In advanced statistics, the term Test Statistics refers to the procedure that is applied to the hypothesis of a condition, and a resultant of all results is determined. Basically, the test statistics display the extent to which observed data is matched with that of the null hypothesis test.

Nowadays, we have access to many tools that help in resolving t-statistics. But among all these, the best one considered so far is the standardized test statistic calculator by 

It gives you solutions for the four types of test statistics which will be discussed in the following article.

What Is Test Statistics?

If you are using a null hypothesis, then the description of the closeness of the data distribution and predicted distribution match with each other. Coming to the distribution now corresponds to the occurrence of the observation on the basis of its central tendency and variation that may occur also around the central tendency.

Test Statistics Formulas

There are four major formulas that are used to determine the test statistics of different conditions. These include

Test Statistics for One Population

Test Statistics=x0//n

Test Statistics for Two Means Comparison

Test Statistics=xy/x2/n1+y2/n2

Test Statistics for Single Population Proportion

Test Statistics=pp0/p0(1-p0)/n

Test Statistics for Two Population Proportion

Test Statistics=p1p2/p(1-p)(1/n1+1/n2)

The advanced standardized test statistic calculator also employees all of the above-mentioned formulas to determine the final result with 100% accuracy. 

A Guide To Use Test Statistics Calculator

Using the advanced t statistic calculator that we are discussing here is quite easy! Let us tell you some features and usage guides.


  • The tool is 100% free of cost 
  • You will always get immediate calculations for all major kinds of test statistics 
  • You may share or download all results for group study or discussion purposes
  • You will get complete content that is packed with a guide to test statistics 

Usage Guide

  • Select the t-test type
  • Enter all required parameters and tap calculate to get results  

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Interpreting Test Statistics

When interpreting the t-test, you must remember that it uses a combination of sample sizes and predictor variables. As a result, only those values will be calculated which will likely occur due to the flow of the null hypothesis. 

The accuracy of the test statistic as determined by the standardized test statistic calculator depends upon the predicted value range. You must know that the connection between the observed value and the predicted values can be determined by the probability values. 

If the probability value is smaller enough, then the chances of the occurrence of the test statistics under the null hypothesis are very nill. The statement is also verified by expert mathematicians who have developed the test statistics calculator. 

Wrapping It Up

In the following article, we had a discussion regarding test statistics, its derivation equations that are also used by the standardized test statistic calculator by the calculator online site to determine the exact results