Rapid fashion Zara has released a new line called Lime Glam, intended to be worn both within and outside of the virtual world. Clothing and accessories are available in conventional stores and the Zepeto metaverse.

Wearables are quickly becoming the latest fashion trend and gaining popularity in the minds of the fashion-conscious public, forcing significant businesses such as Zara to go onboard.

This limited-edition capsule comprises clothing, accessories, make-up, and three digital things designed to improve the whole experience: a wall, a floor, and a picture booth. Lime Glam allows customers to enjoy a one-of-a-kind fashion experience in both the actual and virtual worlds.

Gucci Villa debuted in the same virtual world, “Zepeto,” in August 2021.

If customers choose the physical edition, they will also have access to the virtual edition, simplifying the purchasing process. In addition, the Zara website has a specific area that features avatars sporting the latest Lime Glam range. They serve as motivation for individuals who want to buy any things.

The 3D designs are simple in style, reflecting current high-street fashion needs — the unique edition collection’s main items feature short, green pleated dresses, oversize denim jackets, woven handbags, and platform sandals.

Fashion and beauty companies are experimenting with virtual representations of their items as the industry embraces the metaverse’s possibilities. As customers spend more time engaged in digital worlds, marketers are interested in developing unique experiences that complement their physical items and, in time, may even replace the requirement for as many tangible purchases as possible.

With metaverses smetauch as Somnium Space, Decentraland, Zilliqa, and others now offering a home for companies to cater to avatars, more wearables are being built with dual functions, one for you in real life (IRL) look and another for your digital self.

This initiative depicts a fresh mindset, a group that strives to push the boundaries and embraces their distinct character and individuality.