Mark Robinson, Head of the Social Media at Brandtegic and a podcast host of Marketing in Metaverse, shares his ideas on business and marketing tactics with the role of NFTs and social media.

Mark enriched our viewpoints on the accessible opportunities offered by distinctive marketing and business strategies. He also elucidated the rising influence of NFTs in marketing and how social media might enhance it. Stay tuned till the end to find out more.

About ‘Marketing in Metaverse’ Podcast

Mark shared, “Marketing in Metaverse is a podcast that connects people with the marketing, NFTs, and metaverse communities while honing their marketing skills and preparing them for the future. In addition, the podcast helps to examine the influence of Social Media, Community Building, NFTs, Crypto, AR, VR, and more as they collide in the Metaverse.” 

According to Mark, ‘Marketing in Metaverse’ allows him to network with thought-leaders and learn from specialists in various fields, including Metaverse, NFTs and marketing.

He says, It’s difficult for one person to be an expert on everything. Also, it’s difficult to keep up with everything since there’s so much new. So it becomes very challenging for an individual to consume abundant knowledge.” 

He is determined to help individuals who wish to figure out more about the space and capitalize on it as there are a lot of opportunities available.

About Brandtegic and Its Journey

Brandtegic, according to Mark, is a nexus of his ideas and personal interests. He described how a team of a few turned into many full-time members. The brand was launched in 2018 and quickly became popular due to its value and speed.

“Over the past 9 months or a year, I would say, I had a combined interest from my background in art and digital marketing, just being a little bit futuristic-minded and diving into NFTs and metaverse and all those blockchain technologies. So it’s an intersection of my ideas and personal interests. As a result, we succeed through value, swiftness, and staying on top of social trends and indicators to best serve our clients.” 

Brandtegic is a social media branding firm that helps businesses leverage the power of social media via strategic content so that they can focus on helping others. To tackle the problems of content creation, genuine branding, community development, social management, and more, the brand seeks to become a support system for the client’s company.

To get better as we grow, I’m personally focused on increasing our staff, enhancing our procedures, and pleasing our clients.”

Brandtegic’s Roadmap and Its Evolvement

Brandtegic, according to Mark, bridges the gap between physical and social media. He shares that clients reach out to them to create video content or manage their social media. In addition, the firm assists brands in looking their best so that they can sell more. “Many people are incredibly talented at what they do but don’t have an internet presence,” he adds, “and we help them get one.”

He claims that having a roadmap is essential, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to be sidetracked. If you run a small business right now and devote all of your focus to the metaverse, it may either assist you by providing enormous prospects or be a distraction. Thus, it’s worth considering, but the scope and manner of utilization largely depend on the company’s operations and goals.

He says, “The easiest way to lose a vision is to catch a new vision. For some businesses, it makes sense to dive into it; I think everyone should have conversations about it. If a company wants to grow and evolve and wants to take steps to move forward, then one should invest in social media, and they should take advantage of the metaverse.” 

The metaverse’s potential in comprehending social media

Mark talks about the challenges that we may see during the evolvement of the Metaverse in comprehending social media platforms. He anticipates various potentials of social media. The apps on social media platforms that perform a good job of genuinely generating meaningful content, according to Mark, are the ones that will triumph, whether it’s Twitter, Meta, Linkedin or any other new platform that will arise over the next few years, it’s unpredictable.

“I believe it will be interesting to watch what changes and what does not,” “Some things I anticipate to change, while others I don’t expect to alter. It’s unknown in a number of ways. We have no idea what’s going to happen.”

According to him, it will be intriguing to observe if large corporations try to gain ownership of our data or whether the metaverse can preserve its decentralized position as it matures. The metaverse’s future isn’t set in concrete because we’re all contributing to its creation; we’re all diving into the space as diverse artists, technologists, and developers. It’s as though a group collaborates to construct the metaverse’s appearance.

“The future of the metaverse is not set as we all play a part in creating it. We all dive into the space as different creators, technologists and developers. It’s like a whole bunch of people are working together to create what the metaverse will look like.”

He believes that big experts will undoubtedly have possibilities to provide a more immersive experience that connects individuals worldwide, just as remote work has become a key part of many people’s lives and social media can merge well with people from a distance.

“I think big experts will have opportunities to create a more immersive experience to connect people worldwide, just as remote work has become an important part of many people’s lives. I think social media can connect well with people from a distance. It will be interesting to see how different platforms tackle that.” 

He also believes that platforms with meaningful content will prevail over those that simply make noise and pander to the audience. They will have a part, but they will not be the key platform for social interaction.

Marks’ Opinion On Social Media Aspects That Will Last With Metaverse:

Personal branding, according to Mark, is one of the most significant components of social media that will persist even after the evolution of Metaverse. In addition, companies attain more opportunities to build community through personal branding after gaining credibility on social media or online.

Mark discusses how individuals nowadays seek out those who can assist them in navigating the space because doing it on one’s own is a slow and difficult process. According to him, this navigation stays unchanged and is one of the aspects that will last.

“That’s why when an influencer promotes any NFT, users go and buy it because they trust that individual. So I think branding and investing in your brand are important because people look to brands, communities, and people they trust to help navigate the space. And make decisions. And if you become a thought-leader, you can help guide your audience in the space and take advantage of opportunities.” 

Role Of NFTs In Marketing

Mark describes NFTs as one of the marketing strategies or a technological solution. But he adds, “ Not all NFTs can necessarily be a part of a marketing strategy. I think many companies will begin to use NFTs for real-world solutions that aren’t even part of the marketing plan.” 

According to him, you can use NFTs as a marketing strategy to capture a new audience, create urgency around it and position yourself as a forward-thinking company looking ahead and taking advantage of the technology. Like this, NFTs can be a very creative way to get in front. They may also help identify the niche audience for your products.

Community Building:

Mark believes that community building is crucial to the success of any NFT project. He feels it is vital to have a community that trusts and acknowledges your brand.

How Will Business Opportunities In Metaverse Transform The World?

Mark shares that People do not fully comprehend everything. However, the fact that there is a lot of money and potential in the field is quite enticing, so everyone is trying to find out how to capitalize on all of the prospects in web 3, NFTs, and blockchain.

According to him, being creative and coming up with an innovative solution is critical because there is so much noise, and people are trying to jump into space. Therefore, there is no one-size solution; it requires creativity, and anybody can not do it.

He shares, “I think partnering with others with a relevant community is good to get started. Find people who already are in space that are a little bit more experienced if you are brand new to the platform.” 

Mark expanded on the countless possibilities that exist in space. People can, for example, purchase real estate in the metaverse and build a new metaverse space. Furthermore, one may design their place and incorporate gamification or tokenization to improve their business. Finally, you may utilize access from an NFT project as a utility; it’s essentially a digital ticket that you can use whenever you need it.

One’s vision is defined by their business and community. But, according to Mark, it’s critical to consider the long-term ramifications because many individuals begin their businesses without any long-term plans or considerations, which isn’t always a wrong thing because many artists sell their work and earn money. So thinking about the future and long-term setup and ensuring that you are putting yourself up for a longer time is crucial.

Mark’s Vision For Metaverse And His Contribution To It:

Mark finds it fascinating to hear diverse viewpoints on the metaverse from different people. He wants to be a part of the space and contribute to its advancement. “I want to assist individuals in understanding the opportunities available, how they can profit from the metaverse, and how they can contribute to the space,” he adds.

According to him, Technology is a bigger part of our lives. He sees metaverse as a 3D immersive version of the internet where people can connect more seamlessly through technology with each brand and have more information and opportunities at their fingertips. But he adds, “It’s still being created, and millions of applications and developments will be introduced, so it’s just the evolution of the internet.” 


The idea of plunging into the future of marketing using immersive technology appears to be a promising notion. Mark strives to bridge the gap between the physical world and the social world by equipping brands on social media for today’s epoch and tomorrow’s norms. Brandtegic depicts the power of social media through strategic content that’ll resolve various obstacles encountered during content creation, genuine branding, community development, and social management and metaverse’s affluent growth viability that may alter global tech dynamics.

Guest Profile

Mark Robinson is the Director of Social Media at Brandtegic and the host of the ‘Marketing in Metaverse’ podcast.

After a decade in company development, he switched entirely to marketing when he joined Brandtegic, a digital marketing agency. He is committed to growing his staff, streamlining his operations, and pleasing his customers. He also hosts the ‘Marketing in the Metaverse’ podcast to interact with people in the marketing, NFT, and metaverse communities while sharpening his marketing skills and getting ready for the future.

He considers success to be a mix of two factors: the respect of those closest to you and the gradual accomplishment of a desirable goal. In addition, he appreciates forming deep bonds with like-minded individuals and collaborating with them.