MTR Corporation revealed its entry into the Web3 age and will instigate its metaverse journey in association with The Sandbox to build advanced and immersive virtual space experiences.

MTR has grabbed the opportunity of the most important Web3 and Metaverse trend and acquired a piece of land in the Sandbox metaverse to further interact with its users, particularly the youngsters, echoing its newly released “Go Smart Go Beyond” campaign, which utilizes cutting-edge technologies and innovative plans to provide personalized experiences and high-level service to keep cities progressing.

An immersive virtual station will be built on a plot of The Sandbox metaverse. Users will be able to enjoy a multi-level MTR trip that goes beyond an easy train ride by simulating and playing out the physical rail environment. There will be unlimited new possibilities in this ever-changing space, such as driving a train or even managing a station and unleashing mesmerizing experiences.

“We are happy about this strategic collaboration with The Sandbox, which will empower us to embark on our new metaverse journey and engage our clients in an entirely new way,” stated MTR Corporation CEO Dr. Jacob Kam.

“We are questioning our present circumstances and staying over emerging technology developments to attain continual growth. This voyage into the metaverse lets us explore virtual space to build a fun place for our community to interact while benefiting from changes that will enrich our real-world experience outside the borders.

I’m eager to see the progressive ideas that our community, especially our youth, has to offer and explore future opportunities.” Mr. Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, stated, “Public transit will play a vital role in defining the real world’s future and the Metaverse.”