Hyundai, the South Korean automaker, said on April 18 that it has teamed with Meta Kongz NFTs project to create a small collection of 30 NFTs that would debut in May.

Hyundai has also established a new Twitter account @Hyundai NFT to manage all NFT-related tweets. It did so by posting a video of an animated Meta Kong flying across space in a 1975 Hyundai PONY.

A teaser for a further “Shooting Star NFT” was added in the official announcement, along with the enigmatic statement that it is a feasible “ticket to a whole new universe” and may result in ‘additional NFTs’. Hyundai also hinted at a potential Hyundai Metaverse in various cryptic clues, consistent with its past proposal for robots to assist in linking the actual and virtual realms to increase mobility.

Hyundai published its “Hyundai Metamobility universe” concept in January 2022. It is a vision for robotics to act as a bridge between both the actual world and the metaverse, reflecting all changes made in the Hyundai metaverse in the real world. This “allows people to overcome physical issues of mobility in time and space.” ‘Hyundai Metamobility Universe’ will extend human reach in order to achieve ultimate mobility freedom. The business intends to realize that goal through the creation of the ‘Hyundai Metamobility Universe.’

The 1975 PONY*, an emblem of Hyundai Motor Company’s legacy, is joining forces with the 2021 Meta Kongz, which is at the cutting edge of digital trends. To celebrate this remarkable first encounter, a limited cooperation collection of 30 one-of-a-kind NFTs will be released.

Hyundai will offer a variety of NFTs as revolutionary mobility vehicles to lead people around the Hyundai Metamobility Universe beginning with the formal debut of the NFT in May.

PONY and Meta Kongz are ushering in a new era devoid of time and space. Meta Kongz has prepared the path for PONY to go on an exciting new journey.

As part of their concept vision, Hyundai stated:

“With the Metaverse on track to become commonplace for people in future, the business predicts the creation of a new sort of Metaverse interface in which the line between reality and the Metaverse may blur, separating it from the notion of VR as it is currently understood.”

Possessing a one-of-a-kind unique digital asset motivates owners to flaunt their NFTs, resulting in the rise of the Profile Picture NFT craze. Amongst these is the NFT gorilla Meta Kongz.

Meta Kongz had a great debut in December 2021  as the new generation of the NFT scene. This NFT venture of 10,000 randomly generated 3D gorilla drawings quickly rose to the top of the NFT open marketplace’s worldwide Top 100.