters for a gamer’s PC

Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is among the renowned names in the gaming domain. However, like its software for gamers, it also offers an equally amazing Windows 10 RAM cleaner to clean and tune-up your PC. The Razer Cortex System Booster boasts a multitude of praiseworthy features such as a game defrag and more. Let’s discuss them below.

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Incredible Features of Razer Cortex

  • It stops unnecessary background processes whenever you are playing any game.
  • You can set it to autostart whenever you launch a game.
  • It optimizes disk caches, changes network settings, and disables unused Windows services.
  • Razer Cortex defrags the files used by the games that you play.
  • Its advanced AI with a machine learning algorithm calculates the best settings for a streamlined PC performance.
  • Easily customizable game quality settings.
  • Boasts a game booster option.
  • No advance system cleansing.
  • It focuses specifically on gaming rigs.

Note: If you use Razer Cortex to launch and play games for at least 10 minutes daily for 1000 days, you get Razer Silver (a virtual currency that you can exchange for Razer hardware and games).

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6. Restoro

RAM cleaner for Windows 10 with a malware remover 


Here we have another worth noticing RAM cleaner for Windows 10. It claims to be one software any PC user ever needed for the features like malware threat removal, detection of dangerous websites, and more. Below we talk about its feature set in detail.

Features of Restoro

  • It replaces damaged or missing Windows files.
  • With Restoro, you can view crucial information such as the temperature of your PC, details about the hardware, and more.
  • It detects and helps you fix the problems with frequently crashing applications.
  • This software detects and removes malware, in addition to fixing the damage caused by it.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is completely automatic software.
  • Repairs damaged, missing, or faulty DLLs.
  • Helps fix errors such as BSOD.
  • Settings are not customizable.
  • The customer support is quite limited.

Note: Restoro is a free-to-download Windows 10 RAM cleaner. You can use it to run free scans. However, to access the repair tools, you must get its full version for a price of $39.95 to $99.95 depending on your choice of plan.

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7. Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

Windows 10 RAM cleaner and booster to make the boot time fast 

Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

It is one of the aptly named best laptop and PC RAM cleaners as it intelligently cleans every nook and corner of the RAM. It significantly reduces the boot time of even the age-old PC’s and this makes it one of the most acclaimed RAM cleaners.

Commendable Features of Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

  • Hosts an in-built registry cleaner.
  • Boasts options such as disk defragging, removal of unneeded startup processes, and more.
  • Keeps your privacy intact by removing the activity traces from history, files, and disk.
  • There is a Big Files Manager to manage and delete bulk files.
  • You can remove unnecessary app shortcuts from the context menu.
  • Encompasses a file shredder to make the deleted files irrecoverable.
  • With its password generator, you can generate strong and hard-to-guess passwords.
  • Swift RAM cleaner and optimizer for Windows 10
  • Clean, straightforward, and easy-to-use interface.
  • No Ignore List to exclude files from the scan.
  • Sometimes, it displays irritating popup notifications.

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8. RAMRush

Best RAM optimizer to keep system crashes at bay 


This freeware is also among the best RAM boosters, optimizers, and cleaners. It effectively optimizes the memory and frees up RAM space. We recommend this software to all those users who face frequent PC crashes and memory leaks.

Striking Features of RAMRush

  • It comes with tools such as disk defrag.
  • Lets you free up the space occupied by unneeded Windows applications.
  • Prevents system crashes that occur due to memory problems.
  • Displays CPU and RAM use in real-time.
  • Prevents your PC from crashing due to memory issues.
  • Tweaks the PC’s performance significantly.
  • Command-line support
  • Useful modes, such as Quiet mode and AutoOptimize mode
  • UI may confuse novice users.
  • It comes with fewer features than its counterparts.

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9. RAM Saver Control Panel

One of the best RAM boosters for PC with a specialized Control Panel

RAM Saver Control Panel

The USP of this fast auto RAM cleaner for PC is its special Control Panel. With this software at your disposal, you can run RAM benchmark tests, clean the clipboard easily, kill or put the background applications to sleep, and perform many such optimization activities.

Unique Features of RAM Saver Control Panel

  • Monitors and controls the processes taking place in the memory.
  • It even creates boosted shortcuts.
  • With this software, you can hide all desktop icons.
  • It checks the presence of a disk in the CD-ROM drive in the event of a PC shutting down.
  • This software supports flexible memory optimization with full statistics output.
  • It defrags the system memory for faster access to applications.
  • Detailed information about ongoing processes and RAM
  • Availability of RAM benchmarking tool.
  • No significant performance improvements.
  • It does not show what changes it made to the computer.

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10. MemPlus

One of the most user-friendly RAM cleaners for Windows 10


Our next pick for the list of the most efficient, fastest, and best auto RAM optimizers and cache cleaners for Windows 10 is MemPlus. It is among the easiest to use software for analyzing and optimizing RAM. Moreover, it is portable software, hence does not hog up the PC resource. Apart from this, below is what else makes it a worth-mentioning program.

Remarkable Features of MemPlus

  • It monitors and shows you the complete details of RAM usage.
  • You can choose between clearing working sets and the file system cache.
  • Whenever a new version of this software becomes available, you get notified automatically.
  • There is an exclusion list to keep the crucial processes out of the cleaning purview.
  • It works in the background, and you can auto-start it with the PC.
  • Clear RAM button on the home screen for faster optimization
  • Friendly and easy-to-use UI.
  • RAM info. can be exported in TEXT, HTML, CSV, and Excel formats.
  • Sometimes, it lags a bit.
  • It is not so fast RAM cache cleaner.

11. CleanMem Free/Pro

Best RAM booster for PC with a standby list

CleanMem Free/Pro

This entrant on our list of the best RAM boosters and optimizers for PC gives you more control over the way to clean memory. Apart from this, it has several features to delight the users. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Worth-Mentioning Features of CleanMem Free/Pro

  • Autoruns every 15 minutes by the Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Makes Windows do all the cleaning, optimization, and boosting by calling the Windows API.
  • Lets you avoid the use of the page file on the hard drive.
  • Moves the recently used files to the standby list for better memory management and fast PC speed.
  • The free version does not have any nag screens.
  • No popups are asking you to upgrade to the pro version.
  • Highly customizable free RAM cleaner for Windows 10.
  • Lightweight and also works as a portable app
  • The auto start may annoy some users.
  • It consumes a lot of PC resources.
  • Community-based support

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12. Wise Memory Optimizer

Portable auto RAM cleaner for PC

Wise Memory Optimizer

With this best free RAM cleaner, booster, and optimizer for Windows 10 PC, you need not worry about performance issues. It scrapes away useless applications and helps you optimize and reclaim the lost RAM space. Clean memory, in turn, results in better functioning of the PC.

Central Features of Wise Memory Optimizer

  • Boasts a portable version of itself.
  • Calculates and displays details such as used, free, and total memory available in the form of a pie chart.
  • You can use it to empty the standby memory and increase storage space.
  • The software functions in the background even when the CPU is idle to tune up and optimize the RAM automatically.
  • Simple, clean, and easy-to-use interface.
  • You can instruct the software to automatically optimize the RAM.
  • The customer support is a bit poor.
  • It lacks advanced diagnostic options and analyzing tools.

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13. Memory Cleaner

Best RAM cleaner and booster for PC with customizable menu bar

Memory Cleaner

It is one of the best free RAM boosters for PCs to free up plenty of space with just a single click. With this software, you can clean the memory by monitoring it and optimizing its use. Below are the features that induced us to include it on our list.

Outstanding Features of Memory Cleaner

  • Lists the applications that consume a major chunk of memory.
  • Hosts a memory pressure meter.
  • Boasts a customizable menu bar.
  • It reports the minimum, maximum, and average RAM usage.
  • Displays detailed information about the RAM usages.
  • You can optimize system memory automatically with one click.
  • Lets you access all its features from the tray icon.
  • The user interface is a bit confusing.
  • Works a little slower than its counterparts.

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14. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

The USP of this fast auto RAM cleaner for PC is the flexibility it offers. With this software at your disposal, you only require a single click to detect and delete all the temporary files, browser cookies, and broken registry.

Unique Features of Ashampoo WinOptimizer

  • Shows the scan results in detail with a clear description of all the issues.
  • Hosts in-built tools to defrag the hard drive and optimize the startup process.
  • Encompasses many other tools to boost the PC’s performance.
  • It warns you about system failure well in advance.
  • There is an ADS scanner for data streams that are hidden.
  • It also doubles up as a game booster by terminating the background processes unrelated to gaming.
  • There is an internet tuner to optimize network settings.
  • Fixes all the errors in just a single click.
  • Lets you schedule the scan.
  • You can create registry backups.
  • Highly customizable memory cleaner for Windows 10.
  • It shows detailed PC information.
  • Amateur users may find it a bit tough to use.
  • The user interface is a little confusing.
  • Its free version lacks advanced features

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After looking at the best RAM cleaners, boosters, and optimizers, let’s answer a few questions that our readers often ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I clear my RAM cache on Windows 10?

Clearing the RAM cache is a tough thing to do. Therefore, in our view, it is best to clear the cache using any of the software shared above.

Q2. How can I improve RAM performance?

Follow the below tips to improve the performance of RAM.

  • Close the programs that are not necessary.
  • Manage the virtual memory correctly.
  • Stop the unnecessary startup programs.

Q3. Which is the best RAM booster?

All the RAM boosters, cleaners, and optimizers shared above are best in their own way, However, below are the ones that we like the most.

  • Iolo System Mechanic
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare
  • CCleaner

Best RAM Cleaners for Windows 10 in 2022

These were the best RAM optimizers, boosters, and free cleaners. Weigh each of them in terms of their features, pros, and cons. Then, select the one that suits your requirements the most. Lastly, we would say always keep the RAM clean and optimized for unmatched PC performance. And, keep reading totheverge blog for more such tech information and updates.