Following his victory in the defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard, interest in Johnny Depp’s collection of Ethereum-based NFTs skyrocketed.

The floor price for the 3,850 “Never Fear Truth” NFTs is 0.52 ETH. The collection had not experienced any momentum since March 11, when its floor price reached 1.64 ETH. Ethereum was trading at $2,664. The collection first became available in January, with a base price of 0.70 ETH.

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, was sued for defamation in 2018 over an op-ed where she described herself as a “public figure embodying domestic abuse” in an article she wrote for The Washington Post. Even though the article did not include Depp’s name in the piece, he alleges it cost him valuable acting jobs.

Furthermore, Amber Heard accused her ex-husband of defamation in response to Depp’s attorney’s allegations regarding her abuse accusations. The jury determined that Heard defamed Depp in three distinct remarks in The Washington Post article and that Depp defamed Heard in one statement made via his counsel.

The “Never Fear Truth” generative art collection on OpenSea is minted on Ethereum and features artwork by Depp. MakersPlace has approved the project. Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino, Heath Ledger, Tim Burton, River Phoenix, and Hunter S. Thompson are among the “Friends and Heroes” included in the collection.

“Through ownership on the Ethereum blockchain, each NFT functions as a subscription key to his community and future releases, fostering a creative community of followers and friends.”

“In this first public showing of Johnny’s paintings, he has focused on persons he has known closely and who have influenced him as a person,” according to the description. “In Johnny’s eyes, each photo is an intimate representation of their character; a depiction of how they have exposed themselves to him.”

Depp is hardly the first controversial star to enter the NFT industry. Ice-T, the rapper-turned-actor, debuted an NFT line with Niftify in December. The song “Cop Killer,” written from the point of a character fed up with police abuse, made Ice-1992 T’s album “Body Count” globally controversial.