Jetking Infotrain Limited has announced the issuance of 10,000 Web 3.0 Lion NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Ethereum platform. Jetking Infotrain Limited is an Indian network systems institute that is publicly listed. These are the first NFTs ever launched by an Indian educational institution. The Lion NFTs were created for use in the education industry to purchase premium courses. According to the statement, the Lion NFTs can later be exchanged to enroll in any course provided by Jetking Institute.

The institution stated in a press release that this project is motivated by their desire to promote technological inclusivity. Its goal is to create a web 3.0 ecosystem. “The course is called Masters of Blockchain technology, and it teaches blockchain development.” This course is available for purchasing using cash, credit card, NBFC, or NFT. “Once students finish the course and find a job, they may resell the NFT,” said Harsh Bharwani, CEO and MD of Jetking Infotrain. Students can also profit from the sale of NFTs if their value rises in the future.

The CEO went on to say, “The COVID-19 epidemic has pushed technology adoption all around the world, and many companies have chosen new ways to communicate with customers both online and offline.” Blockchain’s debut is a key differentiator and a solid basis for the crypto universe. This will not only increase openness, but it will also defend against information manipulation. Since we are educated about blockchain, we believe it would be reasonable to put our cash where our mouth is and provide hands-on experience with NFTs.”

About The NFTs

The institution will exhibit a collection of 10,000 unique Web 3.0 Lion NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The Web 3.0 Lion NFT would provide accessibility to the Jetking Community, a cooperative Web 3.0 Community. Jetking was one of the first companies in the Indian blockchain space to allow students to pay for programs like Jetking Premium & Jetking Gold with Non-Fungible Tokens. The NFTs were designed as just a Jetking Collection and are available on prominent FT markets such as and Rariable. The Jetking Gold bundle costs Rs. 9,000 per NFT, whereas the Jetking Premium bundle costs Rs. 40,000. The institute’s goal in launching this campaign is to promote tech inclusiveness.

As compared to the previous academic year, the university reports a 154 percent growth in student enrolment. The college now believes to also have approximately 6,000 registered students. Jetking now operates more than 65 locations around the country, with plans to build three new locations in Raipur, Jaipur, and Dehradun. Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth is connected with the institution for UGC-approved diploma and degree programs such as BCA and diploma in cloud technology and computer security, blockchain, and professional qualification in blockchain.

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In addition, in recent years, Jetking has worked with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to launch a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative in Jammu. It has also collaborated with Near Protocols, a tier one blockchain.