Shea Richburg, Co-Founder of Futurewise Media & Consulting Group, shares her insights and experience with To The Verge on the importance of developing a safe and secure place for the users.

To The Verge discussed with Shea Richburg, The co-founder of Futurewise Media & Consulting group. She and her team envisage a secure Metaverse for the users where they can feel peaceful. Read till the end of the article to know more.

About Futurewise Media and consulting group

Future Wise specializes in designing virtual worlds, NFT & Marketplace designs, and Metaverse marketing strategy when working with businesses, influencers, and celebrities to enter into the Metaverse and build a future-proof Web 3.0 brand strategy. Future Wise Group recently launched their podcast Metaverse-ology which can be found on Spotify and Audible. Their mission is to help society anticipate, embrace and safely transition into this virtual world.

Strategy to enhance safety and education through Metaverse

Shea and her team are working on a mission to develop a safe and secure Metaverse for the users.

“Shea and her team created the term M-iQ (Metaverse Intelligence Quotient). The M-iQ is a behavioral framework being leveraged by XR/VR experience developers and educators to provide safety guidelines for children in the Metaverse. This formula should be used for humans to interact with one another within the Metaverse to create safe and positive experiences with one another. People will need to learn how to connect with one another differently while in the Metaverse but in a respectful manner. “

Developing a safe and creative community

As per Shea, companies should restrict the rude and violent behavior of the users in the Metaverse space. The success or failure of the Metaverse will depend on the users, and hence their behavior should be monitored.

“No one should feel violated in the real or virtual world. In the virtual world, the body may not be experiencing something physically but the brain is connected to the experience that everything in there seems so real. Some companies have taken precautions to create avatars having personal space. Humans are the ones who will make the Metaverse thrive or fail. It is up to us to exhibit decent human behavior towards others and that will have more people enter this space. Companies do not need Metaverse police but they should be able to block people from entering spaces if behavioral complaints are made.”

Business Opportunities in Metaverse

Shea is optimistic that there will be a plethora of business opportunities in Metaverse. This would be a great chance for the entrepreneurs in different segments like education, sports, fashion, etc.

“There are multiple business opportunities for people to enter the Metaverse for example people are constantly building new communities there, people are creating learning experiences within the Metaverse for students and children are expanding more into esports which is part of the Metaverse. People are helping sports teams get into the Metaverse so you don’t have to go to stadiums to see a sports game. There was recently a Sandbox sponsored accelerator program which gave money, Sand token and land there to build (especially females getting into the Metaverse).”

VR & Metaverse

Shea talks about the popularity of VR in the current scenario. The role of VR has loomed larger with the growth in Metaverse. She warns about using VR devices for a longer duration, though.

“VR is changing due to the expansion of the Metaverse because it is becoming more accessible to those in society. VR has been around for a long time and now it is being used more. I’m helping companies enter the Metaverse to engage with their employees around the world by using their VR systems. We will also see more eye issues after people use VR for a certain period. VR should be used but not at extensive amounts of time.”

Entertainment & Metaverse

Shea is upbeat about artists across the globe. She believes that Metaverse will be an opportunity for creative people to showcase their talent.

“I would like to see older artists making more performances within the Metaverse. Celebrities now can control their talents and leverage their own finances within the Metaverse. We need to see more than just concerts in the Metaverse. We need to see book readings from authors, theater productions, artists, and musicians to get the opportunity to showcase their private talents for their followers there. “

Vision and goals for creating Metaverse

According to Shea, there should be a connection between peace of mind and the Metaverse. It should ideally be a place where people feel safe and secure.

“My overall vision for the Metaverse is to have it be a place where it enhances your real-world experiences. The Metaverse should not be a place where people are so immersed in it that they lose themselves in the real world. It should be a place for people to find safety and create peaceful experiences. Peace of mind should be connected to the Metaverse that is my overall goal.”


As per our conversation with Shea, we could gaze that Metaverse is poised to become huge in the future. At the same time, it is important to ensure safety and security for the users. There will be numerous business opportunities in the different segments.

Shea believes that the scope of VR is going to be wider with the advent of Metaverse and Artists across the globe will get an opportunity to build their own community and show their talent.

“The ideal Metaverse should enhance peace of mind for the users”, she concludes.

Author Profile

Guest Profile

Shea Richburg is a Metaverse speaker and adept at child safety and mental health.

She pursued her BA in Linguistics from Rutgers University and went on to do her Masters in “English as a Second Language” from New Jersey City University. Apart from that, she has certification in Child nutrition and cooking from Stanford University and Clinical psychology of children and young people from the University of Edinburgh.

She has rich and diverse experience and is a member of several boards and advisory councils as well.

She co-founded Future Wise Group (a Business and Media consulting firm) focused on future technologies. They work with big-size corporations, startups, and midsize companies and develop a Web 3 Brand strategy.

Future Wise is a specialist firm in designing NFTs, virtual worlds, and market strategies for Metaverse. It works with celebrities, influencers, and businesses and helps them to enter into a Metaverse space.