Are your Acer laptop keys not working? If yes, then this problem-solving blog will help you get rid of this issue with some of the best solutions mentioned.

Acer laptop keyboards are reliable but every time we face a problem with the hardware, we start using an external keyboard. Instead, you can try troubleshooting the Acer keyboard not working. There are several reasons that can cause this problem on your Acer laptop. For instance, your enabled filter keys, outdated keyboard drivers, hardware problems, etc.

If you are one of these users who is facing this problem, then here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of this issue within minutes. But first, you need to check a few things, like the dedicated button for the keyboard being turned off, your keyboard being clean, or there’s no physical damage. With that all out of the way, if the issue persists, let’s implement different ways to fix the Acer laptop keypad not working issue.

Various Ways To Fix Acer Laptop Keys Not Working Issue

Here is a list of solutions that you can implement in order to get rid of the Acer laptop keyboard not working issue.

Solution1: Turn Off The Filter Keys

If you suddenly find that your Acer laptop keys not working or if there’s a short delay between pressing a key and seeing a character on the screen, it’s possible that the Filter Keys are turned on due to wrong settings.

There is a high chance that the issue behind your Acer keyboard not working problem is probably because the Repeat keys or Slow keys are turned on. If that’s the case, turning off Filter Keys might help. Here are some steps that will help you disable the Filter keys from Settings.

Step1: Open the Start menu by clicking on the Windows icon and then select the Settings option from the app drawer.

Step2: Go to the Ease of Access section on the Settings window.

Step3: Choose the Keyboard tab from the left-side panel.

Step4: Then, on the right side, turn OFF the toggle switch under the Use Filter Keys section.

Step5: Also, uncheck the box that says “Allow the shortcut keys to start Filter Keys

Now, check if turning off the Filter Keys has helped you fix the Acer laptop keys not working issue. If not, then try out the next solution given below.

Solution2: Update Keyboard Drivers To Fix Acer Keyboard Not Working

If you will keep your computer drivers updated it will improve the connection with the connected devices. Making this a practice will also prevent your system from different Acer laptop keyboard problems including this one. Additionally, you can improve your computer’s overall performance, if you have updated drivers.

To perform this task, downloading and using a driver updater program is the best option. This process is considered an automatic process because these apps will update all your drivers with just one click.

The best app for this is the Bit Driver Updater as it is specially made for devices that run on Windows. This software is trusted by several users, making it one of the most trusted driver updater software in the market. Moreover, using this tool will help you solve the Acer laptop keys not working on Windows 10. Below we have shared some additional advantages of having this app on your PC.

  • Schedule the driver download process according to your convenience
  • Increase the downloading speed for drivers
  • Takes a backup before updating the drivers
  • Provides 24×7 customer assistance
  • All the drivers are WHQL-certified

Steps to fix Acer laptop keypad not working using Bit Driver Updater

Below are some steps that will provide you with a download link as well as they will guide you on how to use the app to update drivers and get rid of the Acer keyboard not working issue.

Step1: Click on the given link below and it will start downloading the latest Bit Driver Updater app compatible with your PC.
Windows-Download buttonStep2: Open the downloaded package file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app successfully on your computer.

Step3: Once the installation is complete, launch the Bit Driver Updater. Now, the app will start scanning for corrupted or outdated driver files on your computer.

Step4: Now, click on the “Update all” option to start updating all the outdated drivers simultaneously.

After completing the process, the app will restart your computer and your Acer laptop keys not working issue will be resolved.

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Solution3: Use The Windows Troubleshooter

If the Acer laptop keypad not working issue still persists even after trying out the solutions shared above, it’s time to run the Windows troubleshooter in order to find and fix the problem. For a better understanding, check out the instructions below and they will guide you through the whole process.

Step1: Right-click on the Windows icon present in the bottom left corner of your screen. And then, select the Settings option from the Start menu’s context list.

Step2: Now, choose the Update & Security settings option by clicking on it.

Step3: Click on the Troubleshoot option from the left-hand side panel.

Step4: After that, on the right side, go with the Additional troubleshooter’s option under the “Recommended troubleshooting” section.

Step5: Then, under the “Find and fix other problems” heading, click on the Keyboard option in order to expand it.

Step6: Click once on the Run the troubleshooter option. And then, your computer will start looking for the reason behind the Acer laptop keys not working.

Step7: Once the scanning process is complete, follow the instructions on the wizard window to resolve the problem.

After finishing the troubleshooting process, restart the Windows device and it will fix your Acer keyboard not working.

Resolved: How To Fix Acer Laptop Keys Not Working Windows 10

We hope the different solutions that we have shared in this blog were able to resolve your Acer laptop keyboard not working. If this issue is still troubling you, then there might be a chance that your keyboard is physically damaged. To check that, connect an external keyboard and check if that works. Or else take your laptop to a repair shop for some professional help.

Other than that, share your thoughts regarding this Acer laptop keys not working problem-fixing guide in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.