Accenture is among the firms attempting to improve the remote work experience. To accomplish that, Accenture created the Nth Floor in collaboration with the help of Altspace VR and Microsoft.

The Nth Floor is a mixed reality program that the company may use to bring together a geographically dispersed workforce for coffee gatherings, meetings, and training sessions, among other things.

This Accenture metaverse is more than a Zoom call; it’s like you’re playing a video game with coworkers. If you watch Nth Floor’s opening video, you’ll notice that a character represents each employee. Workers may access the room physically or digitally by putting on Virtual Reality headsets. Users can play videos and give seminars.

Recruits only need to grab their laptops and follow the provided instructions to establish an avatar and access One Accenture Park. One Accenture Park is a shared virtual world where employees may collaborate and complete training programs.

Each employee’s persona is capable of moving and gazing about their virtual office. Additionally, individuals may point at virtual displays and make gestures in response to their presentations, much as they do in real life.

Accenture currently requires all new workers to spend a quarter of their orientation training in the Accenture metaverse. For instance, personnel may travel their avatar to “Phishing Pier” to attend cybersecurity training and get familiar with phishing assaults.

“The Accenture metaverse provided a more interactive experience than face-to-face training and was significantly less exhausting than onboarding personnel remotely during lockdowns,” said Sarah Kruger, Accenture’s head of human resources for Australia and New Zealand. “This allows individuals to experience another environment, be themselves in whatever shape they imagine themselves in that world, and play games.”

Accenture began experimenting in the metaverse as a nascent technology prior to the pandemic and developed a campaign to virtual onboard personnel during the waves of lockdowns by delivering 60,000 VR headsets to employees worldwide.

Accenture is optimistic about the metaverse’s future role in business and has established a new business unit named the ‘Accenture Metaverse Continuum Group’ to market the services to customers.


“The company’s consultants benefited greatly from a basic grasp of the virtual world,” Sarah Kruger claimed, preparing staff for client work.

However, the researchers discovered that consumers continue to have concerns about headsets used to enter the metaverse, citing the devices’ excessive weight and difficulty in setup.