Not everyone has the freedom to roam about freely in the actual world. However, you may now do that in the virtual environment! Decentraland, in collaboration with Degree, Decentraland will hold the first-ever Metaverse marathon. In collaboration with Degree, Decentraland will stage the metaverse’s first marathon. The “Degree Metathon” will begin in Genesis Plaza in Decentraland on Tuesday, April 26 at 10 p.m. UTC and end on Wednesday, April 27 at 10 p.m. UTC.

The Decentraland marathon’s initial purpose is to promote a much more inclusive Decentraland campaign. According to the concept, everyone should be able to roam easily both in the virtual and physical worlds. The degree has designed a wheelchair-accessible racing circuit that is compatible with adaptive technologies on the subject.

Aside from that, racers get the opportunity to run alongside prominent sportsmen and celebrities. Paralympic track athlete Blake Leeper, para-snowboarder Amy Purdy, professional footballer Hector Herrera, and rapper Fat Joe are among those honored. All through the Decentraland marathon, you will learn about their remarkable stories of breaking down obstacles to movement.

Certainly, as the Metaverse increases in size, inclusiveness has become a critical issue in this metaverse. The good news is that Decentraland has been advocating for inclusion in various forms all along. The site teamed with Closeup earlier this month to stage metaverse nuptials. This is especially true for couples who are denied the right to get married in the real world. In March, Decentraland staged a huge fashion week featuring high-profile companies from the fashion and sweetness sectors. Throughout the event, fashionistas had the fun of their lives. Without a doubt, the approaching digital marathon will help Decentraland broaden the breadth of its inclusion. So, why not join the race and contribute to the freedom to move about the metaverse!

This event features two hashtags: #NotDoneYet and #BreakingLimits, indicating that it is both unprecedented and inclusive.