Bitso, a Latin American crypto exchange, is now allowing its customers to make extra money on the cryptocurrency in their wallets thanks to a new yield function.

With over 4 million customers, the Mexico City-based exchange Bitso is one of the region’s largest, serving Latin America, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. Bitso customers may now earn returns on their crypto balances by utilizing the new Bitso+ service.

The exchange claims that Stablecoin returns would reach up to 15% yearly, and Bitcoin yields will reach 6% annually, with no additional fees or lock-up time. In addition, Bitso supports the Stablecoins Pax Dollar (USDP), USD Coin (USDC), and Binance USD (BUSD).

“Inflation continues to climb internationally, particularly in Latin America,” Bitso CEO and co-founder Daniel Vogel said in a statement. “With this new functionality, we are providing our customers as well as the Latin American community as a whole a new method to enhance their wealth in crypto.”

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The new Bitso+ function will be available on the next update of the Bitso Application, and clients will be able to increase their cryptocurrency just by keeping it in their Bitso wallet. Clients’ bitcoin and USD Stablecoins balances in Bitso receive yields credited to their accounts weekly. Customers will be able to examine their amount every day, too, with no additional costs or lockups, allowing them to transfer or convert their cryptocurrency at any moment, with no additional fees or waiting times.

“One of our primary goals as a firm is to enhance financial inclusivity and independence throughout the area, so we are doing just that with this service. In addition, we are providing an alternative approach for our consumers to get yields. We believe that this new product will enable more Latin Americans to become acquainted with cryptocurrency, grasp its merits, and begin using it immediately,” Vogel concluded.