Candy Digital’s NFT platform has developed another “Stranger Things” minigame for Netflix, in which users must answer riddles to win NFTs of the show’s actors. However, some fans are dissatisfied.

The “Stranger Things” NFTs are unique tokens representing ownership of one of five digital posters on Candy Digital’s Palm blockchain—an Ethereum layer 2 sidechain.

In April, Netflix quietly the NFT alliance in the Season 4 teaser for its original hit drama, Stranger Things.

Approximately 4,700 gamers got a free NFT portrait of Eleven, the show’s protagonist portrayed by Millie Bobbie Brown, by participating in a riddle game involving a virtual “Stranger Things” laboratory last week.

A new round of the minigame is available on the site this week. To acquire one among four free NFT portraits of actors Mike Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Will Byers, or Argyle, players must complete “I am Hell’s Master” questions.

The reaction to the news was divided. Some crypto enthusiasts and showgoers remarked they had fun with the minigame.

At least one “Stranger Things” fan reported getting logged out of their account several times while attempting to finish the challenge.

Other fans were furious when the “Stranger Things” Twitter account announced the NFT news last week.

You think we care about NFTs?” one fan said, attaching a GIF of a man firing a rifle. Another “Stranger Things” devotee dismissed NFT technology as a “swindle.”

I like Stranger Things, but I’m upset that Netflix thought it’d be a good idea to pull an NFT ruse on its viewers,” the fan commented. “I’m not going near this trash.

Others slammed the NFTs, responding with puking emojis and weeping GIFs,

Many in the video game industry were incensed by Ubisoft’s push into Tezos NFTs and Square Enix’s involvement in NFT gaming. Fan outcry over NFTs has even resulted in the termination of many independent game NFT integrations.

Candy’s Netflix NFTs and minigame are the platform’s first significant Hollywood collaborations. Before joining Netflix, candy formerly worked with Major League Baseball (MLB), WWE, and Getty Images.