If you are facing issues with your Logitech M705 mouse, it is possible that mouse drivers are outdated. Lately, some users also reported problems while downloading the right drivers for their mouse. If you are also one of them this guide is for you. The article below mentions several methods for Logitech M705 driver download for your Windows 11 or 10 devices.

Read the steps for manual, partly manual, and fully automatic methods to download, update and install the Logitech M705 driver for Windows 11 or 10 devices. Apply the method that is suitable for you.

How to Download, Update and Install Logitech M705 Driver for Windows 10/11?

Given below are the different methods that can be used for Logitech M705 driver download. No need to apply all the methods, just go through the steps and pick the alternative that fits in with your capabilities.

Option 1: Manually Download Logitech M705 Driver Update

You can easily get the Logitech M705 driver update on the official website of Logitech. The driver updates are released at timely intervals to resolve the fixes and offer improved performance. However, this method is time consuming and requires technical skills from the users.

Before you move ahead with the steps for the Logitech M705 driver download, find out the version of your operating system to download the compatible drivers. As you have the system requirements and specifications apply the steps given below.

1: Open the official webpage of Logitech.

2: Move the pointer to the tab for Support.

Move the pointer

3: Click on Downloads option present under For Individuals section.

Individuals section

4: In the Search bar type the model number for your Logitech device i.e Logitech M705.

type the model number

5: From the left panel click on the downloads button.

 downloads button

6: Check if the automatic Operating System selected is correct. If not, select the right specifications of your OS.

7: Install the downloaded file for the Logitech M705 driver update by applying the instructions on screen.

Restart your computer to bring into effect the driver update. This method to update drivers requires patience and at least basic computer skills. If you are someone who lacks these skills or doesn’t have enough time to perform the Logitech M705 driver download manually move on to the next method.

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Option 2: Logitech M705 Driver Download via Device Manager

With Device Manager, a Windows utility you can download the latest Logitech M705 driver updates in a partly automatic manner. Also, the same steps can be used to download all the other system drivers installed on your Windows device.  Here is how to download the Logitech M705 driver for Windows 10 or 11 through the Device Manager tool.

1: Click on Windows and R keys together on your keyboard to view the Run dialog box. Type devmgmt.msc and press the enter key.


2: In the Device Manager window expand the section for Mice & other pointing devices.

Device Manager

3: Right click on Logitech M705 driver update and click on Update Dr2eiver software option.

Update Driver software option

4: Select the automatic option to search for driver updates and wait till the update completes.

Restart your device to apply the Logitech M705 driver update and check if the mouse works without any glitches.

However, this method can also be tricky for some as it is time consuming and requires some amount of manual effort. Whereas the next way for Logitech M705 driver download is fully automatic.

If you want to switch to automatic driver updater software to download all the system drivers with a single click, move to the next method to download Logitech M705 driver for Windows 11 or 10 devices.

Option 3: Logitech M705 Driver Download Automatically

If the above methods are not your preference and you are looking for an alternative that is completely automatic this method is for you. If you lack the technical skills and time use an automatic driver updater tool. Once you download and install the tool on your Windows device it stores your system requirements to offer compatible driver updates.

The Bit Driver Updater software is one such tool that offers quick driver updates with a large database to store driver data on your device. It has additional features such as Backup & restore, quick scans, one click downloads, and improved computer performance.

In addition to this, you can download the Pro version with complete money back guarantee for up to 60 days. This version provides 24*7 technical support to address all the customer concerns related to drivers. With the pro version only requires one command to download all the pending driver updates at once.

Without any further delay, here’s how you can use Bit Driver Updater to download the latest driver updates with the Bit Driver Updater.

How to Automatically Download Logitech M705 Driver Update?

1: Follow the download link and then the on-screen steps to download and install the Bit Driver Updater software on your Windows.Windows-Download button2: Run the tool and start driver scan through the Scan Drivers option.

Scan Drivers

3: Wait till the scan completes and all the pending driver updates are displayed.

4: From the list identify Logitech M705 driver update and download it via the Update Now button next to it.

5: In addition, if you are using Pro update of the tool use Update All option to download the rest of the driver updates too.

Update all drivers

6: Install the latest Logitech M705 driver file with the help of instructions on your desktop screen. Restart the PC as it completes to apply the driver update.

This is how simple it is to download the latest build of Logitech M705 driver for Windows 10 or 11 devices. Use the Bit Driver Updater tool to automatically update drivers. This method is an excellent option for both technically skilled and naive users. Use the Pro version to unlock all the possibilities of the tool and have improved performance of your Windows device.

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Download and Update Logitech M705 Driver for Windows 11/10: DONE

Hopefully, the article helped you download the latest Logitech M705 driver for Windows devices. You can pick any of the above-mentioned methods to complete the desired task of driver update. However, if you ask us our opinion we recommend our readers to use the automatic driver updater tool to download drivers. The Bit Driver Updater updates all the system drivers with one click.

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