Like other hardware devices, MediaTek wireless LAN also requires the relevant drivers to function properly. These drivers help in connecting your hardware with the Windows operating systems. The latest drivers offer a channel of communication between your Wireless LAN device and OS. Also, the right commands pass by the drivers to perform as expected by the users.

If your MediaTek wireless LAN drivers are outdated, corrupted, or missing it can lead to various functioning issues. Therefore it is highly recommended to download MediaTek wireless LAN driver update on your Windows 11, or older version devices.

The guide below lists manual and automatic methods for MediaTek wireless LAN driver download. So go through the list and find out the suitable method to use on your Windows device.

How to Download and Update MediaTek Wireless LAN Driver Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7?

Following are the manual and automatic methods to download the latest MediaTek wireless LAN driver update. No need to use all the methods, read the steps for each and pick the one that matches your skillset.

Method 1: Manual MediaTek Wireless LAN Driver Update

If you have the time and skills opt for the manual method. To download MediaTek wireless LAN driver update you can visit the official website of manufacturer. Hence, Follow the steps mentioned below to manually download the MediaTek wireless LAN driver Windows 11, 10, or older version devices.

Before applying the steps check the following

  • open the Settings app on your PC
  • find the Windows version and type.

As you gather the required information, move ahead with the steps.

  1. Open the official webpage of MediaTek.
    Official mediatek
  2. Search for the relevant MediaTek Wireless LAN driver. From the list identify the driver compatible with the version of your Windows.
  3. Click on the Download button next to it and install the driver by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Restart your Windows device to apply the latest MediaTek Wireless LAN driver update.

Although the driver downloads from the official website are fully reliable it still requires a lot of time and patience. This method is not suitable for someone who lacks basic knowledge of technology.

If you also found this method difficult go for the next option. The following method offers a solution to download all your drivers automatically via software.

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Method 2: Automatically Download MediaTek Wireless LAN Driver

There are several alternative tools available to automatically update system drivers including MediaTek wireless LAN drivers. One of the finest is the Bit Driver Updater.

The Bit Driver Updater software can download drivers with a single click. Also, you can schedule downloads at a convenient time slot. The software stores all the driver related data is stored in the huge database. You can easily restore this data in case the data is lost or deleted.

Moreover, there is a Pro version available for the Bit Driver Updater has the following additional features too

  • One click download for the entire list of outdated drivers.
  • Around the clock assistance from the technical support team.
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Use the software to quickly scan your system and find out the updates that are pending. Apply the steps below to download and install the software. Use the instructions to download MediaTek wireless LAN driver Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7 devices.

How to Use The Bit Driver Updater?

1: Click on the Download button to load the latest version of bit Driver Updater. Double click on the downloaded zip file and follow the instructions to install. Windows-Download button2: Run the software and press the Scan Now option to search for updates pending on system drivers.

Scan Drivers

3: Identify MediaTek wireless LAN driver and click on the Update Now button next to it. Additionally, If you are a Pro version user of the software scroll down to the bottom of the list and press the Update All button to download all the driver updates at once.

Update Now Driver with Bit Driver Updater

4: Install the MediaTek wireless LAN driver download by following the on screen instructions.

Restart your computer to apply the MediaTek wireless LAN driver update. That’s it. Bit Driver Updater simplifies the installation process of the latest driver updates. Overall performance of your device is also improved through these driver updates.

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Download and Update Mediatek Wireless LAN Driver Windows 10, 11: DONE

Hopefully, the above methods were useful to download the latest MediaTek Wireless LAN driver update on your Windows devices. The most convenient method however is the automatic driver updater tool. Download and install Bit Driver Updater for MediaTek wireless driver update and all other system driver updates automatically. This requires minimal effort and can download drivers with just one click.

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