Jen Oloo, a founding board member of SPACIALISTS, shares her experiences and insights about the challenges and future of Web 3.0 development, Metaverse, and immersive technologies.

To Next Web had an informative conversation with Jen Oloo, founding board member of SPACIALISTS and vice president of BrandMuscle. She shared her thoughts on XR, web3, and the opportunities for brands to extend their natural spaces into unreal spaces, driving activation at the local level in the Metaverse. Read till the end to know all about her insights!

What is SPACIALISTS All About?

Jen shared that SPACIALISTS was one of the first visualization firms to adopt gaming technology in the development of VR environments. SPACIALISTS’ expertise in virtual reality experiences has transformed the way spaces are developed within the architectural and real estate development verticals. SPACIALISTS collaborates with entrepreneurs, commercial developers, homeowners, architects, interior designers, and builders,  transforming reverie into reality.

She also shared about BrandMuscle, where she works as a Vice President, “It is a through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) company I joined in the early stages and was with them through PE acquisition and a successful exit. I’m working with them again today, helping major brands optimize their marketing programs through technology, enabling their local sales channels.”

What’s Jen’s Aim To Disrupt NFT In Metaverse?

Jen explained, “It’s difficult, especially for non-professionals in the space, to see in their mind’s eye what their completed space will appear like in real life. Architectural visualization is simply a more realistic view of what would otherwise be construction plans. Realistic rendering is a traditional method of producing flat images that are a computer-generated version of what had previously been a hand drawing. VR is where visualization transforms into an experience. Spacialists started in 2012 as a traditional rendering firm focused on architectural space. Then, in 2015, we saw Epic’s Unreal Engine and decided gaming tech was the future of visualization. So now, in 2022, Spacialists is at the forefront of AR/VR/web3 development in this vertical, in a perfect position to play a significant role in web3/meta evolution. We work with architects, entrepreneurs, homeowners, interior designers, and brands to turn their unbuilt ideas into virtual/meta spaces and NFTWhat’s Jen’s Aim To Disrupt NFT In Metaverse? 

She shared, “I’m personally excited to be a part of actual utility with NFTs, specifically with big brands selling through local retail. This would create opportunities for brands to extend their nral spaces into unreal spaces and drive activation at the local level in the Metaverse. NFTs can be tied to value, perceived or actual. We’re also working on hyper-realistic web3 real estate, focusing on maintaining all the positives of real-world regulation and the creative freedom and access that virtual worlds provide.”

What are The Business Opportunities In VR Technology?

Jen thinks this is a broad question and can be explored from many business types/categories. She answered the question from two verticals.

“There are two front-runners in the software space for virtual development, Unreal Engine and Unity. Many of the virtual worlds are also providing their own building tools, but none of those are able to capture the realism of advanced gaming tech. Even with the software, you still need talent. It takes a talented creative to harness the visuals and code to create compelling experiences. There is a huge opportunity to capture a demographic of consumers who value hyper-realistic environments. Extending beyond VR is also a sure bet. AR overlays in the real world will provide limitless opportunities as hardware becomes accessible. 

For creators like SPACIALISTS, XR tech allows our architectural clients to explore their spaces and surroundings to examine not just aesthetic design but overall functionality, ultimately improving satisfaction and saving money. While developing VR for real-world application, we can extend these spaces into the virtual world.”

What are The Challenges In Developing The Ultimate AR/VR Experience?

Jen shared, “There are many challenges in developing any new technology and community, and we’re doing both. One major challenge is considering people, not just technology and functionality”. 

According to her, “Web3 is a new world with the same people. Bringing people together in a meaningful way in web3 must include consideration of regulation and potential harm.”

Jen’s Advice To Make The Most Of This Upcoming Creator Economy In Metaverse?

She explained, “To marketers and creatives, I say now is the time to have an extra glass of wine and have fun making shit up! Then, with a sober head, figure out how those creative ideas will drive revenues. I’d also say explore potential partnerships.”

Jen believes that “There is natural FOMO bubbling now. So often, web3/Meta is a hot word opening up doors.”

What is The Importance of Regulation In NFTs And The Role Of The Government In This?

According to her, “One thing to know for sure is that governments will be proposing regulation on NFTs. Because they have varied forms of utility (intellectual property rights/value/transfer of value/security), governments may determine only some NFTs require heavy regulation.”

What Is The Future Of Web 3.0?

Jen shared, “We are a part of bringing beauty and utility to web3, partnering with world development start-ups, clients, and brands to create spaces and NFTs that connect us in virtual worlds. Revenue will follow as a result, not lead as a short-term driver, and usage will have a significant ramp time due to education/awareness and ease of use.”



If we look at the broader side of the picture, we can witness how these immersive technologies are evolving in every industry. Jen believes that Web 3.0, Metaverse, NFTs, AR/VR are some trending technologies opening up doors for new opportunities.

Guest Profile

Jen is a mom of 3, a children’s author, a marketer, and a technology enthusiast. She has a solid record of innovation and change leadership accomplishments for SaaS distributed marketing and financial platforms. She is a Multimillion-dollar producer entrusted to direct large teams and growth based on unparalleled revenue success. Additionally, she works with clients to identify enterprise goals and translate channel strategies into tactical plans that drive revenue.

Jen drives business life cycles: start-up, growth, M&A, and exit. She has vast experience in software as a service, virtual reality, NFTs, channel/indirect partner programs, customer success, sales, and marketing.

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