Leo Legendz is a future NFT project on the Solana Blockchain featuring 3333 hyped Leopards. Pixel Banksy produced this NFT series of algorithmic pixelated figures to show culture, creativity, and originality. Each leopard is one-of-a-kind and was made with fine pixel technique developed over eight years of pixel art practice.

Each NFT is built algorithmically by mixing 100+ distinct features from various categories. There are just six distinct and distinct Species available for purchase.

A seat on the whitelist can be gained in a variety of ways. Holders will find a list of the conditions that must be satisfied in order to acquire access to the company’s Discord server. Furthermore, there’ll be whitelist lottery tickets available, and everyone who has one will have the opportunity to win a seat on the whitelist just by purchasing a ticket.

Whitelist recipients must understand that simply being on the list does not guarantee that they might remain on it. The organization will regularly remove whitelist members who are severely inactive from the list.

We have already formed ties with the makers of the unique stuff and other things that we will sell. In addition, a lottery and continuous giveaways are performed to disperse a percentage of the royalties earned and give something back to the community and the holders. Those who own a Leo LegendZ are automatically entered into the lottery,” Pixel Banksy explained.

In addition to being able to stake, register patents, and participate in their lottery system, Leo LegendZ owners will have access to a very restricted variety of actual art objects. Leo LegendZ is already working with various manufacturers and suppliers to give holders a wide range of home items, commerce, and 3D products.

Furthermore, work has begun on a specialized printing service that will allow NFT (Non-Fungible Token) holders to print their own NFTs on distinctive goods that are not already on the market. They want to modify it for general usage beyond the Mint and will continue to cooperate with significant persons situated outside of the NFT region.

Additionally, new team members and staff are added to the team on a monthly basis. Royalties will be utilized to compensate both the team and the staff.

The earnings from royalties are used to develop both the team and the brand, subsequently distributed to the members in the form of giveaways and rewards.