Kyoto-based Doki Doki Co. Ltd, a firm behind the live audio streaming app Dabel, has stepped up to the mission of developing an audio metaverse platform that is intended to break down the barriers that exist in the digital realm. This new audio metaverse platform is called Cubemint, which is currently in the beta testing stage. Its objective is to build more immersive and realistic digital experiences for metaverse users.

Doki Doki Co. Ltd said that “Cubemint came into existence because of the many live streaming audio app Dabel users who are visually impaired or sensitive to visual stimuli. Thus, they developed an application and basis for a metaverse platform that is not affected by these barriers, instead overcome them and successfully building a digital social world that is accessible to all.”

The company added that most metaverse technologies focused on visual elements, which revolves around networking and being “accessible to all.” However, it ironically emphasizes its faults when it comes to overall inclusiveness.

Takahito Iguchi, the company’s CEO, and founder, explains: “Inclusion and accessibility are two of the most serious issues confronting the metaverse today. By making use of our experience in creating products with our users, we wish to make Cubemint an audio metaverse environment that everyone can access and eventually alleviate people’s loneliness and isolation.”

A unique advantage of an audio metaverse platform is that it may be used to enhance physical reality and link remote users in the virtual space without requiring them to go to another world. Another benefit is that all that is needed is a pair of wireless headphones. This makes accessing the audio metaverse relatively more straightforward than other virtual platforms, which frequently need extra and costly equipment.

Cubemint is now under beta testing. Key stakeholders such as sound designers and visually impaired users collaborate to bring it up to par with society’s inclusive vision of the audio metaverse.