Epic Games, an American video game and software firm, is collaborating with the Lego Company to complete a virtual environment for children called Metaverse.

As per The Australian Financial Review, Epic Games Inc. is worth $42 billion as of late 2021. They created the Unreal engine including some of the most popular video games of all time, such as Gears of War and Fortnite.

Lego, established in Denmark, is supposedly the largest toy manufacturer in Europe and the world, with a sales of 23 billion DKK ($3.4 billion). “For nearly a century, the Lego has captivated the creative abilities of adults and children through creative play, and we are excited about coming together to create a space in the Metaverse that’s fun, enjoyable, and made for kids and families,” Epic CEO and founding member Tim Sweeney said during a press release.

According to the firms, the goal is to shape the “future of the Metaverse” and “make it safe and exciting for children while providing an immersive digital environment for kids to play in.”

Epic Games revealed the long-term agreement in a recent blog. According to the company, the new platform, which will be developed in collaboration with The Lego Group, will provide a family-friendly online experience based on three basic concepts. These concepts are aimed at creating a secure and interesting digital environment for children.

The first of them is an effort to preserve children’s “right to play” by emphasizing safety on the platform, according to Epic. Aside from that, Epic and Lego will focus on preserving children’s privacy and offering them and their parents with the tools they need to regulate their digital experience.

Lego, on the other hand, needs no introduction to children and their parents. Lego pieces have been a go-to item for multiple generations of children, and the company’s basic business remains the same. The firm is also notable for various efforts aimed towards children, including the creation of an industry-standard Online Child Safety Policy in collaboration with UNICEF.

Concerns about the Said Metaverse

However, considering the contemporary political atmosphere surrounding what instructors and teachers are teaching the kids in US schools, as well as Disney’s problems, some parents are concerned. Shares in Disney and other firms, such as Netflix, have fallen in recent weeks as a result of child abuse charges and ‘wokeness.’

The Epic Games statement includes politically correct code words like ‘a secure and pleasant place,’ and it concludes with ’empower adults and children with tools that offer them authority over their digital experience.’

Thi Epic Games metaverse release date is yet to be announced.