The Telangana government unveiled a first-of-its-kind SpaceTech Framework using a Metaverse platform built by the firm Gamitronics, a Hyderabad-based startup. The SpaceTech Framework is being created to encourage private sector engagement in the space technology sector, increasing India’s global market share, which is expected to rise at a CAGR of 5.6 percent to $558 billion by 2026.

Gamitronics presented the event via their metaverse portal, PartyNite. The event included a spacecraft walkthrough, which comprised two specially built spaceships. In addition, the event was streamed live on YouTube. Some users entered the metaverse straight away by using 3D avatars. Individuals attending the event talked with dignitaries and asked questions.

The event’s trailer features a virtual avatar of IT and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao and ISRO Chairman S Somnath, and other dignitaries.

The framework aims to create an ecosystem for space technology evolution in India. The framework seeks to create a conducive ecosystem for expanding space technology in India. Gamitronics created a space-themed Metaverse that enabled interaction with adjacent guests. The Emerging Technologies Wing spearheaded the effort carried out by Gamitronics, Hyderabad.

The Stage Spaceship’s representatives were equipped with a controlled voice broadcast and a mic with a whisper mode for controlling audio operations during speeches and panel discussions. Panel discussions and prize presentations were packed into the program. Four NFTs were presented during the event, and also, the host of the show invited prize winners on stage and commenced the trophy NFT presentation, which concluded with a picture snap.

About Partynite

Hyderabad’s metaverse PartyNite, enables users to connect via personalized avatars. They can discover new planets, meet other people, attend an event, play online games, collect NFTs, and have an excellent time together. Daler Mehndi, a Punjabi musician, has purchased a property in PartyNite and is the first artist to host a performance on the Indian metaverse network.

Gamitronics, the firm behind PartyNite, is situated in Hyderabad. They pioneer numerous fields such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and robots. Additionally, the business is designing electronic toys and industrial robots that utilize cutting-edge computer vision, natural language processing, and sensors.

Telangana has joined Kerala as the only two Indian states having a SpaceTech program with this launch. Indeed, Hyderabad is in a great position to develop as a center for space-related activity. The program was successful in addressing worldwide difficulties in the sector. This program covers the development of satellites, space stations, and ground stations, among other technologies.