Are you looking for the best duplicate file finders for Windows 10/11? If so, you’ve arrived at the right place. Read on to learn about the top 7 tools for finding and removing duplicate files from your computer.

Are you out of space on your Windows PC and constantly getting obnoxious pop-ups warning you that you do not have enough memory to save or download files? Furthermore, when you try to clear up space by deleting files, you find a lot of duplicates and similar-looking files consuming valuable storage space. These duplicates not only consume valuable space on your system but also confuse users and slow it down.

It is difficult to locate and get rid of all the duplicate files that have accumulated on your computer. It becomes more difficult to manually locate and remove duplicate files when there are many files and folders scattered across several drives and locations. Duplicate files eat up a lot of storage space that you might not be aware of and slow down your system’s performance. Therefore, using a free duplicate file finder for Windows 10/11 is your best bet.

So, if you want to get rid of duplicate files and free up disk space in 2023, check out our list of the best duplicate file finders and removers for Windows 10/11.

7 Best Duplicate File Finder and Removers

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best free duplicate file finder programs for Windows 11/10 that can help you get rid of those bothersome duplicate files. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. DupeGuru

If you need the best duplicate file finder for Windows 10/11, DupeGuru is your best bet. It is one of the best programs for locating duplicate files on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. Given that it was created with Python 3 and has a fuzzy matching algorithm. It quickly scans and analyzes files and can detect duplicate files even if their names differ. In addition to locating duplicate files and folders, it excels at locating synchronized music and images.

By adjusting the matching engine to your preferences, you can quickly locate the files in a matter of seconds. This free duplicate file finder for Windows 11/10 does have a prevention mechanism to stop you from unintentionally deleting files. Overall, dupeGuru is a cost-free and intuitive program for Windows that can help you find and remove duplicate files.



  • You can look for metadata, tags, attributes, and filenames as well as analyze the file content thanks to its smart matching algorithm.
  • It enables you to modify the scanning procedure.
  • The dedicated Music mode allows you to search for duplicate music files in WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, and other formats.
  • After you start the scan, its fuzzy matching algorithm quickly locates duplicates.
  • There are numerous ways to filter the search results.

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2. Quick Photo Finder

Are you trying to find the easiest and quickest method for getting rid of duplicate files on a Windows computer? Then what you need at that point is the Quick Photo Finder. It is one of the best duplicate file finders & removers for Windows 10/11 for finding duplicate photos and files that are also somewhat similar.

The best part about this program is that it can eliminate all duplicate images with a single click. Along with helping you keep your collection organized, the software also expands the amount of storage space that is available. In addition to clearing up a ton of storage, this free duplicate file remover makes sure that your library is uncluttered.

Quick Photo Finder


  • Exceptional compatibility with portable or external devices.
  • Gives you research-based findings to help you make an informed decision.
  • Employs advanced algorithms to look for any duplicates or even identicals.
  • Fully supports every important format, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BIMP, and others.

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3. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics has created several outstanding Windows applications, and they’ve additionally arrived with a free duplicate file finder tool. You can easily find and get rid of duplicate files on your PC thanks to its user-friendly interface. Whether it is images, videos, music files, or other types of files. It can efficiently and quickly find the content while freeing up disk space.

Additionally, Auslogics has created a clever algorithm that matches files based on a variety of attributes with almost no false positives. Furthermore, you can customize by setting particular file types, tags, drive locations, and other options. Overall, it is a fantastic Windows tool that you should give a shot.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder


  • Smart algorithm with a broad range of search criteria.
  • Rescue Center to restore files from backup.
  • Find and remove unnecessary executable files to free up space.
  • Can alter the program’s features by setting particular file types, tags, drive locations, and other settings.
  • Use for both professional and personal purposes is totally free.

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4. Wise Duplicate Finder

Wise Duplicate Finder is one of the best duplicate file finders and removers, which quickly scans your computer and identifies duplicate files in a matter of seconds. Similar to other apps, Wise Duplicate Finder can scan and identify duplicate files for any file type, including documents, music, videos, photos, and archived files. The duplicate files can be easily deleted or relocated.

The best thing about this free duplicate file remover is that you can quickly restore any files you unintentionally deleted with a single click. Additionally, it has a very clean user interface, allowing you to select a drive or folder, a file type, a backup of the files before deletion, and more. Overall, Wise Duplicate Finder is a feature-rich program, that can help you locate and get rid of duplicate files on Windows.

Wise Duplicate Finder


  • The program automatically backs up files so they can be restored if necessary.
  • You can manually remove duplicates if there are not many of them.
  • The program is shrewd enough to search the entire PC for similar files.
  • Even duplicate files with no content or size can be found.
  • By setting filters, Wise Duplicate Finder lets you modify the scan.

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5. CCleaner

The next program on our list of the best duplicate file finders and removers for Windows 10/11 is CCleaner, which is a very well-known PC cleaning tool. It has an easy-to-use user interface and a few efficient features that place it among the best free duplicate file removers on the market.

In addition to assisting you in removing duplicate files, it’s an extensive tool for keeping your computer running smoothly. That also helps you remove registry entries, temporary files, cookies, and much more. It will also help you control your device’s initial components to ensure a quick loading time.



  • It has a built-in registry cleaner and a software uninstaller for extraneous programs.
  • It is the best tool for automatically detecting passwords and other internet files.
  • Manages the startup programs and reduces the device’s boot time.
  • The paid version offers premium features like real-time extension scanning.
  • CCleaner makes it very easy to find duplicate files.
  • Examine the PC’s condition and address any issues found.
  • The paid tool makes it simple to recover deleted files.

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6. Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner is yet another free duplicate file finder for Windows 11/10 with a clean interface and plenty of features. In order to make setup and searching for files simpler, the Selection Assistant is also available. You can discover duplicate photos, ZIP files, movies, documents, music files, and videos. It can quickly locate comparable files in just a few seconds, regardless of how an image has been cropped, rotated, or resized.

This free duplicate file remover efficiently and accurately filters out duplicate files using attributes such as color depth, tags, and metadata. In addition, you can specify the location of a folder or drive and apply filters to locate every one of the identical files occupying your computer’s disk space.

Duplicate Cleaner


  • Advanced tools to find edited images that are similar.
  • By identifying and removing redundant soundtracks, you can declutter your music library.
  • Furthermore, it gives you control over what to do with duplicates.
  • Duplicates can be moved, renamed, or sent to the recycle bin.
  • Selection assistant to make searching and deleting duplicate files simple.
  • Before deleting them, you can quickly compare images and other files.
  • This software makes the scan results easy to read by using large thumbnails.
  • When looking for duplicate files, it enables you to ignore zero-size files.

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7. Duplicate File Detective

Duplicate File Detective is an enterprise-level duplicate file finder for Windows 11/10. It has an algorithm to identify matching files that is incredibly precise and has a ton of features. It is capable of looking for duplicate files on your PC as well as on cloud services, NAS, and other storage mediums. After scanning, you have two options for handling the duplicate files. To make disk space available, either completely delete them or transfer them to a different location. Additionally, you can choose to archive similar files.

Professionals can use this free duplicate file remover to verify the authenticity of duplicate files by performing byte-by-byte matching in addition to file content analysis. The deleted files can also be recovered, along with links to the originals. Additionally, there are numerous formats available for exporting the log data, including HTML, PDF, CSV, and Excel. To put it another way, Duplicate File Detective is quite an effective tool if you want a strong program to find duplicate files.

Duplicate File Detective


  • This program works quickly and efficiently when handling text documents.
  • Utilizing byte content analysis as its foundation.
  • It is in charge of sending out final reports via registered mail.
  • Any deleted files are replaced by a hyperlink to their initial copies.

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Final Takeaway

These duplicate file finders and removers for Windows 10/11 are some of the most effective and quick tools available. All the above-mentioned programs are incredibly easy to use and capable of performing wonders with very little effort.

Refer to our list of the best free duplicate file finders for Windows 11/10 and select the program that works best for you if you want to recover lost storage space and remove duplicate files. We hope you found the article helpful and informative. If you have any additional questions or concerns, kindly let us know in the comments section below. You can sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to get more tech-related news.