Following in the footsteps of Nissan and Toyota, MG Motors has also entered the metaverse with MG Verse. This virtual experience platform will give an immersive experience to its consumers and stakeholders across many arenas. Customers will be given a virtual automobile purchase experience with the help of a 3D avatar.

MGverse, according to Gaurav Gupta, the chief commercial officer of MG Motor India, would function as a universe that integrates numerous virtual locations into a single platform. The brand aims to bring together MG fans, consumers, partners, and workers to work, play, interact, collaborate, co-create, socialize, and shop.

MG Motor has entered the metaverse to provide an immersive experience for its consumers and stakeholders. Under the brand name ‘MGverse,’ it will be the company’s future-ready metaverse framework to establish virtual user experience content in familiarizing the young generation with innovative brand experiences that will be available in phases beginning this holiday season, according to a statement.

“In human history, digital technologies have progressed faster than any previous breakthrough.” MGverse is a step advance in that users may engage with visible data in real-time.” MG Motor India’s Chief Commercial Officer, Gaurav Gupta, stated.

“At MG, we try to give our consumers engaging experiences at every touchpoint,” Gaurav continued. MGverse is our vision for our metaverse. Our partners and we will continually explore, innovate, improve, and develop new solutions to improve the customer experience in the future consistently.”

MG Motor intends to give five separate experience centers under one cover with the MGverse.

The first is the Explore & Creator’s Center, which will allow users to customize, decorate, and create their ideal MG car in the metaverse and have virtual test rides in their preferred locations and streets. MGverse will even allow clients to book MG vehicles from the comfort of their own homes.

The MGverse will also have an NFT Gallery, where MG’s greatest collections will be on show and the ability to cooperate and co-create, list, and transact NFTs on the platform.

Members of the MG Car Club will be able to interact, participate, and celebrate unity through members-only activities and performances.

The Gaming Arena will let them select their favorite racetrack and race in a sportier MG or play other games to keep consumers interested.

Finally, the MG Knowledge Centre will offer chances for upskilling and attendance at virtual training sessions, conferences, and meetings to its workers and partners.

To engage GenZ customers, the platform will be available on mobile as well as other online browsers. MG also intends to provide a similar experience for VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, allowing for a more authentic experience at home and dealerships.