Getty Photos, a British-American visual art firm that provides stock pictures, editorial photography, video, and music to businesses and consumers, announced a new collaboration with Candy Digital to develop a diversified portfolio of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).

Candy Digital is a new digital asset content firm that is developing an innovative NFT ecosystem intending to change how fans and collectors interact with their favorite sports, music, art, and cultural icons. Their one-of-a-kind virtual storefront allows fans and collectors to browse and buy legally sanctioned digital memorabilia and exchange them on a safe secondary market.

Getty Images decides to join a growing number of mainstream companies targeting NFT to promote development and broaden its customer base. Getty Pictures and Candy Digital will cooperate to create a varied portfolio of NFT products from their library of over 465 million images, including 135 photographs, with an emphasis on transforming never-before-seen archive works into NFTs.

The Candy Digital marketplace has collaborated with Major League Baseball, WWE, and NASCAR and will sell NFTs both primary and secondary.

As per a statement, Getty Images CEO Craig Peters views NFTs as a method to reach a new market and client base. In contrast, Candy Digital CEO Scott Lawin sees the collaboration as an opportunity for Candy to create new NFTs that go beyond the realm of sports.

“With the very best content at our heart, innovation is built into the fabric of Getty Images, and this relationship speaks to our objective to create connections with our high quality, unique visual material,” said Getty Images CEO Craig Peters.

“We are thrilled to join with Candy Digital to broaden our service to the fast-growing worldwide audience of NFT collectors, providing huge prospects for the firm and our global photography community,” Craig continued.

The NFTs will be issued on the Palm blockchain, an Ethereum (ETH) side-chain. New Partnerships in the Palm NFT Ecosystem are Increasing Rapidly. The Palm Network promises to be 99 percent more effective over proof-of-work-based blockchain networks for the ecologically conscious. Chainlink (LINK), DC, Warner Brothers, METAMASK, and Candy Digital are among the Palm partners.

Photography NFTs already have established themselves as distinct from the worlds of Okay Bears, Bored Apes, and CryptoPunks. Photographers like Aimos Vasquez, Cath Simard, Elise Swopes, Randall Slavin, and Anna McNaught have traded images for thousands of Ethereum (ETH), and OpenSea has a category for “trending photography.”