Amazon introduced a new 3D online role-playing game where players move through a virtual city, helping people resolve real-world technology issues and cloud use cases to create Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud skills to train for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination.

As Amazon continues to invest millions in providing free cloud computing training, AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner is a new 3D role-playing game developed by AWS to help individuals turn into AWS cloud experts by resolving real-world cloud business use cases in the game.

Kevin Kelly, director of AWS Cloud Career Training Programs, said, “We aim to create abstract cloud computing concepts active via collaborative and practical experiences that speedily help learners transform theory into practice.”

“By initiating free training and classes, we’re enduring to redesign how beginners can enhance their cloud knowledge and practical abilities, meeting them where they are and positioning data within anybody’s hold.”

Players have to complete tasks to help the virtual people construct a better city to earn ‘AWS Cloud Quest,’ which will expand a person’s real-life cloud computing skills. Players explore basic AWS services and categories, such as database, storage, computing, and security services, to analyze and build cloud solutions. The gameplay involves movies, quizzes, and practical exercises based on real-world business issues.

According to the Seattle, Wash-based public cloud giant, the new 3D game is part of Amazon’s idea to invest millions of dollars in delivering free cloud training to 29 million people in over 200 countries by 2025.

Kelly stated that “The requirement for people with technological skills has never been so much stronger, as the world is getting more digital. Hence By providing free skills training to anyone interested in cloud computing, we want to help bridge the technology skills gap.”

According to AWS, The game is designed for new-to-cloud learners. AWS Cloud Quest for PCs is now available worldwide via AWS Skill Builder.

“As a cloud specialist, you will venture on an expedition to assist the people in renovating their city using cloud solutions,” AWS said in a YouTube video. For example, in one scenario shown in the video, a cartoon man in a hardhat move towards a user and says, “The server running my weather app keeps dying! Can you help me, please?”

Amazon said Cloud Quest was introduced to help explain “core AWS services and categories,” including computing, database, storage, and security services, and guide the building of essential cloud solutions.