An NFT play-to-earn game on Tezos, DOGAMI, partners with the Ethereum based virtual world, The Sandbox, to bring playable dog-avatars in the Metaverse.




The first collaboration between DOGAMI and The Sandbox shows that interest in pet avatar projects expands. DOGAMI purchased a 3×3 Estate S-LAND to convert into a Community Hub and the Sandbox’s first pet-friendly experience.

Until today, The Sandbox only had 4-legged non-playable characters (NPCs). Now Sandbox is improving the user experience for pet holders by extending its gaming universe.

Dogamers will profit from this cooperation in the following ways:

  1. Dogami Discord members can win five Sandbox Alpha passes.
  2. In addition, members of the Sandbox community have the chance to win one of five limited-edition voxel Dogami avatars.

The DOGAMI NFT collection is helping non-fungible assets take off on Tezos. The NFT collection has the most Tezos exchanged, at about 786,000. The project just announced the Dogami Generation Alpha NFTs, and they are limited to 8,000 tokens with a floor price of roughly 280 Tez and a total volume of over 700,000 Tez.

With our no-code Game Maker creation tool, we seek to expand the creative universe by inspiring new forms of adventures and experiences alongside their virtual partner, said Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox.

DOGAMI NFT holders will be able to wander around with their Dogami Voxel avatars, skate in the DOGAMI House skatepark, and participate in social events with other Dogamers before the end of the year. The DOGA House online skate shop will also offer voxel merchandise at the skatepark.

The Petaverse is a web3 community dedicated to everything pet-related. Virtual and augmented reality-enabled metaverses are commonly referred to as the next generation of the internet or Web3.

Pets can be acquired and adopted in various methods in the metaverse, each with its own set of advantages. For example, you can either buy a dog to walk about Decentraland with or a fish to keep in a bowl on your dresser.

To get a pet in a virtUal world like the metaverse, purchase an NFT photo on OpenSee. A pet can only live digitally in the metaverse for the time being. Some firms have found a solution by integrating the digital and physical worlds.

A 3D model of your pet might be scanned and tokenized before being sent to the metaverse via this protocol. CryptoKitties, the first successful application of NFTs, started the trend of Pets-based NFTs.