If you are also an Android RPG game lover, here are some of the most popular and the best free offline RPG games built only for you. 

There ain’t no people who don’t like to play games. Games relax our minds and give us time to get refreshed while getting entertained. RPG (Role Playing Games) games are very interesting and take us on a journey to a new world through our mobiles. Numerous RPG games are available on the play store. But, we’ve shortlisted some of the best offline RPG games for android. Before moving forward let’s know about the RPG!

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What is RPG?

RPG stands for Role Playing Games, in an RPG you are assigned with a character i.e., mostly protagonist, and your journey continues in that game as your character. In RPG you have to make certain choices, fight battles, and pursue through the game as your character. Your choices will make your way through the game.

Top 16 Best Offline RPG Games for Android in 2022

In this dark world, be the reason to spread peace and harmony. Boost your game enthusiasm to one level up by playing the best offline RPG games for android. Here, you’ll find the most captivating and engaging RPG games that will help you to be a warrior!

1. Eternium

Eternium best offline rpg game

Compatible with: Android 4.0 and above

Ratings- 4.8

Downloads- 10,000,000+

Eternium is a classic and old-school action role-playing game. In this game, you have to tap on the screen to move your character. Many great battles are to be fought in this eminent game. Its tap-to-move controls are more innovative and less irritative than thumbstick controls. Draw gestures on the screen to cast spells and attack. Defeat bosses to progress in-game. This game’s developers believe in the philosophy of winning by playing and not paying. That’s why 90% of the game is free of cost and purchasing is optional.

moreover, below are some other features of Eternium that make it one of the best offline open-world RPG games for Android.

Features of Eternium-

  • You can play the game offline.
  • The game allows you to control the gameplay by tapping the game screen
  • Eternium has no compulsory purchases in the interface.
  • The interface of the game is quite simple, attractive, and lightweight.

Pros of Eternium-

  • Attractive gameplay
  • Effective controls

Cons of Eternium-

  • No multiplayer

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2. Questland

Questland RPG games for android

Compatible with: Android 5.0 and up

Ratings- 4.8

Downloads- 5,000,000+

Questland is one of the best free offline RPD for your Android device. The game allows you to chat with other pliers as well. Questland has an amazing storyline that keeps you on the hook. You will face numerous different quests and battles while you play. The interface of the game is set in a variety of different sets and locations. Download the game to experience the best fantasy role-playing game you will ever come across.

Features of Questland-

  • The game has an action-packed PvE campaign for gamers.
  • You can collect numerous artifacts, legendary gear, and other accessories to level up your character.
  • The game allows you to accessorize and customize your character and other elements as you want.
  • Join and lead numerous multiplayer guild boss battles and conquer.

Pros of Questland-

  • Multiple music genres
  • Higher levels

Cons of Questland-

  • Can be tough

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3. Postknight

Postknight best offline rpg games for android phone

Compatible with: Android 4.4 and above

Ratings- 4.7

Downloads- 5,000,000+

The next in our list of the best offline free RPGs is the Postknight game. The game is very popular and has won a lot of different awards in RPG and other categories. You will get and earn armor points and more that will decorate your wardrobe and accessorize your character. The game is better, faster, and stronger than most of the other RPGs. Use your strategic techniques and win the battles.

Features of Postknight-

  • The game allows you to mix and create new potions for different purposes.
  • You go on exciting adventures and expeditions during the gameplay
  • Your character in the game has to deliver difficult and dangerous packages to other characters.
  • The game may not have draggy battles but is exciting.

Pros of Postknight-

  • Interesting storyline
  • Interactive design

Cons of Postknight-

  • Gameplay flaws

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4. Epic Conquest

Epic Conquest offline rpg games

Compatible with: Android 4.1 and higher

Ratings- 4.7

Downloads- 1,000,000+

Unlike other RPGs, the storyline of this game is quite different and unique. This single-player RPG allows you to create a group of 2 and play the game and conquer the battles. You can select from 4 different characters according to your likes and dislikes. The beautiful CG Illustrations of the game provide attractive gameplay never experienced before.

Features of Epic Conquest-

  • You can build your character and accessorize it as you want.
  • All the characters in the game have a visual novel-style dialogue and real-like character expressions.
  • Use your skills and strategies to level up your character.
  • Other than a variety of costumes and accessories, the game has a Blacksmith and Equipment System.

Pros of Epic Contest-

  • Challenging gameplay
  • Interesting storyline

Cons of Epic Conquest-

  • Unattractive design

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5. Vampire’s Fall

Vampires Fall Origins RPG

Compatible with: Android 4.4 and above

Ratings- 4.6

Downloads- 5,000,000+

Are you ready to play the face-off battle? But, if you are not a champion then you may be losing the game. Vampire fall is the best free offline RPG game for android that can turn you into a champion. Explore the witch master, fight with him, and free the realm from its cage. Strike down the witch master to set up peace and harmony for all the realm. Picks you up from the medieval fantasy and bits you into the real-world adventure game.

Features of Vampire’s Fall-

  • With the help of classics PVP battles, you can check your stamina and attention span.
  • The game allows you to experience a real-world adventure.
  • You can create your special fighting style and use it to win against others.
  • With the help of the game’s attractive design, you can explore open-world games.

Pros of Vampire’s Fall-

  • Simple combat
  • Meta Humor

Cons of Vampire’s Fall-

  • Minor glitches

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6. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 rpg games

Compatible with: Android 4.4 and up

Ratings- 4.6

Downloads- 100,000,000+

Shadow Fight 2 is the sequel to the first on the line and one of the most popular RPGs, Shadow FIght. The main character of the game is a ninja fighter who joins different combats and level-ups. The intuitive controls of the game allow you to finish your enemies with deadly moves. This fighting interface with lethal moves is built especially for touchscreen devices. Apart from it, below are the other features for which we included Shadow Fight 2 in this post dedicated to the best MMORPG offline games for Android.

Features of Shadow Fight 2-

  • The free RPG has numerous epic battles and villains to compete with.
  • With multiple deadly moves and weapons, you can upgrade and perform more precisely.
  • The game provides the best fighting animations for RPG lovers.
  • The game has hundreds of different locations and weapons for a better gaming experience.

Pros of Shadow Fight 2-

  • Multiple levels
  • Loaded with accessories

Cons of Shadow Fight 2-

  • Quite tough

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7. Cover Fire

Cover Fire Offline Shooting Games

Compatible with: Android 6.0 and above

Ratings- 4.5

Downloads- 50,000,000+

Cover Fire is one of the best shooting and role-playing games for Android devices. You can enjoy the gameplay offline and online as your want and can. The game is loaded with 3D graphics and multiple missions. When you come across 12 different chapters, you get the best gaming experience you can ever have. What makes the game even better is its new offline virus zombies event.

Features of Cover Fire-

  • The game also works on low-end Android games.
  • You can join and flaunt your sniping skills in the online Sniper events.
  • This is one of the best sniper shooting RPG you will ever find.
  • Along with sniping, the game also allows you to shoot big helicopters, drive vehicles, and do everything to win the mission.

Pros of Cover Fire-

  • Good sniping experience
  • Attractive maps

Cons of Cover Fire-

  • No offline play

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8. Dragon’s Blade

Dragons Blade Heroes of Larkwood

Compatible with: Android 5.0 and up

Ratings- 4.4

Downloads- 1,000,000+

Dragon Blade takes you to the golden era of the 80’s and 90’s action RPG games. It is the revival of the top-down interface which is really old school. This game provides the facility to customize your phone seven classes including thieves, warrior, archer, mages, and so on. Dragon Blade is free to play. This game’s developers believe just play to win and have a fun methodology.

Features of Dragon’s Blade-

  • One of the best features of this RPG is its top-down control interface.
  • The game may have old-school graphics but that is still attractive.
  • You can play and enjoy this RPG for free.
  • When you download and play the game, you will get back all the old arcade memories.

Pros of Dragon’s Blade-

  • Easy interface
  • Old-school RPG

Cons of Dragon’s Blade-

  • Too simple interface

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9. God of Magic

GOD OF MAGIC Offline Choose your own adventure

Compatible with: Android 4.2 and up

Ratings- 4.4

Downloads- 100,000+

Enter the world of fantasy adventure and be a GOD for a chubby kid by guiding him throughout the journey. You will make decisions for the kid and help him to succeed in the quests. God of Magic has come up with the six mini-games which help you to improve your skills including spell casting, lock picking, logic, etc. As you will keep on upgrading your skill levels you can also be able to unlock the most unique and amusing AVATARS. God of Magic is the best offline RPG game for android that takes you an incredible adventure ride.

Features of God of Magic-

  • The game allows you to choose the back story before you initialize the gameplay.
  • You can play the God of Magic RPD free of any cost.
  • As the game has infinite storylines, it provides versatility.
  • You can choose, upgrade, and form your character as per your own choice.
  • In this RPG, you will be facing thousands of different challenges and more.

Pros of God of Magic-

  • Interactive UI
  • Basic designs

Cons of God of Magic-

  • Confusing

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10. Soul Warriors

Soul Warriors Heroes War

Compatible with: Android 4.1 and above

Ratings- 4.4

Downloads- 100,000+

Have fun with the most engaging RPG game ever – Soul Warriors. In this hero’s war, there are two pleasing characters Shah and Hina. Hina is the more strong female character than Shah who defeats devils, demons in this dark world. The warriors, Shah and Hina, recently returned from the witch mountain to defeat the devils and demons. They both are fighting just to remove the darkness from the world and establish peace for the realm.

Features of Soul Warriors-

  • Soul Warriors offers six different epic battle areas to choose from.
  • The captivating graphics and music keep you on the hook while playing.
  • You can upgrade the character after accomplishing different quests.
  • The attractive controls of the game allow you to play effectively.

Pros of Soul Warriors-

  • Smart display
  • Multiple levels

Cons of Soul Warriors-

  • Tough levels

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11. Stone of Life Ex

S.O.L Stone of Life EX

Compatible with: Android 2.3.3 and above

Ratings- 4.3

Downloads- 5,000,000+

Searching for the best old-school RPG game – then Stone of Life Ex will surely impress you. SOL is the most captivating stylish RPG game that takes you on an open-world adventure. Uncountable dungeons for completing infinite challenges to be an ace player. Different strategies and hack play help you to get high scores. It offers four job classes as per your choices and lets you customize the weapons for each job class.

Features of Stone of Life Ex-

  • The interactive design and features of the game allow you to choose from unlimited weapons.
  • You can also customize your weapons and charterer’s outfits according to your likes.
  • The game is but on a brand-new action style quite different from others.
  • You have to pass through and reach for infinite dungeons.

Pros of Stone of Life Ex-

  • Unique storyline
  • Attractive designs

Cons of Stone of Life Ex-

  • Steeper gameplay

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12. Demong Hunter

Demong Hunter Action RPG

ompatible with: Android 2.3 and up

Ratings- 4.3

Downloads- 100,000+

Play the single-pack action RPG game to be the warrior. Demong Hunter is the way to become a champion from the newbies. It offers thousands of dungeons to succeed in the challenges. Demong Hunter is the warrior who escapes from the witch mountain. Afterward, fights with the witch master, demons, and strikes them down to spread the peace in the dark world. Demong Hunter is the best offline RPG game for kids to become the perfect warrior.

Features of Demong Hunter-

  • The RPG majorly focuses on shooting, hitting, and controlling the characters.
  • The interface of the Demong Hunter RPG supports 9 different languages.
  • You play Demong Hunter for free.
  • If you are a beginner at RPGs, this game has a friendly interface for newbies.
  • The game is based on an open-world single-pack fantasy adventure.

Pros of Demong Hunter-

  • Action RPG
  • Multiple levels and quests

Cons of Demong Hunter-

  • Too easy for some

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13. Dungeon and Demons – Dungeon Crawler

Dungeon Clash 3D Idle RPG Offline AFK Crawler

Compatible with: Android 4.4 and above

Ratings- 4.1

Downloads- 1,000,000+

Prevent the things from turning into the darkness because of Demons and Dungeons as you are the only monster slayer who can do so. The world was resting peacefully by believing that all the dangers are gone and everything is safe till the sky rained fire of burning rocks. These rocks opened the long-closed gates to the underworld and gave freedom to legions of orcs, demons, ogres, and devils ready to break havoc on this world. You play as the last dragon champion and you have to restore peace in this world.

Features of Dungeon and Demons – Dungeon Crawler-

  • Just like any other RPG, the Dungeon and Demons are also built on a fantasy setting.
  • The storyline of the game is very mesmerizing.
  • If you are a beginner at RPGs, then this is the game for you.
  • The game allows you to join epic and classy battles.

Pros of Dungeon and Demons-

  • Elegant design
  • Interactive UI

Cons of Dungeon and Demons-

  • Unattractive

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14. Kingdom Quest

Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3D RPG

Compatible with: Android 4.4 and above

Ratings- 4.1

Downloads- 1,000,000+

Get ready to fight a true RPG game – Kingdom Quest. Be a witness of the fantastic action-stuffed journey and slay thousands of monsters to create peace for the realm. Crimson Warden is the hero or king of this open-world fantasy game. Crimson Warden is the one who slew numerous enemies with his powerful attributes before the army arrives.

Features of Kingdom Quest-

  • Kingdom Quest has a 3D gaming world touch.
  • You can use cheat codes and other tactics to collect gold in the game.
  • When you play the game, you will get to choose and clear thousands of missions.
  • What makes Kingdom Quest is that it has more engaging graphics.

Pros of Kingdom Quest-

  • Smooth interface
  • Epic adventure

Cons of Kingdom Quest-

  • Not for all

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15. Arcane Quest Legends

Arcane Quest Legends Offline RPG

Compatible with: Android 4.1 and up

Ratings- 4.0

Downloads- 1,000,000+

Darkness has been spread in the Realm of Auria. In this action-packed hack & slash RPG game. Be the merciless dungeon hunter or the savior of peace it’s your choice. Fight with legions of orcs, demons, and ogres to restore peace to this world. This game doesn’t provide any ranks or classes to be your legend. This game can only be played through your skills. No more auto-combat or auto-grinding. Be ready to join the epic battles of the best Android RPG offline game – Arcane Quest Legends

Features of Arcane Quest Legends-

  • This game has classic hack and slashes gameplay.
  • You play and improve your levels in this game by showing off your authentic fights as per your skills.
  • There is no auto-combat or auto-grinding involved in this game.
  • All the characters in the game are built on a fantasy theme.

Pros of Arcane Quest Legends-

  • Built for all
  • Easy to play

Cons of Arcane Quest Legends-

  • Confusing for some

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16. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 E28093 Action RPG

Compatible with: Android 5.0 and above

Ratings- 3.9

Downloads- 10,000,000+

Join the demon and dungeons hunters team to get the incredible hack & slash adventure ever. Connect with the millions of raid hunters and win sanctum assault gear. It’s time to deal with all the monsters, devils, demons, and other terrors. Justice always needs high price efforts and this is an opportunity to get free the realm from the terror of devils, monsters, demons. You can be the ace player of the best offline RPG games by playing Dungeon Hunters 5.

Features of Dungeon Hunter 5-

  • The Dungeon Hunter game has incredible graphics and attractive gameplay features.
  • You can either play on a single player or a multiplayer mode.
  • All the gamers of the app get to choose among thousands of options to customize their character’s avatar.
  • You can participate in some of the most epic team battles.

Pros of Dungeon Hunter 5-

  • Full-fledged action
  • Attractive graphics

Cos of Dungeon Hunter 5-

  • Steeper level ups

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Above were the best role-playing video games for Android. Some of them also double up as the best offline RPG games for PC. Let’s now answer a few questions to help you pick the most entertaining game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best Free Offline RPG Games for Android

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the role-playing games that will clear everything you need to know about these games:

Q.1 Can you play RPG games offline?

Yes, you can play most of the best free RPGs in offline mode. You can enjoy all the games listed in the above article in an offline mode. Some of these games provide an option to play in online or offline mode as you want.

Q.2 What are the best free offline RPG games?

It is very hard to ping on a single RPG to be the best. Every gamer has different priorities and likes. We researched the best RPGs have listed some of the very good ones in this article above. Download and install any of these RPGs according to your likes.

Q.3 What is the best offline RPG game for android?

As told earlier, it is very hard to point out anyone RPG as the best RPG for Android. So, here we have listed some of the best RPGs for Android built for different genre lovers. The storyline of all of these games is unique and provides you amazing gaming experience according to your preferences.

Q4. Which is the best offline game under 100MB?

You can try these games with a size less than 100MB.

  • Shadow Fighter
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Ramboat 2

Play the Best Offline RPG Games for Android

The above listed are the best offline RPG games for android that take you to another world of fantasy. RPG games make our boring life somewhat interesting. It takes us on a whole new journey and experiences the best of the fantasy worlds. In RPG games we play as a wholly different character with a different perspective. RPG games offer us adventure, thrill, excitement, and joy. These games are designed to entertain us and make our day. While playing as a protagonist we see ourselves as a hero who has to save this world on his shoulders. This feeling gives us an adrenalin rush and makes us play RPG games more than usual!