Take the help of this simple guide to know how to fix AMD Radeon Software Not Opening issue on Windows 11/10 PC. 

AMD Radeon Software is one of the best tools and solutions that allows you to easily control and manage the AMD graphics driver and the graphics card. The tool also allows you to get the game stats and performance charts of your entire gameplay. Hence, the tool is used by thousands of gamers and professionals.

However, at times the tool may not work properly and users face problems related to AMD Radeon Software Not Opening. This issue, in particular, is quite common and may be redundant as well until you do anything to fix this issue. With the help of this simple guide, this is something that we will address.

In the coming sections of this write-up, you will find some solutions to fixes for the AMD Software Not Opening Windows 11/10 error. With the help of all of these solutions, you will easily get rid of errors, and then use the software as per your requirements. So, without any further ado, let’s go through the solutions right away.

Solutions to Fix AMD Radeon Software Not Opening

Follow the series of solutions or fixes listed below and fix AMD Radeon Software Not Opening on Windows 10/11 error right away. For ease, follow the solutions chronically until the issue is fixed.

Solution 1: Rebuild the Index of Radeon Profiles

The first thing that you can try to fix the Radeon Software Not Opening error is to rebuild the index of all the profiles present on the system. This will allow your software to get a fresh start and work properly. With the help of the below steps, you can rebuild the software easily:

  1. Press the Win+R keys to bring up the Run utility.
    Press the Win+R keys
  2. Type the following commands %localappdata%/AMD/CN and press OK.
  3. Look for the file named gmdb.blb and select it.
  4. Press the Shift+Delete button and then hit Enter.

Run the tool and see if the error is resolved. If you still Can’t Open AMD Radeon Software, delete the entire folder and files present in the CN folder. Run the tool after deleting the files and follow the next fix if the software does not work properly.

Solution 2: Update the Drivers to Fix AMD Radeon Software Not Opening

Another common reason behind the AMD Software Not Opening error is to update the driver. Outdated graphics drivers are quite troublesome for the Windows operating system. When the drivers are corrupt or outdated, you may face such problems as the system failing to communicate with the graphics device properly. As a result, the software also fails to get the information related to the driver and the not opening error appears.

The solution in such a case is to download and update the driver. There are both manual and automatic methods to install the graphics driver, but the manual ones are very complicated and may not even work at times. Hence, you should follow the automatic one.

The automatic method states that you take the help of the Bit Driver Updater, one of the best driver updaters of all time. This tool allows you to update the driver instantly, schedule the updates, backup drivers, restore them, and much more. All these features make it feasible for the user to manage and control the drivers present in the system. There are a plethora of other features that you get with Bit Driver Updater. You will access all of these when you download and install the software.

For now, let’s understand how Bit Driver Updater can fix the AMD Radeon Settings Not Opening errors via driver updates.

How to Update Drivers Using the Bit Driver Updater? 

With the help of the below steps, anyone can use the Bit Driver Updater to install the latest device drivers and fix the AMD Radeon Software Not Opening error:

  1. Click on the blue button provided below to download the Bit Driver Updater. Install the software before proceeding.
    Windows-Download button
  2. Run the tool on your device, and allow it to scan the system for all outdated drivers. In case the scanning does not start automatically, you can also try using the Scan Drivers button.
    Bit Driver Updater-Best Driver Updater
  3. When the list of drivers appears on your device screen, click on the Update Now or the Update All button. This will allow you to install the outdated drivers(s)s found on the system. (Only Premium version users can use the Update All button)
  4. Restart the system when all the drivers are installed on the system to introduce the changes.

This solution will fix the problem of Can’t Open AMD Radeon Software as outdated drivers were the culprit. However, if the solution does not work, try the next one.

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Solution 3: Update the Operating System

Ust like outdated drivers, an outdated operating system may also be the reason behind AMD Radeon Software Not Opening. The outdated operating system may not have the features of the ability to run the software precisely. Hence, updating the operating system is the only solution. Follow the steps below to know how to update the Windows operating system:

  1. Press the Windows+S keys, type Updates, and press the Enter key.
  2. When the update utility appears and loads, click on the Check for Updates button.
    Check for updates
  3. If any system updates appear, click on the Download and Install button to proceed.

Wait while the tool does its job and then restart the system. If, due to any reason, the AMD Software Not Opening issue persists, follow the next solution.

Solution 4: Take the Help of Clean Boot

The last solution to fix the AMD Radeon Software Not Opening error on Windows 11/10 is to perform a clean boot of the operating system. Some faulty files or bugs may be interfering with the performance of the software and causing problems. Follow the steps below to know how to perform a clean boot of the system:

  1. Press the Win+S keys, type System Configuration, and press the Enter key.
    type System Configuration
  2. Click on the Services tab when the tool appears.
    System Configuration and Click on the Services
  3. Click on the check box named Hide all Microsoft services to mark it.
    system configuration and click on the hide all microsoft apps
  4. From the list of services, uncheck all the boxes of services that do not belong to AMD, RealTek, NVIDIA, Logitech, etc.
    system configuration and click on the hide uncheck all the boxes
  5. Click on OK to proceed.
  6. Press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to bring up the Task Manager. Go to the Startup tab to proceed.
  7. Disable all the programs that may be interfering with your system.
    System Configuration and click on the Disable all the programs
  8. Restart the system to proceed.

AMD Radeon Software Not Opening on Windows 11/10: Fixed

So, that’s all we have to share about the guide on how to fix the AMD Software Not Opening error. We hope that one or more of the solutions offered were able to fix the issue for you. After executing all the steps precisely, you will not face any problems in using the AMD tool. However, if any error persists, we are here to help you.

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