Elite Meta is a Singapore-based company developing elite cities in the metaverse with distinctive architecture and design, promoting cultures and immersive activities. In addition, the company aims to build Education Metaverse Cities to explore the potential of metaverse education and bring forth the best educational practices for the metaverse.  

Elite Metavere Education City developers claim that the first stage of building such a city would require strong expertise in “conceptual architecture.” They further added that the education city in the metaverse would entail diverse environments and virtual architecture to provide the students with immersive and hands-on learning experiences.

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Besides the Education and Research Community that the company has been working on, it also encompasses five more communities to serve the varied interests of the participants or users of the platform. These communities include Game Community supporting play-to-earn, followed by Investment Community for investing to earn, Art Community for creating to earn, Music & Show Community promoting perform-to-earn, and Consultancy Community for advising to earn. 

The platform and its initiatives will be powered by blockchain technology and access to the students through different means. It will also allow the users to enjoy the one-to-one representation of popular megacities like Paris, New York, London, Chicago, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Moscow, and many others.   

In addition, the company has already marked its first major milestone with a strategic cooperative partnership with Van Lang University. In a memorandum of understanding between the two, signed in April 2022, the terms and visions concerning the collaboration and development of the project were discussed. 

Education in the metaverse could revolutionize learning, extending the use of immersive technologies to blur the boundaries between online and offline education. In addition, it could leverage the potential of the metaverse as an idea and provide for greater accessibility of education and exposure to the student community.