As we spend more time glued to our computer screens, our eyes are increasingly at risk of strain, headaches, and even vision problems. To mitigate these issues, a range of eye protection software programs are now available for PC users. These cutting-edge apps are created to smartly adjust screen settings, offer timely and personalized breaks, and provide a broad range of exercises for the eye that are intended to soothe and strengthen the muscles around the eyes.

With these cutting-edge options at our disposal, you can successfully address the difficulties posed by prolonged screen time. And guarantee optimum eye health and well-being. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most effective and user-friendly options on the market today. So, here are the 7 best eye protection software for PCs that you can use in 2023.

7 Best Eye Protection Software For PCs

Do you spend a lot of time on your computer? If so, it is imperative to put your eyes’ health first. Fortunately, there are a number of apps available to protect your vision and lessen the strain brought on by extended computer use. Let us look at the 7 best eye protection software for PCs that can really help you safeguard your vision.

1. f.lux

One of the most popular and widely used eye protection software programs is f.lux. This free program is designed to adjust the color temperature of your computer screen based on the time of day. F.lux lowers the amount of blue light emitted by your screen by switching to a cooler color temperature during the day and a warmer one at night. The app not only adjusts the brightness of your display but also its tint, and it does this according to the time of day. This, in turn, helps to prevent sleep disruption and eye strain.


f.lux is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Additionally, it integrates with Philips Hue LED lighting and provides customizable profiles for various activities. For anyone looking to safeguard their eyesight while using a computer. f.lux stands out as a must-have eye protection app for PC, thanks to its user-friendly functionality and commitment to eye health.

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2. Iris

Another top-rated free eye protection software for PCs is Iris, which is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Like f.lux, Iris adjusts your screen’s color temperature based on the time of day. Additionally, it provides features like a brightness filter, a blue light filter, and a timer that prompts you to take regular breaks.


IRIS is the best eye protection software for PCs right now. As in other similar programs, you don’t have to enter the longitude and latitude of your location in IRIS. IRIS automatically modifies the screen color based on the location it has detected. There are two versions of the IRIS program: Pro and Free. You can modify IRIS’s blue light, transition, location, sleep, monitor, font, and other settings by using the Pro version.

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3. EyeLeo

EyeLeo is another best eye protection software for PCs that offers a unique approach to protecting your eyes. Eye Leo notifies you when it is time to take a break, helping you remember to do so throughout your workday. During these breaks, you can move around and let your eyes rest, giving your body the rest it needs. By including these breaks in your daily routine, you can avoid eye fatigue, increase focus, lessen stress, encourage better posture, and increase productivity.


You can download this free eye protection software For PC to protect your eyesight, reduce eye fatigue, alleviate computer vision syndrome, and minimize the risk of long-term vision problems. With Eye Leo, you can customize the frequency and duration of notifications. Making Eye Leo a part of your routine is an easy but efficient way to prioritize eye health and increase productivity.

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4. Redshift

Redshift is another popular and best eye protection software for PCs on our list. It is an open-source, lightweight, and cross-platform application for adjusting color temperature. Redshift comes with a default global configuration file that users can modify to suit their needs. Users must either enter their region’s latitude and longitude or choose the timezone and location from the Redshift location interface in order to use this application. When using Redshift in command line mode, users can adjust the screen’s temperature.


Redshift keeps the screen’s color temperature at 6500K by default. The screen will emit more blue rays if you increase this value. If you lower the value, the monitor will display more red lights. The Redshift software automatically modifies the screen’s color temperature. It is simple to use, with no impact on the performance of other applications.

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5. Windows Night Light

Windows 10 users have access to a built-in eye protection software program called Windows Night Light. With the help of this program, your screen emits less blue light and changes its color temperature according to the time of day. By turning on the night light, your display will show softer, warmer colors at night, which will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Windows Night Light

You do not have to download any other free eye protection software for your PC if you are using Microsoft Windows 10. Because the built-in “Blue Light” filter, referred to as “Night Light,” is sufficient for daily use. To activate the Blue Light mode and change the night light settings in Windows 10 Creator Updates, follow these instructions. Choose Start > Settings > System > Display > Night Light. It is a user-friendly eye protection app for PCs and can be easily turned on or off as needed.

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6. LightBulb

LightBulb is a highly effective eye protection app for PCs that prevents eye strain and protects your eyes. The application includes customizations such as color temperature and filter intensity. As the day progresses, it continuously modifies the gamma, changing the color temperature of the display from cool blue in the afternoon to warm yellow at night. Its main goal is to make the screen’s color correspond to the light sources in your immediate environment, which are typically natural light during the day and artificial light at night.


LightBulb provides a wide range of customization options while having little impact on performance. Due to its ability to change color temperature between 2500 and 6000 k, it is effective at reducing eye strain. For a smooth transition process, one simply needs to set the appropriate limit. This free eye protection software for PCs is very simple to operate because of its user-friendly design. Additionally, it gives you the option to turn off gamma smoothing.

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7. CareUEyes

CareUEyes is excellent eye protection software for PCs that offer a range of features to protect your eyes. It includes a blue light filter, a brightness filter, a timer to remind you to take breaks, and several eye exercises. With the help of CareUEyes Lite’s brightness control, you can change the brightness of your screen from 20% to 100%.


In addition, it has 8 different predefined filters based on various activities that you can quickly apply to your screen. CareUEyes Lite is one of the best eye protection software For PCs that you can install even on a low-performance computer. Because it only occupies a disk space of 600kb and consumes as little CPU power as possible. However, the Pro license, which starts at $1.90 per month, is available if you require additional features. Such as the switch for sunrise and sunset, a blue light filter, and a timer.

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Final Takeaway

You may not be aware of it, but the condition of your eyes affects the health of your entire body, so maintaining good eye health is crucial. These eye protection apps for PC can be very useful to you, even if you lack the discipline to regularly take breaks from your computer.

These programs are designed to reduce eye strain, headaches, and vision problems associated with prolonged computer use. Whether you’re seeking a free or paid option, there’s free eye protection software for PCs out there to meet your needs. So, take care of your eyes and try one of these programs today!