Undoubtedly, all Anime lovers must be familiar with KissAnime. It is a website where you may watch the best anime. Also, the fact that Kissanime is cost-free makes it much more appealing. Moreover, Kissanime has checked all the boxes for a platform that can ensure free content quality and quantity. It is one of the most well-known websites because of its vast anime library. However, recently, the website has been pulled down numerous times. Hence, in order to watch anime online safely, there are many Kissanime alternatives that anime fans may choose.

Here, in this article, we will talk about the 7 best Kissanime alternative sites for watching uninterrupted and secure anime content. So, let’s dive in!

Watch Anime Safely with the 7 Best KissAnime Alternatives

The following list contains the best alternatives to the Kissanime.com website. You may go through them and choose any website you find helpful and safe.

1. Crunchyroll

Using Crunchyroll, one of the best Kissanime alternatives, you can explore your favorite cartoons or animated programs for free. Also, you may post reviews for the cartoons you’ve recently seen.

Moreover, Crunchyroll is renowned for giving viewers access to the newest episodes of their preferred anime series as soon as they are released in Japan. Additionally, this website has grown to be associated with anime or manga content. Hence, it is responsible for bringing Japanese anime culture to the West.

Additionally, Crunchyroll is totally free of advertisements and offers a 14-day trial period before you need to buy a membership. Therefore, Crunchyroll is a website you should visit if you’re looking for quality, exclusive anime and manga films.


Explore Crunchyroll

2. Anime Freak

Anime Freak, one of the top KissAnime alternatives, offers a ton of high-quality video for your smartphone and computer screens.

Popular website Anime Freak has the largest HD database selection. Also, it is free, just like the KissAnime website! There are currently 10,000 anime available, and more are added daily.

Moreover, it adds new anime as soon as it is released. Hence, this is another reason why anime fans can’t stop watching new shows! There is nothing that Anime Freak does not have. You may search by genre for a quick search and uncover a wide range of options.

Furthermore, with only one click, this powerful platform offers you both the subtitled and dub versions of the anime series. However, there is one drawback—you can come across some offensive explicit ads on the website.

Anime Freak

Explore Anime Freak

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3. 9Anime

The next one of the best Kissanime alternatives for watching anime online is 9anime. It has a user-friendly interface and is very simple to use. Moreover, the titles are organized alphabetically, and basic filters are accessible for quick search.

Also, for non-Japanese speakers, 9anime offers anime films in dubbed or English-subtitled versions. Here, you can see both recent releases and timeless oldies. Also, this alternative to the Kissanime.com website is completely free to use!

Moreover, it offers a variety of options from all the main genres, including horror, fantasy, kids, mystery, romance, and sci-fi. You may even look up the anime collection scheduled for viewing the content.


Explore 9Anime

4. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is one of the Kissanime alternatives where you can watch high-definition anime videos. More than 1000 anime are available for online streaming on this website. Hence, it’s a fantastic resource for both downloading manga and anime.

You can browse the most recent anime episodes on the home page. Also, all the episodes are subtitled and there is also dubbed content available. Since the majority of fans don’t speak Japanese, it’s a benefit.

The website offers a ton of anime-related content and is available from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can download your favorite anime in addition to streaming it for later use.


Explore Chia-Anime

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5. GoGo Anime

For all the dedicated and passionate anime fans, GoGoAnime is one of the best KissAnime alternatives. Due to its extensive, carefully curated library of anime episodes and films, this platform stands out in the market.

Moreover, the GoGoAnime interface is simple to use and is user-centric. Also, you may easily search for certain anime titles, and explore through different categories. And even find dubbed or subtitled versions of your favorite shows.

Hence, with such simple navigation and categorization, finding and learning about anime is very simple. Additionally, GoGoAnime always ensures to update all the trending series on its website. This makes sure that fans are always up-to-date with the latest trends.

Moreover, this substitute for the Kissanime website offers high streaming quality and offers the opportunity to save episodes for offline viewing. Hence, this will improve your viewing experience.

GoGo Anime

Explore GoGo Anime

6. AniWatcher

Another excellent Kissanime alternative is Aniwatcher. It provides details on all cartoons and animation in addition to a wide range of content. Also, if you don’t understand the original language, then there are dubbed versions available.

The most simple anime website, AniWatcher, has a big library of currently airing and popular anime episodes. Moreover, the site constantly updates its library of anime. Also, it offers both subbed and dubbed anime. Hence, it’s one of the best and most worthy KissAnime alternatives.

Also, this website doesn’t prompt annoying advertising when using the website or watching a movie online. Hence, it is even more tempting to viewers.

Moreover, if you browse AniWatcher and then leave, the website will prompt you to resume where you left off. Additionally, you get informed whenever a new episode is posted online.

Also, to boost security and shield your web traffic from hackers, you may adjust the default video quality resolution. And even turn on the “Safe Search” feature.


Explore AniWatcher

7. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is one of the top Kissanime alternatives where you can watch every anime, both new and old, in HD. The website’s front page features sections for “popular anime this week,” “newest recommendation,” and other categories of anime. Hence. this always keeps you updated with the most well-liked new releases.

Moreover, this alternative to the Kissanime.com website allows you to access free anime streaming. Also, it features more than 45,000 animated episodes.

Furthermore, you can also make an anime list that you can simply access while watching videos on this website. This website is the first database for anime and manga recommendations. It was established in 2001.

Additionally, on this website, you may meet other anime fans. Additionally, you can browse all characters at any time and watch the most adored characters.


Explore Anime-Planet

Closing Lines: Safe & Working Best KissAnime Alternative Sites in 2023

To sum up, there were the best, safe, and most secure Kissanime alternatives that offer some of the best free anime streaming options. These online anime streaming services all include a sizable selection of the most recent movies, television programs, manga, and anime series. You may view them online or download them for use on PCs and mobile devices without having to register or sign up. Lastly, we hope this article helped you effectively in choosing the appropriate website for your use. Let us know in the comments section below if you face any difficulties while using these sites. Happy Streaming!