Similar to other hardware devices Acer keyboard driver are also a necessity for the proper functioning of keyboards. If the drivers are corrupted or outdated your keyboard might not function as desired or even not function at all.

If you are facing similar problems and here with the concern don’t worry we got it covered for you. The article explains a step by step mechanism for both manual and automatic methods for Acer keyboard driver download and update. You can use any one of these methods to download keyboard drivers on Windows 11, 10, or other older version devices.

Methods to Download and Update Acer Keyboard Driver For Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7:

Below are the methods that can be used for Acer keyboard drivers download and update on your Windows devices. No need to apply both methods, just pick any one of the suitable alternatives that match your skills and requirements.

Method 1: Automatic Acer Keyboard Driver Download

The most simple yet reliable alternative to download the Acer keyboard driver or other system drivers is through an automatic driver updater software. A large number of tools are available online to automate the entire process of driver updates. We have explained the functionality and working of one of the best tools below.

Bit Driver Updater

With a large satisfied customer base, the Bit Driver Updater software is a reliable option to update system drivers with a single click. The tool also empowers the user to scan driver updates at a specific time of their convenience. Apart from this, the Bit Driver updater Pro version unveils the complete list of features mentioned below

  • One click driver downloads
  • 24*7 support assistance
  • WHQL certified and verified drivers
  • 60 day full money back assurance
  • Schedule driver updates
  • Improved PC Performance
  • Quick system scans to search for updates

How to Download Acer Keyboard Driver Update Through Bit Driver Updater?

Use the Bit Driver Updater for Acer keyboard drivers update by following the instructions below

1: Download the software. To install the Bit Driver update click on the downloaded package file and apply the on screen steps.Windows-Download button2: Run the tool and Press the Scan Drivers option. Wait till the Acer device is scanned for pending driver updates and a list of outdated drivers is displayed.

Scan Drivers

 3: Identify the Acer Keyboard drivers update and press the Update Now button that follows.

4: Press the Update All button at the end of the list to download all the driver updates together.

Note: However this feature is not for Free version users. Therefore you must download one update at a time if you are not using the Pro version of the Bit Driver Updater.


Update all drivers 5: Click on the Acer keyboard driver file and apply the instructions that appear on your screen to Install these drivers.

Restart your Windows PC or laptop to apply the updates and apply the Acer keyboard driver update. With the latest driver update through Bit Driver Updater, you can save a lot of time, and is also feasible for users who are not technical-skilled. The overall performance of your system is also improved with these automatic driver updates.

However, if you have all the time in the world to download drivers manually, move to the next method. Given below is the manual method for Acer keyboard drivers download.

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Method 2: Manual Acer Keyboard Drivers Download

To download the Acer keyboard driver for Windows 10, 11, or older version devices manually you need to know the specifications of your system. First of all, find out the OS version and its type from the Windows Settings app.

As you gather all the desired information you need to visit the official website of the manufacturer for the Acer keyboard driver download. Go ahead and apply the steps given below to download the latest Acer keyboard driver update.

1: In your web browser open the Support page of Acer.

2: Find the respective keyboard drivers with the help of model number or SNID number. Also, you can find the right drivers based on the category of the hardware device. Find the respective keyboard drivers

3: On the next page choose the Operating system version and type i.e 32 bit or 64 bit.


choose the Operating system


4: Click on the Download button and install the Acer keyboard driver update by following the instructions.

5: Once the installation is finished, Restart your Acer device to bring into action the driver updates. Most probably the latest Acer keyboard drivers update will fix all the issues related. But the only concern with the manual driver updates is it requires patience and basic computer skills.

Acer Keyboard Drivers Download and Update: DONE

Hopefully, the above methods helped you download the latest Acer keyboard driver update for Windows devices. It is advisable to download the latest build of keyboard drivers to avoid any issues with the working of your keyboard. If you want to download drivers automatically and in no time opt for the automatic driver updater software. Download the Bit Driver Updater to update Acer keyboard drivers for Windows 11, or older version devices along with other system drivers with a single click.

Have any doubts? Know any better methods? We would highly appreciate your suggestions in the comments section below. Also, if you found the article interesting subscribe to our blog for more informative tutorial guides. Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for technology news and tricks.