Micro Star International is one of the best Taiwanese manufacturers of computer hardware. The company has a variety of laptops that are well known for their gaming capabilities. However, even with the best specifications, some users complained about the MSI camera not working issue on their Windows devices.

If you are also here with the same concern don’t worry you are not alone. The article is one stop solution for MSI camera not working in Windows. We have listed the most feasible fixes to resolve the issue and use the camera without any issues. So without any further delay let us proceed with the solutions.

Fixes for MSI Camera Not Working in Windows:

Although it can be tough to identify what is the exact cause of MSI camera not working, we have listed solutions for the most common errors reported by users. No need to apply them all. Move down the list until the MSI laptop camera not working issue is fixed.

Solution 1: Check The Status of Camera

The first thing to check when MSI Webcam not working issue is detected is that the Camera is enabled on your device. If by default the Camera option is disabled or turned off this can lead to interruptions in the working of your Webcam.

Here is how it can be checked:

  • Press the Function i.e Fn & F6 keys together on your keyboard.
  • Toggle the Camera for MSI.

Now check if the MSI camera not working issue is fixed. If the issue is intact, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Grant Camera Access to Apps

If MSI Webcam not working issue occurs, check if the App is granted access to camera. Here is how to do so through Windows Settings on your PC.

  1. Press the Start icon on your Taskbar. Click on the Gear icon to expand Microsoft Windows Settings Application.
    Click right on Windows icon on the Taskbar. Open the Microsoft Windows Settings
  2. Expand the Privacy category from the Settings window.
  3. Scroll to the Left panel and click on the tab for Camera Press on the Change button. Slide the toggle On to allow Camera access for your device.
  4. Further, Slide the toggle On for Access of Camera for Applications.

Now check if the updated settings could fix MSI camera not working problem on your PC or laptop. In case the problem remains, move ahead with further solutions.

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Solution 3: Launch Camera Troubleshooter

Another solution you can try to fix MSI Laptop camera not working on Windows devices is to Run the inbuilt Camera troubleshooter. Windows offers multiple device troubleshooters that can identify and fix the issues automatically on your hardware.

Apply the given steps to resolve hardware-related problems leading to MSI camera not working in a PC or laptop.

  1. Click on Windows and S keys together to open the search window. Write Run and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    Write Run and press the Enter key on your keyboard
  2. Enter the command given below and click on the OK button to execute it.
    Msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic
    Msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic
  3. Apply the on-screen instructions to proceed with the troubleshooter. Once the troubleshooter runs all the hardware issues will be fixed automatically.
    Camera Troubleshooter Runs

Wait till the Camera Troubleshooter Runs completely. Restart your PC to apply the updates. If the MSI camera not working in Windows error remains, try further methods.

Solution 4: Update your Camera Driver

If none of the above solutions helped in MSI camera not working in Windows issue, the problem can be with your Camera drivers. Camera drivers help your operating system communicate and perform the desired functioning. Therefore, it is ideal to have the latest drivers installed on your PC.

To download the latest drivers you can use the official website of the manufacturer. However, for the manual method, you must be aware of your system specifications to find compatible drivers and download them. If you lack this time and skills download the automatic driver updater tool. There are plenty of tools available online to update system drivers automatically with one click.

Bit Driver Updater software is one such tool that allows one-click downloads for all your drivers. With driver updates, it enables scheduling downloads at your convenience. Also, all the driver-specific data is backed up and can be restored whenever required.

How to Update Camera Driver Automatically via Bit Driver Updater?

Use the following steps to download the latest Camera drivers and fix the MSI camera not detected or working issue.

  1. Download the automatic driver updater software Bit Driver Updater below. Double-click on the downloaded package and follow the instructions that appear on your screen to install it.
    Windows-Download button
  2. After this, launch the software and press the Scan Now option to start searching for all the outdated drivers on your PC or laptop.
    Bit Driver Updater-Best Driver Updater
  3. As the scan is over list is displayed with pending driver updates.
  4. Identify Camera drivers and download the update for your device with the Update Now option next to it.
  5. Alternatively, you can download all the driver updates with one click through the Update All option at the end of the list. This option is available only for Pro users of the software.
    list of all drivers using bit driver updater
  6. Install the drivers as the download is finished and Restart the PC to apply these updates.

To apply the complete potential of Bit Driver Updater, use the Pro version of the tool. It offers one-click downloads, 24*7 support assistance, and many other additional features. It’s easy to switch to the Pro version as it has a complete money-back guarantee for up to 60 days,

Now check if the MSI Camera not working issue is fixed. Hopefully, updated camera drivers will resolve all your webcam-related issues.

MSI Camera Not Working in Windows: FIXED

Hopefully, now you know the methods that can fix the MSI camera not working in Windows PC error. Apply the fixes in the listed order to address the problem and use the Camera without any interruptions. However, for the efficient and error-free working of your camera make sure the relevant drivers are up to date. To make the camera and other driver updates quick and automatic use the Bit driver Updater software for your Windows or Mac devices.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions. Also, do share which method worked for you. If the article helped you and you would like to read more tech-related articles Subscribe to our blog. Never miss any tech updates and news by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.