AstraVerse is a token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network with an aim to create a connection between the physical and virtual worlds. The team decided to adopt the BSC network as it is one of the market’s safest and most secure blockchain networks. In addition, the network can also manage more transactions per minute, resulting in a fraction of the fee.

Since AstraVerse is a community-driven platform, the team is dedicated to creating a blooming blockchain community. The team’s objective is to expand, inspire, and strengthen AstraVerse’s community engagement in the cryptocurrency market while also providing a platform for investors.

AstraVerse will be divided into four branches in the AstraVerse ecosystem. First, AstraStaking will be a decentralized staking platform. Staking means earning passive revenue for holders who keep tokens in their wallets and stake them on a specific platform.

The AstraVerse team regularly improves the staking rewards to give holders a high annual return. AstraPlay will be a robust NFT-based play-to-earn platform, where users will link their wallets and immerse themselves in an exciting gaming experience.

AstraAvatars will also be AstraVerse’s unique NFT. This NFT is not only a work of art but it can also be used in AstraPlay. AstraVerse’s launchpad for hand-picked crypto-currency businesses with solid fundamentals will be AstraPad.

“AstraVerse has integrated a range of safeguards to confirm the token’s stability,” a spokesperson for the company said. “The project’s liquidity pool will be locked in for at least a year, avoiding the team from pulling a ‘rug-pull’ circumstances. In addition, before launch, the smart contract will be carefully evaluated and audited that all investors will need after that have access to the audit report.”

Investors interested in this project can look ahead to the presale occurring on 9th March. In addition, exciting collaborations and partnerships with prominent Youtubers are also something investors can look forward to in promoting this project.