Polimoda, a Florence-based fashion school, has launched a short course named ‘Fashion for Metaverse’ in collaboration with Monogrid – a digital creative studio. The four-week course is intended for advanced learners and professionals with a fashion design background to develop a specialized design.

The course will focus on the creative and strategic procedure of creating virtual fashion clothing and accessories and specially designed for the specialists who wish to focus on developing digital fashion creations for the Metaverse and NFTs.

The topics covered in the course will be – Fashion Design in the Metaverse, Design Development, Digital Culture and Iconography, Art Direction, Fashion Future, and Metaverse Marketing. Students will begin by creating avatar clothes and developing a subculture of fashion that contains digital design and modeling of actual items and uploading of creation on the blockchain – the company stated in a press report.

“From the catwalks to the Metaverse, ‘Fashion for Metaverse’ blockchain is an exclusive and completely digital experience that connects the real and virtual worlds and permits users to express themselves through configurable digital 3D avatars,” stated Massimiliano Giornetti – director of Polimoda.

“In response to the rising need for professional profiles with a breadth of knowledge about the fashion business, this course will increase the creative capability of tomorrow’s designers, equipping them to incorporate traditional fashion expertise with hyper-augmented realities. Flexible, intellectual innovation that connects fashion’s past to the Metaverse.”

“Brands and designers shifting from the real to the digital space require professionals in the respective field to convert and refine their creative designs for gaming platforms such as Roblox, virtual spaces comprising Decentraland, and their own custom digital worlds, which are just on the horizon.”

“This course will let us connect with learners while establishing a new vision in developing the Metaverse together. Therefore, it will become significant to train hybrid professionals capable of envisaging a physical reality and having great digital sensitivity and 360° communication knowledge”, states Monogrid CEO Francesco Bernabei.

Monogrid is a fashion and luxury solutions company specializing in augmented reality, 3D modeling, and digital events and installations architecture. Additionally, the company works on digital projects exploring the opportunity of virtual fashion, including 3D metaverse masks and virtual clothing lines that can be bought and worn out by digital avatars.

“As Monogrid is focused on advancement and content creation for the fashion industries, collaborating with Polimoda, an organization that develops fresh talent, is virtually essential,” said Francesco Bernabei, CEO of Monogrid.