Consumers want experiences and entertainment that are unique. To create this fantastic experience, Travelzoo has recently created a platform in the metaverse. While the company deals in travel and entertainment deals and subscriptions, it has leaped forward by bringing the metaverse into the picture. It will soon launch the subscriptions for the metaverse division. Since January, the company has been working on the metaverse project.

Reportedly, the company will not be working alone on the project, but it is finding people across the globe who could develop the best metaverse experience for the users. It is working intending to provide this unique experience to its current clientele of approximately 30 million individuals. Furthermore, it has unlocked future avenues in the digital space.

Holger Bartel (Global CEO of Travelzoo) says, “The Metaverse is disruptive and abundant with lucrative opportunities for innovative companies willing to be the first movers.” For instance, there are more virtual parks, game zones, monuments, etc. Simultaneously, the development of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and Blockchain technology is expected to pace up the developmental momentum.

With the views and insights of the CEO, an optimistic perception can be drawn out for this new venture. In the metaverse, people have the opportunity to connect more with others. However, this is contrary to the world of social media; wherein there is barely any connection. The initiative of Travelzoo will bring people and communities together, where they will meet each other beyond any physical setup.

The projection rate at which metaverse tourism is taking-off is incredible. It would be appropriate to say that- “Travelzoo has taken the first-mover advantage.” Combining the VR within the segment, the companies are affirmative of breakthrough developments.